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weezer summerfest houston

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  • kirupa
    07-25 01:34 AM
    Added! :)

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  • pbojja
    04-15 11:50 AM
    Can you please update the status of your case ? As my 140 recently transfered to TSC . Also we see this trend for others .

    We appreciate your response .

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-08 07:50 AM
    IV Advocacy Days Blog: Has Just Posted the Following:

    More... (

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  • crazyghoda
    05-27 03:48 PM
    There is no reason to start celebrating since this does not make a case of legal immigration in any way.

    Accenture never was a US incorporated company in the first place. They were incorporated in Bermuda which has no taxes so that they do not have to pay taxes on worldwide income. Over the years there was increasing criticism about incorporating in a tax haven which is why they have decided to change the country of incorporation to Ireland. Ireland has low taxes, a tax treaty with the US and is a part of the EU which is why the decision was taken to move to Ireland.

    What would have made it real sweet was if they had decided to change the place of incorporation to India saying given the number of people it employs in India.


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  • andhrawala
    01-30 08:53 AM
    Once you are on EAD, you cannot go go back to H1B. The reason is by working on EAD you showed an intent to immigrate and where as H1B is a non-immigrant visa

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  • vayumahesh
    06-04 02:30 PM
    Last year, When I filed I-485/EAD/AP, I wrote the check in favor of DHS (abbreviated) and it was accepted.


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  • purgan
    04-05 05:26 AM
    I hope so but I don't tink H4 can get financial aid. If perhaps you can get your child as a parolee, there is a possibility...but there are technicalities there as well

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  • cox
    April 3rd, 2005, 09:09 AM
    I like the contrast of #2 better, but the sharp lines and reflections in #1 make it better for me overall.


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  • Charleh
    01-16 09:34 AM
    Fixed it - found that I had set something to be slightly bigger than the parent control visible area and the animation wouldn't play. As long as the control doesn't overlap the parent area I'm OK!

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  • gcisadawg
    02-13 10:53 AM
    Useful read:

    Save $50 a Day (and Feel No Pain)$50-a-Day-(and-Feel-No-Pain);_ylt=Asmo.fY6BYhkqPXOHSL7olQy0tIF

    Pappu, very good article. I saw this in this month's Kiplinger.

    A penny saved is 'far better than' a penny earned because you don't have to pay taxes for the penny you saved whereas you have to pay taxes for the one you earned!


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  • Election2008
    01-09 08:45 PM
    post your official contact info (not some email address) and interested members can contact you with their views.

    I dont want 5000 emails in my inbox. The responses by members have been less then warm. My intentions have been doubted. I am well connected in the Asian community and my idea was to get the IV word out. Apparently not.

    Thank you and I am out of here

    Administrators -please delete this thread.

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  • asdfred
    06-08 11:18 PM
    I do not think today is the day and tomorrow does not look any better..for Comprehensive Reform or Employment based reform..All we can do today here is just show some support to each other at IV


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  • immilaw
    09-18 04:15 PM
    Dear Friends,
    My PD (EB3)is Dec-02. I have gone for Finger Printing twice now.
    I see lot of reference to '45 Day letter' in the forum . I have no recollection of receiving the '45 Day ' letter so far.
    Am I missing something here?
    Can any one of you please explain what this letter is about?

    When the state workforce agencies (DOL's) transfered their applications to the Backlog Reduction Centers (BEC), the BEC sent a 45 days letter to the petitioner and the attorney to confirm if they are still interested in proceeding with the pending labor (some were pending for 4-5 years and they do not want to work on it unless the petitioner is still interested). The BEC gives them 45 days to respond, hence the name.

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  • whitecollarslave
    09-22 10:45 AM
    I will be going to a USCIS roundtable on customer service on Sept 23.

    I am being told that this roundtable is with other USCIS customers facilitated by USCIS staff. From what I know, the focus will be on customer service.

    Did anybody else sign up for this?

    If you have any comment/feedback/experience related to customer service that you want to share, please contact me.


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  • desanar
    04-04 06:17 PM
    If individual have US degree (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) along with B. SC in Microbiology from Indian, 1 yr Medical Lab Technician Course and 18 months Lab Assistance experience. Individual is on H4 visa, based on above qualification would student eligible for H1B visa? Person does not have SSN so do not qualify to get RN license in CA state. Any useful response will be kindly appreciated.

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  • when
    02-29 08:45 AM
    How can one find his/her receipt date if they dont have copy of their receipt notice, just the receipt notice?


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  • priyasagiraju
    04-07 03:20 PM
    Iam on L2 and working on my EAD which is expiring on april 29 th 2011.

    I have applied for H1 in the 2010 quota but due to my employers mistake i got a rejection on that.
    we are trying to reappeal to USCIS but iam not sure if its going to work.

    Suppose i have a project and apply again for 2011 quota , can i still continue working even if my EAD expires.
    They say that we actually move to H1 on October , so if i apply before end of April through premium processing and get an approval notice before October can i continue working or start work right away or do i have to wait till October.
    Is there a possibility to start working immediately as soon as my H1 gets approved or do we have to wait until October in any case.

    Thanks in advance

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  • askreddy
    06-18 01:05 AM

    I was staying in Oregon.I am working in CA for the last one month.
    My family still stays in Oregon and will continue there. We also moved to diff apt one month back in Oregon. ( In the same apt complex/zipcode)

    I will stay here in CA for couple of months.

    Can I give the present address in Oregon for all of my family members Since my family still staying there.

    Do I need to give my present address for me in CA. I may be moving to diff apts here depending on project/confort.

    Pls advice.

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  • BMS1
    09-07 09:13 PM
    Yes I have seen that before (though I do not remember if it was Williston). At that time, Fedex told me that they have a some sort of bulk pickup arrangement (probably they may not be able to run the scanner after that pickup). But there were no problem due to that for me and my packet was delivered in time.

    09-19 09:10 AM
    Thanks for the response div. I did think it was too good to be true. It is.

    01-20 12:42 AM
    Dear Friends

    I have a friend who is currently on H1B, currently on vacation in home-country, and stuck in PIMS verification.

    1. he has H1B from current employer (valid till 2009) - Employer1.
    2. another H1B from previous employer - Employer2. Previous employer ready to hire him again.
    3. His spouse filed for his GC and his EAD, AP has already been received. Spouse has approved PERM, pending i140 and pending AOS.

    He came on H4, converted to H1B (with Employer2), then switched to Employer1. Then went on vacation, and appeared for H1 re-stamping interview with i797, documents provided by current employer (Employer1).

    Now he is stuck in PIMS verification, and the current employer want him to join asap and threatening to terminate her employment.

    Assuming that current employer does not revoke H1B, but terminates him, can you help answer following doubts -

    [A] validity of such a stamp on passport -
    Q1. Will the visa stamp (with current employer) be vaild?
    Q2. Previous employer hasn't revoked the H-1B, will that still be usable for jobs, re-entry?

    [B] Re-entry
    Q3. Inspite of termination, can the stamp and i797 of the current employer valid for re-entry?

    Q4. Should he rather use i797 of the previous employer + passport (with stamp of current employer) for re-entry? Previous employer can provide offer letter and job description etc.? Is this route valid and will they allow re-entry on this?

    Q5. Though he wants to continue on H-1B, but if his current situation may result in violation of any provisions, should he rather use Advance parole to re-enter?




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