Saturday, November 28, 2009

How to Enhance Your Popularity like that of Tattooed Celebrity, Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson is a world renowned adult movie actress who has a “heartbreaker” engraved on her sexy butt. Her tattoos include a flower on her ankle and a few more in sensitive spots of her body. Are there any traces of past history in the tattoo artwork?

It is said that tribal groups in China had tattoos in their bodies thousands of years ago. Even now, the art of tattooing is still practiced in these tribes near the boarder of Myanmar for generations following their identity of tribal affiliation.

In New York, Samuel O’Reily patented his tattoo machine in 1891 and that started its popularity in America. However, since O’Reily used electric pen in designing tattoos, it was made easy for the average men to have tattoos at lower cost.

This caused the decline in its popularity enabling ordinary people to have tattoos thus losing the status symbol of tattooed upper class. In 1925, only 10% of the population was tattooed in the U.S. but many people working in circuses, carnivals and freak shows were tattooed.

Today, a great number of people are sporting tattoos including men and women, young and old, middle class and celebrities. This quantity is expected to rise with the advent of tattoos which are now a trend in Hollywood.

Jenna Jameson tattoos


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