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  • PennyLane
    12-06 04:13 AM
    I'm not an expert but from what I have read on various sites, nobody really knows. The thought is that the Nurse Relief bill stands little chance on it's own but may be bundled with something else to pass it.
    I was told by my agency that if CIR passes, it will lift nurses out of the EB catagory and they will all be current. I have tried to find clarification on this but I don't think it is possible to speculate at this time.
    I think the Healthcare reform is the first issue and then CIR will be addressed.
    I have seen the figure 20,000 extra visas per year bandied round, these would be for the nurse only and the familly members would not take up any of this number. I have no idea how many nurses are waiting so don't know how this will impact on the overall figures - if indeed it ever comes to fruition.
    I'm in turmoil over this as I had anticipated a lengthy wait and have embarked on a training programme to become a nurse practitioner and now worry I won't be able to complete it.
    Being realistic, I would think if all EB visas become available overnight it will be sometime to process a large number, so it could take a good 12 months to get to my PD Jan 09 - I hope.
    As I said at the start I am no expert so am only conveying my understanding and would welcome anyone who can correct any misunderstanding on my part.

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  • aguy
    03-26 01:20 AM

    My 6 years of H1B will be up soon and my NIW I-140 petition is pending. I have received my EAD card though.

    What options do I have - will I be able to extend my H1B for another year? Can I use the EAD card as it is without getting the I-140 approved, even though it is risky?


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  • tejonidhi
    09-11 09:22 PM
    VDL rao,

    when can we expect dates to move. please let us know.

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  • kumar_459
    11-04 08:46 PM

    My wife recently went for a H1B renewal stamping in india. They visa officer provided a 221(g) administrative processing (pink) requesting additional documents (job description, reasearch projects, previous visas list etc..,). She is preparing the necessary docs to submit the same. Since she went to india for a short trip (travelling back next week).

    1. She has Advanced parole. Can we use Advance parole??
    2. If we use Advance parole, then once the Adminstrative processing is complete, how do we handle the stamping?? Do we need to go back again to the consulate to get the stamping done? or is there a way to withdraw the visa application from the consulate??

    I would greatly appreciate if someone is similar situation share their experiences


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  • GrzKax
    10-07 01:10 PM
    Why are you fiddeling with photoshop? You might as well become a makeup artist! :P

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  • chantu
    06-21 09:12 PM
    Thank you guys.


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  • gsc999
    02-15 07:53 AM
    Interesting stuff

    Some of the provisions that impact us are on the last page, you may want to read the document starting last page.

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  • kak1978
    12-09 11:27 AM


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  • vparam
    09-17 06:35 PM
    hi all !!
    my husband concurently file I-140 and I-485 (along with EAD and AP) on 22nd June 2007. We got our I-140 approved on 30th August. I have two questions

    1. When can i expect my EAD ?
    2. Is there any rule that i shud start working within some stipulated time after getting my EAD or i can take my own time ?
    1. it should take another week or 10 days...

    2. you could start when you want....

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  • drirshad
    10-21 04:27 PM

    10/17/2007: Total of 60,000+ EB-485 Applications Adjudicated During July-August-September by NSC and TSC

    * AILA has reported that during the period of July, August, and September 2007, Nebraska Service Center and Texas Service Center adjudicated 60,000 plus EB-485 applications. Since EB visa number was unavailable for the entire EB cases in August, presumedly a substantial portion of these cases could include those cases for which the EB visa numbers were pull out before July 2, 2007 in June and adjudicated throughout the period as reported by some I-485 applicants who reported that their I-485 applications were approved when the visa number was unavailable. Interesting.


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  • ghost
    09-08 02:22 PM
    yes, securing the borders is the must-pass bill for the republicans in the next three weeks.

    I sincerely hope that they would include SKIL provisions in this for economic security.

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  • rajkumar_engg
    03-12 02:27 PM

    My company applied for my H1B extn and after 3 months the status got changed to RFE... when the company lawyers recieved the letter, they reviewed it and emailed me the text below....

    "Our office just received the Request for Additional Evidence from CIS by mail. What they requested in the letter is not applicable to your case and we believe CIS issued this RFE by mistake. We will respond to CIS to clarify this issue and will keep you informed if there is any update."

    I have requested my company lawyers on the specifics...

    Is it even possible to get an RFE by mistake? - (may be - yes)

    have you seen any such instances?



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  • geesee
    07-07 02:54 PM
    Yes, its possible. The only conditions are - your port of entry MUST be Newark, NJ & you MUST rent the apartment at Whitehall Gardens, Somerset.

    If you dont meet any of these, USCIS will not allow you to convert from visitor to H1B

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  • pbojja
    12-01 11:17 AM
    Hi Folks,

    Please suggest how safe is it to travel on previous employer's visa stamp and new approval notice....

    Also, what happens if your previous employer cancels your visa, can u still use the same stamp...

    Any help will be highly appreciated.


    I travelled in 2004 using the visa stamp of other comapny . Not sure if any rules changed lately but again you can not apply for Visa stamping if your exipry date is more than 6 months .


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  • mrsr
    08-15 08:15 PM
    Bump up

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  • chintainfogc
    09-14 10:27 PM
    I too received FP notices today. I hope they are sorting out cases which are missing biometrics

    Is your cases has been transferred from California to Texas/Nebraska?
    Mine was transferred from California to Texas back in may-08 and now i have received this FP notice.

    I applied for I 485 , AP and EAD during 07 July. I got a fp notice back in 2007 and I got another one two weeks ago. I went ahead and did my bio-metrics over the weekend at TSC Application Support Center.

    Does this mean that somebody has looked into my file and pre adjudicated it? or is it a automated thing and does not mean anything?

    Please advice!


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  • gsc999
    09-24 02:21 PM
    Hello Guys & Gals, now that you have had a chance to recuperate :) from the hectic DC rally week, its time for our next action item.

    Kindly forward your brief report to us if you were part of the recent lobby day event in DC. Treat this as top priority!


    Please send an email to with subject line "Feedback - [lawmaker name] ". For example, "Feedback - Kennedy" or "Feedback - Pelosi"

    Refer to e-mail sent by Meenal to you for further details, if you haven't received that e-mail, pm me your e-mail address.

    Your feedback is critical next step. It would be great if you can send this to us by Tuesday or latest by Wednesday(09/26).

    Your feedback by this Wednesday will allow us to process and act on this vital information in a timely manner.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

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  • Macaca
    01-31 04:42 PM
    If I-140 has been approved, would it still be fine to apply for transfer from H1-B to F1 status by using form I-539 & university issued I-20 ? How long does it take to transfer status from H1B to F1 ? When can one start school �. Only after I-539 approval or after only applying ?

    For pursuing an MBA, does it matter if one is on F1 or H4 (spouse is on separate H1)?

    Please look at Zima's post in For NIW and OsR applicants ( forum.

    You can get an answer to the second question by asking the International Student Office of the University. That answer will be more reliable then the answer from a lawyer.

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  • Appu
    10-05 07:01 PM
    Thanks for the response!

    Once I get the I-140, can I directly apply for the transfer and get the new H1 for 3 years instead of extending the current one first?

    07-22 11:26 PM
    I got busted going twice the speed limit in a 55 MPH zone and just got convicted of Reckless Driving.I got 364 Days Suspended Sentence.

    Does that count as an "crime of Moral Turpitude". Does that mean that I-485 will be deined?

    Do you know anyone who was convicted of reckless driving and got their green card?

    All replies are appreciated.

    Hope this encourages you

    unless you hit someone and was jailed or something. Getting a speeding ticket due to reckless driving is just a traffic violation and should not be mentioned. I had some reckless driving tickets, never mentioned that and got my GC last week.

    So enjoy.

    08-21 09:18 PM
    You could travel out and enter into US using your old visa stamp assuming that you enter before your old visa stamp expires. However show the new approved I-797 H1B petition at port of entry and they MOSTLY will give you a new I-94 valid till the expiration of new I-797 approval.

    That's wonderful news and thank you for that. Is there a benefit of getting a 1-94 upto the extended date, does 1-94 determine the visa validity not the actual visa stamp? Since I-94 is taken when exiting US the next entry requires visa stamp anyway?

    Thanks again.



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