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  • gccovet
    02-10 02:22 PM
    As promised, I am contributing another $25.00 as $1000.00 has crossed. (Cheque has been posted)

    I will again donate another $25 when we cross $2000.00

    Comeon folks, we can do it.

    So far...29 contributions only.....


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  • tikka
    05-23 11:32 AM
    Thank you for your e-mail. It is very important to me to know the issues
    that are of concern to you. A growing number of my constituents are now
    choosing to communicate with me via e-mail. I hope you will understand
    that, because of the volume and range of e-mails I receive, it can take
    some time to send a response that specifically addresses the subject
    raised in your message. I do, however, want to let you know immediately
    that your message has been received. Hearing from you and others through
    e-mail helps me to quickly learn the views and interests of New Yorkers
    and others, which is very helpful to me in my work in the United States
    Senate. I hope you will continue to monitor my work through my website
    at, and I welcome hearing from you.


    Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

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  • arihant
    05-03 12:05 PM

    The only clarification I would make over Knnmbd's interpretation is that as long as you have a US master's degree or higher, the "3 years work experience in a related field" restriction will not apply. If you read section 201 carefully, you will see that the difference between items 1 and 2 is that item 1 refers to US advanced degree holders while item 2 refers to advanced degree holders (resumably non-US educated). The 3 year restriction only applies to those who fall into item #2.

    So, if
    a) you have a MS from a US university, you and your immediate family (spouse and minor children) will not be subject to the 3 years restriction and will be exempt from the Visa Cap
    b) you have a masters or higher from an acredited non-US university, then the Visa Cap will not apply to you and your family, but you shouldd have worked in the US in a "related" field for 3 years.

    My question to everyone:
    Will folks in section 201 be required to get a Labor certification? If not, then this will provide relief to a lot of us stuck in the BECs.

    Knowledgeable folks, please comment.

    REMINDER: Any such bill is still MANY months away from seeing the light of day, if at all. BUT, favorable bills such as these give us hope.

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  • andycool
    08-25 05:51 AM
    Congrats man...U took off as well :)

    Thanks Buddy


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  • n2b
    08-13 11:03 AM
    My attorney just emailed me, she received receipt notices for 485, EAD and AP for both me and my wife.

    My application was received on July 2nd 9:01 AM, if it matters it was signed by R Mickels. Also, there is no LUD change on my I140 application, so I guess LUD changes on I-140 mean nothing.

    I have not seen the notices yet so I dont know what the notice dates are.

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  • girishvar
    11-21 07:51 AM
    I pray for you and your family. Please go and meet your US Senator from your state. They might be able to sponsor a private bill for your wife. Dont loose hope and fight. God will help you.


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  • ilikekilo
    04-30 01:09 PM

    I guess it might be as well for eb3 ROW.. EB3I...well I would be happy if it moves fwd 6 months..

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  • ski_dude12
    08-26 02:51 PM
    You will see a date on I-485 only if you filed I-140 & I-485 concurrently. Even my I-485 does not have any priority date.

    Do you have Pritority Date written on your I-485's notice of action? It's blank for me.


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  • snathan
    02-09 08:19 PM
    Its only $ least let us cross $1000 today.

    Come on guys.

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  • gc28262
    08-24 10:33 PM
    Here are some of the red dot comments I recieved for my early posts. Not that I care about red dots.

    no. i was hired because i was good. you were hired because you were willing to work as a slave for 40k.
    BAN desi consultants, hoarding H1B's from deserving people, BAN everyone who supports them

    To the poster of this message,

    This country is not for incompetent people who fear desi-consultants.


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  • bhp2301
    05-12 09:25 PM
    Ghasleit and dustbin ftw:D


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  • gcspace
    09-27 01:20 PM
    I am not sure why USCIS is publishing the updates every week saying that there is progress in receipting dates.
    There are so many of us just in the July 3rd to July 16th range.

    I don't get it. :confused:


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  • jackisback
    05-07 05:11 PM
    Has any one in the forum here have a FP notice for a 4 and half year child during the 485 process. I ask this question as my daughter did not get one.

    Feedback is greatly appreciated.


    Yes, I got a FP notice for my daughter as she was born in India; and I had applied 485 for her as well.
    She was 4 and a half years in Nov 07 when we got the notice. I am a July-Aug 07 filer.
    Her FP notice came for a separate date though, diff from my wife's and mine.
    I wd suggest you to call USCIS/ur attorney and check.

    Hope that helps.

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  • aquarianf
    04-23 12:21 PM
    I work for company A which sent me to client C through company B(Prefered vendor). After working with the same client for 1.5 yrs, transfered my h1b to company B(PF) due to issues with the pay with company A. Company A has deducted huge sum of money($4000) from my last months pay towards PERM filing(Still under process). Upon demanding them to reimburse my money saying that its against law, they r threatening me saying that based on non-compete agreement they will take legal action against me.
    I am not actually aware of the clauses in the agreement. company B(PF) told me that it does not have any clauses in its agreement with company A prohibiting them from taking me.Though i requested company A to provide me a copy of non-compete, they said i signed with them, they haven�t. The company is located in NJ and not sure how non-competes work under NJ state law.
    I am really frustated upon this blackmail and going thru lot of pressure. The amount is too big too leave and cannot afford to hire a lawyer in case they file suit based on non-compete. even if i had signed a non compete agreement how does it stand as it is conflicting the agreement which company a signed with PF saying the upon my termination of the emplyment with them, Pf can take me without any gap period... what can i do to get my money. they also refused to provide me with experience letter which i need for my future GC filing.
    Plz give me ur valuable inputs

    I just read first page of this thread and would advice that don't follow most of reply because they are lawyers or they have not gone through the experience you are going through. $4000 may not be big amount compared to hassle of law suite , piece of mind or the amount of increase you may have received by switching employer. I know a close person who had gone through exactly same situation in NJ and had to pay 12,000 to settle the case. I have seen bunch of people in same situation and my friend always adviced them to stay away from law suite. If your current employer is not big then there are greater chances that it will turn away from you in case of law suite.

    If you are not working with same client that you were working when you were in company A then non-compete may not hold against you.

    Also can you get in writing from you current employer that they will support you in case of law suite?


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  • zxc1251
    02-03 02:46 PM

    1. 2G scam --- Our culture
    2. CWG scam --- Our culture
    3. Adarsh Housing society scam --- Our culture
    4. Land acquisition in states like K'taka and Andhra --- Our culture
    5. Gang rapes in Delhi --- Our culture
    6. IPL scams --- Our culture
    7. Not allowed to hoist our flag in our own country (Kashmir) --- Our culture
    8. Chinese can claim Arunachal and issue stapled visas - its OK. Pakis violate ceasefire - Not OK --- Our culture
    9. North Indians treated as aliens in Mumbai --- Our culture
    10. Hordes of muslims killed in Gujarat --- Our culture
    11. Celebrities like Salman, Sanjay Dutt can kill ppl on road, possess AK 47s and still get away with it --- Our culture
    12. Mining scam in K'taka and Andhra --- Our culture


    Ofcourse, there's corruption and sickos everywhere. But relatively what is better??? When u have an option what do u want to embrace???
    Just speaking 100 languages and celebrating 100 festivals and females not mingling with males thus keeping away from social life not culture. Ur every day news is culture as well. Wake up to reality and make the choice when u have the liberty to make it.

    All said, its ur choice end of the day. Weighing b/w the good and bad and if ur tax money is put to good use or what? I think the writing on the wall is clear and can easily make out the differences b/w white and black. But again thats just me. 5 fingers are not the same.

    I think you got culture and problems mixed up......

    What you have listed are problems our country is facing right now.....

    While speaking 100 languages, celebrating 100 festivals and learning same values that we, our parents and their parents believed in is really a culture......

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  • rbusgc
    02-24 01:30 PM
    Receipt No: 5475-4035-1880-0959


    How to get added to the 'donor' forum?? ;)


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  • dtekkedil
    07-03 07:18 AM
    It is good to know that there are a few willing to do something about this!

    But we need more people!

    Even about 50 people is a good start! Come on people... spare a few minutes and take part in this protest!

    Don't go on with your lives as if nothing happened and don't think that nothing will happen!

    Most of us come from the land of Gandhiji... most of us have forgotten what that one little man achieved! But the fact is he couldn't have achieved everything that he did if the people of India didn't believe!

    So start to believe people! You can make a difference!

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  • gk_2000
    02-09 08:53 PM
    Did you all see Donald Trumps answer to Piers Morgans question in Piers Morgan tonight program on CNN? that was not a surprise, but after his talk about China and India, that was a bit surprising.

    What question and answer?

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  • man-woman-and-gc
    09-15 12:15 PM

    I have created a Shared Spreadsheet with the list of people who have pledged in favor of this effort.

    Everyone can view it, but unfortunately, i didn'y think it was ideal for everyone to edit. I will be more than happy to grant Edit access to a few more folks who are willing to help. Also, from security point of view, i think we should add our IV handle instead of real name. Since we have email ID's and ph#, we can be in touch as soon as it it time for action.

    Please keep sending me ur details to add to this list. Remember, we only proceed if we have atleast 1000 pledged members.

    I will keep publishing this sheet from time to time on this thread so people know.

    Please keep pouring in with ur suggestions.

    07-09 12:24 PM
    Section 245.1 (g)

    (g) Availability of immigrant visas under section 245 and priority dates—(1) Availability of immigrant visas under section
    245. An alien is ineligible for the benefits of section 245 of the Act unless an immigrant visa is immediately available to him or her at the time the application is filed. If the applicant is a preference alien, the current Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs Visa Bulletin will be consulted to determine whether an immigrant visa is immediately available. An immigrant visa is considered available for accepting and processing the application Form I–485 if the preference category applicant has a priority date on the waiting list which is earlier than the date shown in the Bulletin (or the Bulletin shows that numbers for visa applicants in his or her category are current), and (if the applicant is seeking status pursuant to section 203(b) of the Act) the applicant presents evidence that the appropriate petition filed on his or her behalf has been approved. An immigrant visa is also considered immediately available if the applicant establishes eligibility for the benefits of Public Law 101–238. Information concerning the immediate availability of an immigrant visa may be obtained at any Service office.

    [Emphasis added for clarity]

    Not a legal advice.[/QUOTE]

    07-07 08:43 PM
    she said "But we're prepared to talk to people about what happened here."

    hope that means they are willing to talk about giving EAD. If we get EAD all the lawsuits will be withdrawn. The law does not say AOS applications should not be accepted when there are no visa numbers available, the law only says AOS cannot be approved when visa numbers are not available. USCIS internal regulations says they will not accept AOS applications when priority date is not current. by now its quite apparent that USCIS has broken a lot of there own internal regulations just to make sure the visa numbers are used up before july 2 2007. Then can easily accomodate the EAD for july filers. It all depends upon the pressure exerted on USCIS and DOS



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