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  • go_getter007
    01-15 10:32 AM
    Try calling the USCIS.


    Hello guys,

    If the employer is not willing to share your I-140 approval status with you, is there a way to find out this information from other sources?

    I currently have my 485 & AP numbers but do not have I-140 number to track on the USCIS website.

    Thanks for help in advance.

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  • Roger Binny
    05-30 05:25 PM
    2) can she do any thing about medical exam in India. I mean can she get a certificate from India?

    They may not accept a certificate from india, medical exams has to be done by a civil surgeon in your area who is authorized to perform the tests.

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  • Blog Feeds
    01-06 10:10 AM
    The Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill introduced in the House of Representatives would revamp the existing employment-based (EB) preference system in a number of important ways: 1) Increase in EB Numbers - The number of employment-based green cards would increase from 140,000 per year to 290,000. 2) Recapture � Currently, 140,000 persons are permitted to immigrate to the U.S. each year under the EB preference system. If less than 140,000 visa numbers are given out by the end of the government�s fiscal year on September 30, the remaining numbers are essentially thrown away. As a result, in most years, 20,000 to...

    More... (

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  • milindt
    03-12 11:42 AM
    Thanks for your response. I did check the extension form many times and also reviewed it from another person. Because of their same last name and similar first name we all missed the mistake. We took an infopass appointment for tomorrow. Also we did go to CBP but they told us to file I 102 for my mother-in-law to get new I-94. Also I think I have to send the my father-in-law's I-94 to the following address for correction
    1084 South Laurel Road
    London, KY 40744

    Unfortunately now my mother-in-law has to go back early.
    One thing I learned it to always check the full content of the I-94 after arrival.


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  • beautifulMind
    10-25 11:31 AM

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  • dixie
    09-12 06:33 PM
    So all we know from this is EB3 ROW has not progressed much. Does not make for a good prognosis for EB2/EB3 India :( .

    US Consulate in Belgrade posted dates for Oct 06

    This is specific to Belgrade, dunno about India/China


    EB1/EB2: Current

    EB3: 01MAY02
    Edit/Delete Message


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  • leo2606
    08-12 09:27 PM
    Check the below web site, it has got some useful info including the appointment website link.

    I have been trying to access the mexico visa appointment website at but it is not available for the past fortnight. Is it down or has it changed to a new website. Could please someone let me know. Thanks for your help.

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  • walking_dude
    02-14 03:55 PM
    I got a confirmation today that 2 more of my personal contacts have sent theirs.

    Flowers to USCIS earlier, Now...Love Letters to President. IV = Love :)


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  • needhelp!
    09-21 01:17 PM
    Your idea is good. I can participate.

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  • immigal
    12-04 12:10 PM
    Please help!

    My AP is pending and my H1 visa on passport has expired like 3 months back. I am on valid H1 status which is good for another 3 years till 2010. I have scheduled H1 stamping renewal interview in India. Can there be any problems in H1 visa stamping as my AP application (I131)is still pending?



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  • gcpool
    05-17 01:45 PM
    Contact a good lawyer to do so. You can use EB3 priority date in EB2

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  • h1b_forever
    08-08 07:49 PM
    Must read for all EB3

    Why should there be a restriction on premium processing ?
    You should be eligible.

    Moving to the Faster Lane : Changing EB3 to EB2 (

    Case Study: Upgrade from EB3 to EB2 (


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  • mantric
    07-22 04:48 AM
    is this already covered by these polls -

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  • sac-r-ten
    04-01 10:00 AM
    Personal experience
    This was in 2006.

    H1b applied on Feb-2-2006 with old passport expiry date Oct-14-2006
    H1b approved on May-9 dates May-9-2006 to Jan-31-2009

    I applied for passport renewal sometime in March-2006
    New passport sent by Washington DC with date Apr-25-2006 to Apr-24-2016.

    So i had no issues getting h1b approval with passport expiring in few months.
    i don't know if your attorney is right/wrong, but sharing my personal experience here.

    thank you and good luck buddy.


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  • vshar
    03-11 12:53 PM
    My wife got her h1B stamping done on 2/2/10 at Delhi embassy. It was smooth and they asked for 797 and the passport and then asked what her company does and what her spouse does( as she changed her status from H4 to F1 to H1B). that's all.

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  • GCMangataHai
    10-20 10:59 PM
    I think you may have to file amanedment for this. Please talk to your attoyner for this.


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  • snathan
    04-19 07:11 PM
    I got an email from a reporter at the Seattle Business Magazine who is writing an article on the lack of Immigration reform in the United States and how that is adversely affecting innovation and job creation.

    The magazine in question is definitely not a major publication, however I think its important to highlight our case wherever possible.

    Is there a 'Media Kit' on the lines of "meet your lawmaker kit' ? I looked at the "contact media" link on the home page but could not find anything.

    I would be grateful if someone can point me to the relevant material, or if someone is willing to share their experience in talking to the media.


    Please contact Star Sun

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  • eze
    06-23 01:56 AM
    may want to change the background colour to match the images background?

    Also this may not be the best place to advertise web design..

    As most people here are capable or already in the business :) but looks good for a starter :) learn and grow in this industry by expierence i spose

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    09-06 01:53 AM
    Raise has nothing to do with GC processing.Decision of Raise Limit is set by employer and promotion does comes with change in job description.Keep one thing in mind Corporations make profit out of everybody whether its customers or employees doesnt matter.Corporations exists to make the way do you work for non-profit organization ?? in that case things are a little different based on finanicial availability.

    09-13 11:55 AM
    You can file uptill Sep30 2010, or when the quoto gets over, whatever happens first.
    And as far as your start date is concerned, if your H1B is from the 2009-2010 quota and you've applied for it after oct 2009, it can start anytime after Oct2009 till Sep2010 ( the date your H1B gets approved), please get this confirmed though.

    04-14 03:23 PM
    Report: Mahindra to set U.S. Pik-Up launch date in next few weeks — Autoblog (

    Hi h1techSlave,

    You might like below thread on IV. Please check it out. This is already delayed by few months now. God knows when it will happen.



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