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  • mmk123
    06-22 08:49 AM
    stupid troll...

    "Last year October I went to vacation in India and transfer my visa from L1 to H1B status and got stamped and enter USA with new visa status" - IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?

    At least last October, they had client letter enforcement in place, it was impossible to have this kind of stupid transfers.

    Do you think the group members are idiots? These stupid people post the message, get some stupid replies from their troll puppets and they post it on other anti-immi, rac*** forums to badmouth IV. Shame on you.. Instead of using such cheap tacticts, enhance your skills and COMPETE...

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  • smiledoc
    03-13 12:19 PM

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  • maine_gc
    12-11 11:57 AM
    It is common. Your 485 is based on the denied I140. If the I140 is appealed then the 485 will also be tranferred to the Appeals Office. That does not mean you I485 is denied. It is
    still under process and you can apply EAD and AP as well.

    I am saying this with my own experience. Hope this helps

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  • dbevis
    January 5th, 2004, 07:04 PM
    Which translates into:
    30358 rolls of 36-exp
    and that comes to roughly $500,000 in film and processing costs (at normal retail prices).



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  • krithi
    05-26 03:22 PM

    I efiled on April 7th and got FP notice on April 15th or so with appointment date of April 30th. Hope this helps.

    I filed at TSC, which Center did you file urs?

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  • abhishek101
    01-05 11:36 PM
    this is my understanding but a lawyer answer but you should consult a lawyer

    Since you have started your GC process and shown your intent to immigrate your F1 will be denied.

    H1 is a dual intent visa ( you enter as non immigrant but U can immigrate on it) and hence application of GC has no implication on it.

    Again I am not a lawyer so consult one.


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  • deardar
    09-19 11:47 AM
    Kudos to you and other folks who made a difference.

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  • fishjelly
    09-08 03:53 AM
    I am not using Silverlight, just using Visual Studio 2005....
    I use Response.Redirect("previous_page.aspx");
    this make the page load again so cannot display back the previous view...
    There is really no other methods in C# without javacript?


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  • H1B-GC
    09-21 05:26 PM
    I want to keep this thread on top for a while to see how many People with priority date between Jan'05 and March 28th '05(Filed under RIR/NON-RIR) applied again in PERM. The reason is lot of Friends i know applied their labor again in PERM since the Old Labors filed under RIR were sent to BEC Center's in Phily and Dallas for 'cold storage' and forgot to port the dates after the old labor approval since the time regained was not big enough.

    This gives us an fairly good idea to see how quickly the dates would move from Jan' 22nd '05 as many fear there might a huge figure here who applied between December '04 and March 28th '05 under the old process and before PERM kicked in .

    Please do not forget to mention if you have ported the dates from your old labor.

    Please contribute to this thread!!

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  • meridiani.planum
    03-13 11:53 AM
    My priority date is in Oct 2005 (ROW) and yesterday was the 180th day after filing my I-485 application. I need some help in deciding if I should wait for the green card with my current employer or think of changing the job using AC21. Your suggestions will be really helpful.


    check the next VB (should be out in a day or two). Based on a thread where someone found the dates from the Mumbai consulate website, EB-3 ROW might move to July 2005. if it does, it might be worthwhile hanging on a couple of more months to this job and see if you become current.
    On the othe rhand if you get a really nice offer, jump. AC-21 only adds a bit of complication to your job, it does not prevent you from getting a GC.


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  • TheCanadian
    08-24 12:38 PM

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  • qtoask
    08-21 01:45 PM
    Thank you.

    Looks like neither junior members nor founder's/senior members not interested here. we can close this thread.

    I do agree. In fact, some of the IV founders also received their GC :D. I hope they will consider this request to help others with our past experiance.



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  • dbevis
    December 8th, 2005, 02:48 PM
    I got to use one of Gary Parr's "Kata" brand covers recently. They are quite nice and more importantly, they get the job done. Just a bit tough to put on but that probably isn't an issue with some practice.

    The Kata consists of one part to cover the camera (and your hands), the other is a lens cover (these are interchangable - different sized for different-sized lenses).

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  • gcpool
    07-02 02:21 PM
    I dont think will give a true picture. There are a lot of people who dont care about tracking once they apply.

    who are these 60k cases? i cant see it on or anywhere. these will some reflection of this..correct?


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  • Lord Rahl
    03-26 02:14 PM
    Odd, I can't see anything. Link comes up blank for me.

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  • olegbi_q2
    07-28 05:29 PM
    Found the old J1 Visa stamped in the passport. It does list the 212(e) requirement.

    At the time when I got the first H1, I had 2 years, or close to 2 years of accrued stay in Russia. I should definitely have 2 years by now.

    What could be the result of not having had full 2 years at the time of first H1? What could be the effect on the currently active H1?

    If I show that right now I have 2 full years, would the AOS proceed, or are there any retroactive problems?


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  • ashatara78
    09-17 12:53 PM
    Ah. It doesn't end even if you get the GC! I agree with the others - go for the interview fully prepared with all the documents including your GC. Even though you have the feeling "what if they revoke it?", it is best to comply with the laws and respect the interview notice.

    You can call them up or infopass if you have some time before the interview.

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  • QuickGreenCard
    11-25 01:45 PM
    Dear all,

    I have got a employment offer from employer in Mississippi. I am currently in H1B status. When I am looking for filing address, I am confused by the following information on the I-129 instructions sheet:
    Regular Processing
    Except for the classifications listed below, Form I-129 is filed either at the CSC or VSC, depending on the location of the temporary employment.

    Additionally, H-1B employers filing petitions which are cap exempt must file at the CSC.

    My question #1, I am cap exempt due to H1b transfer so I should file to CSC but employer location is in Mississippi so I should file VSC as per employer location.

    Please clarify me the filing location.

    My question #2, In sections 2.2 and 2.5 of I-129 form, am I currect If I check e for 2.2 and c for 2.5??

    Appreciate your timely response

    Thank you

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  • DDash
    08-16 09:06 PM

    He is very knowledgeable with non-profits, esp. with universities.

    11-11 10:46 AM
    Good one. Go IV go.

    03-07 11:38 AM
    Hi, this is my first time in the forum and I wish to seek advice on my situation.

    I'm a green card holder (singapore citizen) who got married while being a US PR. I wish to apply for my wife (singapore citizen) a green card.

    How long is the typical wait? while applying, is it true that my wife can't enter the US?

    I kind of know the answers but would like to confirm with this forum. I know the situation can be pretty bleak.

    Many many thanks,



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