Thursday, June 30, 2011

jeff bridges

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  • Tarah Paige wtih Jeff Bridges

  • wizard
    04-24 10:58 PM
    You're right, it is ugly. ;P

    I'm only joking... don't hurt me. :ne:

    Eh, I kind of like it.

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  • kpchal2
    06-10 04:35 PM
    My attorney by mistake has applied for my ead renewal 10 days before the 120 time frame. I was supposed to send my application to USCIS by June 20th but my attorney sent it today and did this by mistake. can the gurus please explain me my options. i would hate to miss the line for being diligent. do they reject my application and if so will they send it back. can i apply a new app before i get this application back or do i have to wait till it comes back (if it comes back). what other negative implications should i be worried about.
    thanks for your advice

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  • art jeff bridges miles davis

  • anindya1234
    07-06 10:15 AM
    Like many others, I was also unable to file my I-485 after the July 2 fiasco. My lawyer front-desked my application yesterday to ensure my eligibility for the class action. But he sent my application to the Texas Service Center instead of the Nebraska Service Center as was insructed in the form. Also, my employment letter was addressed to the Nebraska Service Center. His reasoning: my I-140 was approved by the Texas Service Center. Also, my name was spelt wrong on the FEDEX tracking system. Will USCIS reject it because of filing at the wrong service center...if so then will I lose my class status? Please shed some light.

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  • vintage-photos-of-jeff-ridges

  • gtg506p
    01-07 10:24 AM
    Had a quick question. Not sure if this has been discussed before. Planning to get wife here on H4 and she wants to study. I have applied for 485 and in retro now. Is it advisable to study on H4 or F1? I know she can work on F1 but would that not be advisable since lets say the VB does become current in future for me then filing her 485 might be a problem since F1 is pure non immigrant and USCIS might hold it againt her. Any info/simlar situations greatly appreciated.


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  • Streep and Jeff Bridges

  • GCPain1
    09-20 08:36 PM
    I have been arrested on Domestic Violence call by my wife ( of cource false allegations) about month back. Police investigation did not find any evidences and never sent file to DA for filing hence DA never filed charges.
    Now USCIS requesting following

    1) Please submit an arrest record and final court dispositions for each of your arrests. Court dispositions must be in the original and bear the stamp and/r seal of the appropriate court or clerk. If a court disposition or police record is not available, you must provide official or certified evidence from the appropriate law enforcement agency or court confirming the record in unavailable. Please note, these documents must either be the original or certified copy.

    How to get court deposition or evidence that no charge are filed against this arrest?

    I have filed petition for expunging arrest record but that will take a while to conclude.

    Please advice what proof I can send to USCIS that this arrest did not even result in charges in court.


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  • Legacy jeff bridges is coming

  • vvicky72
    08-07 11:26 AM
    An RFE got generated on my wife's 485 application. Our company lawyer filed our 485 applications. Does anyone know who gets the RFE notice? Will it be the lawyers office or us?


    jeff bridges. Jeff Bridges middot; Anna Kendricks
  • Jeff Bridges middot; Anna Kendricks

  • gettinthere
    05-11 10:31 PM
    Hi all

    My I-485 is pending(EB-3,India)since 2007. I changed employer & successfully ported PD on new I-140 approval in EB-2 category. My PD is in Oct 2006 & I expect that to become current in the coming few months.

    Now, I need to do Interfiling to link my pending I-485 to my new I-140.

    (1) What all documents/wordings are required for interfiling? Can someone pls provide a checklist?

    (2) Who should do Interfiling- Myself or "Attorney of File" on my original I-485 or my current attorney (who did my new I-140)?

    (3) Can I send my Interfiling request to USCIS even before my PD becomes current?


    2010 art jeff bridges miles davis jeff bridges. digital Jeff Bridges do it
  • digital Jeff Bridges do it

  • gcformeornot
    08-09 08:33 PM
    my case doesn't have checkes cashed or Receipts. I have thankfully filed with lawyers. Will vote when I get RD:)


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  • Jeff Bridges on True Grit

  • krupa
    06-04 02:38 PM
    If you are in a project and your client is ready to give a letter stating abour your employment on the project , there won't be any problem.

    Note: I am not an attorney, consult attorney's for better suggestion

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  • kingkon_2000
    07-15 12:16 PM
    I am a July 07 filer. Recently I sent in EAD renewal application and got it approved within a month. When I saw my EAD card the Sex category on it was F instead of M. Now what are my option. Should I reapply for EAD or continue working on it. I changed my employer last month and am currently working on EAD.


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  • a young Jeff Bridges SCUBA

  • cox
    April 10th, 2005, 09:42 AM
    Most of us with English as our native tongue are spoiled and speak no other language well. And, as Fred says, some of us don't do well with English either...

    The mountains are nice, though, since both the foreground hill and background hill are the same apparent height, it does not have as much impact as it could have.

    The gull shot is sharp, but will appeal to people more if you get them traveling basically toward the camera, rather than away from the camera as is the case here. I have also found that I like to have some space in front of an animal/bird/fish so it looks like they are going somewhere.

    Just my opinion. The most important thing, of course, is that you like them :)

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  • slowwin
    05-20 09:04 AM
    This question is for an attorney:

    My spouse's case is this: She has applied for AOS I-485 (India) based on an underlying EB3 I-140 (PD feb. 2007) petition during July 2007. At that time she had also applied for an EB2 NIW self petition, which was recently approved in April 2009.

    Two issues arise now:

    a) The PD date of the newly approved I-140 is August 2007.How do we inform USCIS to capture previously approved EB3 I-140's PD. She has used AC21 to port to same or similar job, but he previous EB3 I-140 has not been revoked. Is it possible to capture previous PD?

    b) Do we have to send new I-485's or can we ask USCIS to interile newly approved EB2 NIW I-140 to the already submitted I-485s. If yes, how do we do that ?

    Thanks for the help.


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  • Bonzer
    07-19 10:13 PM
    I'm sorry to hear about your mom's situation.

    Obtaining the green card doesn't mean your mom has to come here immediately. She can attend the interview and choose to come at a later point. I'm not too familiar with the appointment process/wait times etc but it seems like a lot of hassle to have to reapply.

    Is postponement of the interview a choice?

    I dont know how long ago you obtained your green card or citizenship but these days it's a loooooooooooooooooooooong wait for the elusive GC. So grab your chance when it comes.

    That was my two cents.

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  • Jeff Bridges Gallery

  • jaggubhai
    05-18 12:49 AM
    Snathan, thanks for the reply.

    One of my friends told me that now a days Universities send info about all foreign students to USCIS database. I am just concerned if i say No and if the data shows up on IO's computer that she is taking classes, wouldn't that be a problem?

    Please let me know your opinion.

    Thanks again.


    pictures Jeff Bridges middot; Anna Kendricks jeff bridges. Jeff Bridges: Absolutely
  • Jeff Bridges: Absolutely

  • boston_gc
    09-11 01:56 PM
    Anyone has been in the similar situation. I really don;t want to start my PERM application if owning a company stock will trigger an audit.

    If there is even a slight possibility, I would like to give back the stocks to the company (if it is possible)


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  • swartzphotography
    August 9th, 2007, 11:11 PM
    nope. not at all. if you want a camera that takes short video clips almost all of the consumer level point and shoot cameras take a video clip with sound and all of them no mater the quality of camera shoot at 640x480 resolution at 30 frames per second. all told they are kinda fun to use and most will shoot for however long your media card allows before running out of space on a 2 gig card you can figure about 30 minutes worth. and also for the video feature some of the low end 100 dollar cameras take just as good quality video as the upper level ones. in fact in my case my wife owns a samsung dig cam that is under 100 bucks and it outperforms my canon digital elph in video for the reason that the lens on hers can zoom in and out opticly while recording my 250 dollar digital elph can zoom opticly before the record button is pushed but once you start recording it will zoom but only digitally which makes for low quality at 640x480 resolution. so i say buy the d40x or the canon rebel xti and then buy a point and shoot camera for the video clips. hope this steers you in the right direction.


    makeup Jeff Bridges on True Grit jeff bridges. Jeff Bridges as CLU in quot;Tron:
  • Jeff Bridges as CLU in quot;Tron:

  • radosav
    07-31 09:56 PM
    why havent you included july filers in the timetable?

    or you just want June filers to vote?

    girlfriend Jeff Bridges Gallery jeff bridges. Jeff Bridges#39; Career
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  • BECsufferer
    09-25 04:32 PM

    My bro is trying to schedule appointment at Calgary, AB consulate for visitor visa thru And it says their are no appointments for month of Sept., and Oct. When he tries to look in Nov., system says you can only schedule appointments upto 8 weeks only.

    I guess is this what you have also expereienced lately in similar situation?

    hairstyles a young Jeff Bridges SCUBA jeff bridges. Jeff Bridges Actor Jeff
  • Jeff Bridges Actor Jeff

  • raysaikat
    07-26 01:52 PM
    I got extended until September 30, 2010.

    No, you do not need to go out of US if the I-797 (H1-B approval) comes with an I-94 card.

    09-14 03:08 PM
    so that means, an H1 transfer is as good as having more than 1 H1?

    the H1 transfer is not valid until I start working for another emplyer, correct?

    thanks all..

    06-20 11:06 PM

    Is there anyone who applied for i-140 with substituted labor on june1st or on consequent dates and waiting for approval/reciept???Please let us know ur status.




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