Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • sanju
    02-27 09:24 PM
    ok suri, while you work 30 hours and make money for yourself, let me take your burden and share my research with you. Here is what you have to do to see the result -

    Goto -

    - check box for client name
    - click 'submit' button
    - enter 'Immigration Voice' in the client name
    - click 'submit' button

    Now you see the amount spent by IV for lobbying in the Senate documents. Please do the total and let me know how much is that amount. I am not "highly skilled" like you, so I can't calculate?

    Do you know anyone who spent 1/2 million on lobbying for our issues. Maybe your friends have spent that money.



    Its good to see this thread is still active. I just came home after 30 hrs non-stop work due to our product launch. I did go through quickly on all the posts after my post and I really didnt get the point I was looking for. I will respond to each of you tomorrow in one post.
    The response I see for any type of campaign in the form of contributions is pathetic, based on the number of people waiting and those who are active. We will go nowhere, but this must change, and we will help.
    I will now have to sleep for 5 hrs and then go back.

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  • punjabi
    02-02 03:04 PM
    Well guys...

    I agree that India is a land of pollution - polluted air and polluted minds (corruption, jealousy, materialistic attitude), it is still a very native part of our life. No matter where we live on this planet, whatever hapens in India, we do get affected by it.

    I just visited India after 7 years. As far as India goes, I love:

    -- My parents living there, perhaps they will never come to USA to stay with me permanently, and
    -- The school kids I see on road in their school uniform, waiting for their school vans or walking as a group, making jokes and laughing out of their breath.

    I always wonder that they do not know what hardhsip lies ahead of them, when they grow up after finishing their school - competition to get college admission, studies, competitive jobs, corruption, ever rising cost of living, etc. etc.

    Most of my old friends in India have gone too busy in making money and 'rising on the top". It is as if they are in some kind of a race in panic, so they don't get left behind everybody else and what not.

    What does "rising on the top" mean anyway? Whom are you collecting money for?

    I recently bought the latest Samsung 3D LED TV to have a better movie experience. And I noticed that I enjoyed movies on small 22" inch TV more than I enjoy on a big LED TV - provided the movie is good and I have a good company.

    So my friend (who is leaving for India)...

    You can find happiness and joy in little things in life, irrespective of where you are staying. These commodities are not exclusively sold in India or anywhere else.

    If you have made a decision to move to India, be proud of it and do it! Just set a good example in india and don't get involved in the dirty corrupted cycles there.

    Good Luck!!

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  • BharatPremi
    11-21 09:18 PM

    I can more than understand what you are going through right now. I was diagnosed with cancer ten months after coming to the US. I am also the principal applicant and of course it was terrifying. I have no idea what your prognosis is or the type of cancer and do not need to know. However, I live in Indiana and the doctors here managed to save Lance Armstrong. He was sent here from Texas. I am now a six year survivor.

    I am now undergoing tests for a possible second cancer diagnosis seven years later and still no green card for my family. Hoping for one for my husband in the New Year. My son aged out and is on a student visa. I live each day realizing this is not a dress rehearsal and have to believe everything will be OK and I have absolutely no control over what the future holds.

    I know only too well how shell shocked you are right now but you have to have faith that things will work out how they are meant to. Adversity can have a silver lining.

    Wishing you all the best in your treatment plan. You need to concentrate on your health right now.
    Our prayers are with you and your family as well. May God bless both you and Mehul and give strength fighting this. Best Luck.

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  • needhelp!
    11-21 11:32 AM
    May God give you and your family the strength to go through this.


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  • bigboy007
    08-13 03:29 PM
    That's great, I guess Texas is moving now..:)

    i see an LUD change for my case today with my I140 pending at TSC sent my 485 to NSC July 2 9:55 AM Fedex , LUD change date is 8/12/2007 , does it make any sense or what indication it is ?

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  • transpass
    08-28 09:26 AM
    Thanks buddy,

    What is the procedure to the SSA update?

    My family do not have SSA? I need to apply for them as well.

    You can download the form from SSA website and fill the information for each applicant and take it to the SSA office. You can get rid of 'authorized to work with INS permit only' label of your SS card by using the same form and get a new card.

    Take the forms, your PR card, old SS card. It just takes few minutes. They will take the info, shred the old cards, forms, etc. and will mail the cards to your address...Just check other thread ' Dos and Donts after GC' fo rmore info, and open a separate thread so as to not to mix up the original content of the thread...


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  • cjain
    11-01 02:43 PM
    what happens if one changes job after 180 days but the I-140 has not been approved?

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  • english_august
    07-06 02:59 PM
    Alright friends, so we now have a lead item on Times of India on this effort.,prtpage-1.cms

    Can we now have some of the Nays turn into Ayes? We now have proof that this effort is attracting media's attention, we now have proof that it is viable. Can we please make it a smashing success by getting great numbers?


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  • gcbikari
    04-30 01:38 PM
    Any realistic numbers how many EB3 India pending cases are there with PDs in each of 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 ...

    Anyone know any links, USCIS keeps on posting some data all the time.

    I can tell you there are roughly 100,000 labor applications filed (50,000 EB3) between Aug 2003 and Dec 2003 for EB India category. The reason was everybody wanted to clear thru regular process before PERM takes over. Those Labors filed after Aug 2003 and before PERM started are moved into backlog and are fully cleary last 4 th quarter. And so 90% of those EB3s may be still there (45,000) hanging. EB2s could have been cleared substantially till Dec 2003. It is all my guess work and not sceintific or factual.

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  • munnu77
    05-05 09:21 PM
    keep pressure on Cronyn to put it on debate by contacting him by fone or fax


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  • PDOCT05
    08-28 09:16 AM
    I have seen several July 2nd Filers at NSC whose cases Transferred to TSC are getting receipts.That's good sign...,Does any july 3rd filer got receipt?

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  • lasvegas
    02-05 04:10 PM
    I google'ed and came across not-so-good information about this.

    or just google "canada landing while I-485 pending" and read other links as well. Some attornies think accepting canada greencard MAY impact USA greencard! :eek:

    Any more light on this aspect?

    Gurus, anybody did canada landing after applying I-485 during July2nd? What was the experience like? Can immigration officers on both sides USA, Canada consider this conflicting on the grouds of " INTENT " ?


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  • dudes2006
    11-17 03:59 PM
    Done Thanks ! Also email couple of my friends.

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  • desi3933
    07-10 03:52 PM
    Folks, here is what I am able to gather by self employment

    (1) One can be self employed
    (2) 1099 or w2 - kinda tricky - most people I talked to do w2 and any profits they get after they take their salary are bonuses
    (3) The job has to be legitimate - in the same or similar category - you must be doing duties that are similar in nature to your 140 petition
    (4) What is meant by legitimate is - you must simply not be doing "nothing" - there must be income and you must be doing your duties.

    Correct me if I am wrong

    I agree with above and would like add one more

    5. Job duties must match with original labor/I-140 conditions.



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  • nk2006
    10-25 12:23 PM
    Yes, but the immigration hearings already happened. People already have a clear indication on what the public wants. Lou Dobbs is still out there reminding them. Honestly, I wish us good luck, but I am not sure.
    Seems like you are indicating that public clearly against CIR: on what basis you are saying that. There was no referendum and even an election after the CIR debate. Most of the opinion polls are evenly split: if I remember correctly a popular opinion poll said that most Americans want to solve the immigration issue and they also are fine with putting illegal immigrants on path to citizenship. They also want to have more border security provisions � most of these aspects are covered in CIR. Of course illegal immigration issue is controversial and CIR may never succeed in its current form irrespective of who is in control of congress. A democrat leading congress may not venture into too controversial aspects of immigration fearing a backlash during presidential elections. The backlash they fear is energizing the extreme right wing. A republican leading congress anyway won�t pass CIR bill.

    That�s why our best bet is SKILL bill � this is relatively non-controversial, good for American industry, and supported by different groups. Of course it is very difficult.
    Not sure if such an important bill will be taken up during lame-duck session. In fact the outgoing house members may actually push for some aggressive border security measures to make the process even longer than it is now. So yes�.I too wish us good luck we do need it a lot.

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  • jonty_11
    07-05 01:09 PM
    Gandhiri is not for this Country - all they listen to is Money......
    Those who follow Gandhi are treated as if they were Hitlers MLK Jr. They are SHOT!!!
    If you can weild a good $ bat, then they will listen to you..!!


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  • kkmajid
    10-17 10:30 AM
    Try this:

    Current international students must be aware of the H-1B visa quota and file their forms as soon as possible, alumni said.

    "Apply early, as in April 1 early," Jarek Langer '06 said in an e-mail. "Do not wait until you get your diploma. It will be too late."

    Bicalho said students should be proactive and involved in the application process.

    "Take ownership over the process," Bicalho said. "Talk to the school's international office early so they can start working with you. � As soon as you have an offer, know who are the lawyers your firm will use and contact them so that you can work together."

    As stated above, it says that i can apply on april1st. Now i am graduating in masters in may. Can I still apply on april 1st, dont I need the diploma to apply for H1B? Please explain.

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  • vallabhu
    07-20 10:17 AM
    I pledge 200 for Aman.

    and also increase my monthly contribution from 20$ to 50$.

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  • txh1b
    08-26 01:26 PM
    Was your Employer (GC Sponsoring) in any kind of trouble in past?

    No. It is a good company and are very careful with things. I have never been in consulting. One good thing they did unlike other companies is they anticipated career growth and filed GC for a higher position and I could gladly accept promotion in my career.

    07-02 02:01 AM
    CURRENT employment letter they will give in 10 mins....

    But for FUTURE employment letter i signed a bond for 10 grands saying that i wont leave them till 1 Year after GC....

    I bargained for 1 yr after EAD ( I already worked 2.5 yrs with them and i'm in this country for 7.5 yrs ) but the bargain was a failure... I could just change
    certain Clauses but nothing in the core of the Bond/agreement.

    After EAD i would show the bond to a lawyer for $250 and ask them if i can win the case within 4-5 grands ... If yes , i would hire that lawyer or else
    i'll pay 10 grands and do something else :))

    If i succeed by the lawyer route i would spend my win sum of $5000 for a vacation to Alaska or Europe .....

    Take it easy guys - Lets just hope USCIS accepts out 485 app tomorrow.

    My app has just reached Omaha, NE at 8 PM .... Hope it reaches Lincoln,NE by morning tomorrow ( its just 1 hr drive)

    with a copy of I-140, you can complete all your paperwork between now and dawn tomorrow.

    In the meanwhile, act everything is normal. Ask a employment letter with job title and current salary (say, you want it for trip to Canada or renewing your DL or some 'genunine' reason like that.


    09-15 04:19 AM
    Are there still some July 2 filers who haven't got their Receipt yet?



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