Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • CADude
    08-28 01:36 PM
    It's very frustrating.. TSC is sitting on our application or what? Approx 30K applications are there for July 2nd filer including NSC->TSC transfer(per old NYT report). We see reporting of 1 or 2 receipting a day then few quite days. :mad:
    It will approx 60 days since filing and still waiting for check encash/Receipt. What a heck.. :mad:

    I have only seen just one or two cases so far with receipts I mean filed on Jul 2. I myself am a Jul 2 filer NSC filer with TSC approved 140 and haven't gotten anything yet....I also had the LUd on 7/28/07.

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    04-22 01:29 PM
    File a BBB case..but make sure you are absolutely sure Company is at fault...if its just money..
    i guess u have to take a "hit".. but if they have violated ur rights in any way..u should pursue all possible options of getting justice.

    is that a desi consultant!
    I think we need to create a site of all desi consultants and rate them.. discretely.;-)

    I am sure below copied my URL will help lot of other folks who would like to know how much employer list $$ amount in their individual LCA, who is the owner of the company, how many LCA are filed from this company for that year etc...:D

    in the employer field, search by "employer name" and see the magic...and once you get to the details section look for " designated_first_name" and " designated_last_name" will tell you who the owner of the company is some more details of your interest....LOL!! :p

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  • GKBest
    10-12 05:06 PM
    "PublicAffairs, CISOmbudsman" <>

    I'll ask my lawyer to do this since he still has some clients who are still waiting like us.

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  • insbaby
    09-23 04:03 PM
    * is expected to move very slightly forward
    * are expected to move slowly
    * is expected to move very slowly
    * is expected to remain unchanged
    * to move very slowly forward

    I love english. You can say the same thing in 10 different ways without hurting others.

    -- He could have done it with just two words as "Forget it" and closed the meeting.


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  • GCStatus
    09-13 09:04 PM

    First of all, ask yourself the following points before continue reading.

    1. Do I need a Green card at ANY cost ( Any cost = Waiting for yrs, Not willing to risk any other options, afraid to raise issues, not pinpointing flaws )

    2. Willing to fight for justice.

    If you chose the option 1, please stop reading further and good luck.

    For the option 2, here we go.I am new to this web site and it seems there are approx 70k people here and lot more outside. Huge enough to create miracles.

    Just to remind ourself who we are. We are Highly skilled LEGAL immigrants. It not only means we are skillful but it also means we pay every damn tax which is out there. We pay for welfare. We pay for unemployed. We pay for pensioners. List goes on. We pay fees for every application processed by USCIS ( Labor, I-140,I-485,I-765,I-131 etc etc ). We pay rent. We buy cars. We buy houses. In short, we are nothing but GOLD to this economy.

    However, this one department called USCIS is literally toying with us for yrs now as if we are slaves or we are obligated to them. We dont want anyone to do us any favour. We need justice.

    Friends - I have self respect and i wasn't born chanting Green Card. I AM going to face them, confront them, demand them to provide justice, if not I want them to REFUND every penny i have paid so far. If this "I AM" becomes "WE", half the battle won. TOGETHER WE STAND, VICTORY/JUSTICE FOR ALL. If you are still hesitant, you made a bad choice of choosing option 2. Please go back to option 1.



    We are making great progress on this and glad to see tonnes of positive responses. For the people who are viewing this thread first time, please send your name, e-mail, ph number and the amount you are willing to contribute ( in case of a lawsuit ) to man-woman-and-gc ( who is graciously collecting information for us and adding them in the below spreadsheet. Next steps on the way. (

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  • czarseattle
    05-03 07:14 PM
    More conservatives are backing our cause than liberals. Seems counter initutive to me. Mid-western, southern red state senators are supporting high-tech immigration while I dont seem to hear anything from coastal blue state senators except about illegal immgirants. Why?


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  • mita
    08-10 12:49 PM
    My husband received CPO mail on 08/04, welcome mail on 08/05, soft LUD on 08/06 and approval notice sent mail on 08/09 but dated 08/08 in USCIS status. Hoping to have the GC in hand next week.
    Anyone who has the same chain of events or received GC for CPO mail on 08/04 or later?

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  • chmur
    07-27 06:46 PM
    Also issue of discrepancy of EB2-I and EB3-I is raised first time that is after Aug VB. But I think it will fade away after oct VB when normal processing starts as diff in PD between EB3 and EB2 will be 1 or 2 years and each category will have equal Visa numbers for 9 months.

    Also the issue of recapture was raised when in 2005 the dates were retrogressed . But I think the issue will fade away after 2014 when most of the categories will be either current or near current.

    PS; I am a strong proponent of recapture but such insensitive post to EB3 plight deserves such a response.


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  • ssa
    07-28 12:04 AM
    No one can realistically claim a moral high ground here - neither EB2 nor EB3. and that includes me too! Each one of us here are looking for self interest, period. No amount of calls to empathy/sympathy/solidarity will change that.

    For example, I'll get behind the whole "restore the old overflow logic for EB3" campaign in a heartbeat if we can have a consensus that EB3 will share the resulting overflow with EB3 other workers category too. EB3 other workers category is typically in worse shape than EB3-I so all the arguments presented here for EB3 (length of wait and frustration, unfairness of it all etc.) apply equally or more to the EB3 other workers. Any takers for this proposal?

    So please see all this for what it is and stop the endless debate. You can not realistically expect EB2s to support any campaign that directly harm their interests. EB3s of course have every right to run whatever campaign they wish but also accept that it *will* split active IV membership (rare as it is) along those lines vertically. That's why the calls to stick to "common minimum program" of visa re-capture. Only those campaigns that don't have conflict of interests will be able to draw whole IV membership behind them. It's human nature - plain and simple.

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  • isantem
    11-17 03:49 PM
    Done! VA

    Thanks IV


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  • zj142
    07-08 09:12 PM
    she is so good at changing topic and avoiding the critical truth

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  • pitha
    07-08 06:16 PM
    As I said dont just take the example I gave, consider all the visa bulletin for the last 30+ years and you will fidn a lot of examples.

    Pitha -- you forget one very important thing -- they still wasted 10K visas in 2006. So in Aug and July they had not actually consumed all the visas -- they just expected to in August and didn't manage to.


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  • abracadabra102
    07-28 11:31 AM
    It is indeed sad that you continue to pontificate from a perch of indifference and ignorance. We all know that the entire EB immigration system is not a zero sum game (just ask Ron Hira and his ilk). Sad thing is, when it comes to EB3 I's, EB 2's such as you suddenly transform into a Ron Hira lite ... going about throwing broad hints about how the system is setup the way it is ... to serve those 'higher in the pecking order'.

    If we were to buy this weak attempt at making a 'logical point', I would be glad to give Ron a call and have his folks look into YOUR respective EB2 applications and find out if there REALLY was "NO" qualified US worker available for that job. Want to play that game?

    Look, the EB system is what it is. Instead of trying to bait others into silence by suddenly finding 'fairness in this system', only because this part of the puzzle narrowly goes to serve / protect your gains ... try to come together to fix the underlying weakness in the system.

    For the record, I am not bitter about a 7+ year 'wait'. On the contrary, I have grown professionally thanks to the opportunity to focus my energies towards building a Billion dollar corporation. That said, I would LOVE to see the paperwork of EB2 Java 'gurus' and L1 converts stand up to true scrutiny ... and that would open a whole new can of worms. Game?

    1) You are "a highly educated (for those that care) Executive that went to Top Private Universities in the US"
    2) You built a billion dollar corporation
    3) You are threatening to have all EB2 applications audited if your point of view is not accepted by someone

    You need help. Go see a shrink.

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  • chanduy9
    07-05 11:30 AM
    This is a good idea - actually we could send flowers for cheap rates if we order it in bulk. Let me know who's in for this. We can open up a paypal account or use one of our own paypal account and start collecting funds and use it to send the flowers to the USCIS dept.

    Any takers?

    By the way - since I am in NOVA/DC, I can initiate some media coverage even if we can get some substantial number of people sending flowers.

    Please don't look at the rate..or for any one...look at the impact, do it before it is tooo late.
    Already bunch of people sent the flowers for JULY10TH. please stick to the same date.



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  • gc_bulgaria
    11-22 11:02 AM

    Dear Mehul,

    Greg Siskind has addressed your case on his blog. Good luck and hope things turn out well for you!

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  • dudes2006
    02-17 03:24 PM
    Your transaction ID for this payment is: 07V75595NX6113029.

    All the best for advocacy days....Go IV Go !


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  • willwin
    07-28 11:31 AM
    I disagree.
    Why is it not easy to change from EB3 to EB2?
    We have to decide what is important in life for us. Current job/salary/promotion/ status quo or Geeencard?
    If someone wants EB2, they can change their job and apply again. The law does not prohibit that. So stop blaming unfair laws.

    So the only reason why a lot of us are in EB3 is becasue we have chosen to stay with the current employer who pays us well and do not want to take the risk of a new employer. So it is our choice and not injustice. The system allows us options. We cannot want a cake and eat it too. I am also trying to find a new employer to change my job and file in EB2. Everyone is free to do that.

    And stop claiming that you are fit for EB2 but are stuck in EB3. If you are fit for EB2 then why don't you apply in EB2? If you have a masters degree you can find a new job with EB2 that needs a masters degree. Anyone who does not have masters degree then get work experience and change your job to file in EB2. Ultimately we have to decide what we want.

    yes, technically that is possible. But practically it may not be possible for the same reasons you said.

    And to me they are valid. So you are asking some one in EB3 2002 to quit his current job and apply for EB2 because the system is inefficient and cannot grant him GC in 7 years and if tomorrow he does not get under EB2 as well, you will advocate him to file under EB1??

    You are asking to adjust my body size to fit a dress instead of altering the dress itself. Just because the system provides 100 loopholes/opportunities/possibilities, does not mean one has to explore everything to get justice from the system. As I said, not EVERYONE can do that. Nevertheless, it is easy to give advise.

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  • mchatrvd
    09-11 01:39 PM
    I think it is about time for IV to think and make $25/month minimum fee for accessing this site. IV needs money to lobby to sort GC mess out. At the same time we need serious people ready to volunteer and donate. That is the only way out. We do not need people discussing SRK and Vonage on this site. We might reduce website hits by doing this but at least we will have ust have serious members who actually want to volunteer and work for IV.

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  • senk1s
    07-22 12:55 AM
    Has anyone done Landing and did next day H1 stamping at Canada?

    Thanks in advance

    Yes we have done that in Vancouver ... Landing ... next day H1 interview ... the next day to collect passport, the next day return to US

    07-09 05:06 PM
    Please re-use... there are over 8 flyers READY TO USE in .pdf format !!!!

    Good luck!

    11-17 04:42 PM
    Done. But while sending email to friends, I got below messages
    "Your message can not contain URL", this was right above the message box.



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