Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • pointlesswait
    03-06 09:55 AM
    Arent you allowed to apply for OPT only after you express ur desire to "graduate"?
    if that is the case that means you have completed ur studies.
    The other option would be enroll for a second MS...and try to go find a job on CPT?

    i would not travel out on a OPT...
    if you really want to when ur F1 is valid.


    My F1 visa (I got 2 yr student visa for Fall 2007) expires in May 2009. I applied for OPT and starting date is June 1st 2009. Since my F1 visa stamping is expiring, what is my possibility of visiting India after May ’09? Is there any possibility of extending my F1 Visa for another couple of yrs without leaving the country and continue on my OPT? Or any other suggestions? Please help me..

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  • eastindia
    10-14 03:51 PM
    Cornell Chronicle: Tata trust gives $50 million to Cornell (

    $50 million endowment from Tata trust bolsters Cornell ties to India, and to eminent alumnus

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  • indianindian2006
    06-24 08:50 PM
    Did company B file the ammended 140 with immigration,if yes what happened to it.You could upgrade ths to premium processing and get an answer in 15 days.If approved I feel you would be safe.

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  • gopi544
    06-30 05:41 PM
    Strictly speaking, she cannot use the AP to enter the US unless she had it in her possession when leaving the US.

    Thanks for the quick replay,

    So it means that if she dose not have the AP with her while she leave US, she can not use it.
    Can she go for the visa stamping in India and enter in H4? would there be any problem if she goes to visa stamping and enter in H4 while her AP is in process/approved.

    Thanks again for the suggestion.


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  • kirupa
    04-22 05:00 PM
    The stamp looks too plain in my view :( Horizontally stretching the writing doesn't help much either.

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  • cr125rider
    04-16 10:18 PM
    I love it *Looks to the left at subname thing*


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  • bobbo0722
    08-06 11:51 AM
    excellent! :hugegrin:

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  • hourglass
    03-02 01:22 PM
    looks like there at least 3 ;)

    i think only four ..Comeon SoCal Folks join in..

    rkotamurthy, franklin, 485Mbe4001 and hourglass.


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  • desanar
    04-04 06:17 PM
    If individual have US degree (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) along with B. SC in Microbiology from Indian, 1 yr Medical Lab Technician Course and 18 months Lab Assistance experience. Individual is on H4 visa, based on above qualification would student eligible for H1B visa? Person does not have SSN so do not qualify to get RN license in CA state. Any useful response will be kindly appreciated.

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  • kak1978
    06-10 08:14 AM

    I have a friend that has a BS in Computer Engineering, and a MS in Electrical Engineering.
    Can you guys give me sample job description that will qualify for EB2. He has 3 years of experience but that was acquired before obtaining the degrees.

    Company is really flexible with job description.

    Thanks in advance.

    I don't think it matters when the experience was acquired as long as it is related to the job description and it is verifiable. If for some reason those three years cannot be used, you can have a job requirement as something like MS in EE/CS + 0 years experience.


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  • indianindian2006
    05-22 05:33 PM
    Is there a way I can apply for a green card during residency for a future job two years down the road?

    Same question came up for my wife in 2004 when she did not yet have a licence to practice dentistry and she wanted to apply as a dentist and our attorney told as that during LC when advertisments are placed at that time you should have the degree and the licence ready so as to apply for that particular job.My wife got her licence in 2005.Hope this answers your question.

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  • smwarriar
    08-13 04:31 PM

    Congratulations on getting the F1 approved !

    I am also planning to convert my wife's status from H4 to F1. I would really appreciate if you could answer some of my doubts since I am also planning to apply F1 for my wife:

    - What are the precautions needed to be taken so as to avoid rejection ?

    - Can you send me the sample Cover letter you used for your application. I heard that its really important in decision of the application.

    - Also is it better to show the financial amount in Banks + Stocks ( would this potray as potential immigrant since money is inside USA ?). Or should I also show some property back in India so that it shows the ties back in india ?

    - I will be the sponsor for my wife and since I am on H1-B , will that have a negative (-ve) impact since H1-B is for DUAL intent visa category for immigration & temp work ?

    - How to show property valules in India ? An Affidavit or Original documents or how to combine all together ? does everything need to be certified by SAME lawyer or an authorized Attested official (because if yes, will an Indian Attested document suffice ?)

    Thanks once again for your help , I really appreciate it... have a good day...



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  • sabgau
    06-16 09:50 PM
    Thanks for replying, I checked around and found out that it an official courtesy call.

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  • Green_Always
    01-16 11:12 AM

    Record $14 trillion-plus debt weighs on Congress

    Record $14 trillion-plus debt weighs on Congress - Yahoo! News (

    Taught of debating if it is worth to live here more ??

    Basically I came here to earn some money and to have some good life ( cleaning my bathroom myself -- lol )

    The way things are going here in US with Jobs / Economy overall thinking if it is worth to live here and worth to get a US Passport or to keep renewing GC.

    I know it all depends on each indivisual perspective and views.. but taught of looking other views on this.

    Thanks and Regards -- Green_Always :-)


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  • paragpujara
    10-26 09:01 AM
    First of all you need atleast one pay check from yr current employer for h1b transfer and since yr change of status is not approved yet I guess you can't work for yr employer and you won't be getting paid. I guess the best thing for you is apply for change of status for current employer, get it approved, work for the same employer for atleast a month and then apply for h1b transfer. Hope this helps.

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  • madhu345
    03-28 02:30 PM
    Core Team please advice.


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  • ksrk
    04-10 05:50 PM
    Hi There,
    My 485 application is pending at TSC on EB3 category, country of chargebility is Inida. Yesterday my PERM labor approved on EB2 category and need to apply 140 to recapture my own EB3 PD.

    My employer will come under NSC. if the PD recaptured, I will be hardly one month away from my priority date to be current, as per the current visa bulletin dates.

    So can you please provide some suggestion to which Service Center will be opt for filing EB2 140 now, in order for getting an optimal process for 140 and eventually 485?
    Or does the service center really matters as it will take a very long time for me to get greened?


    AFAIK, you are required to file these applications with the NSC. How and why cases get transferred to TSC is not known - mostly speculation.

    This isn't legal advice - just based on information I have read up a while back - not sure if anything has changed in the last couple of years...

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-09 02:10 PM (
    The US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has issued new guidance ( the standards for adjudicating H-1B petitions filed on behalf of beneficiaries seeking employment in a health-care specialty occupation.

    The memo suggests that adjudicators should first consult the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics� Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) to determine whether the position qualifies as a H-1B "specialty occupation" as defined in the Immigration and Nationality Act.

    The memo addresses licensing requirements for health-care workers in detail, and the effect of having a license - or not having a license - on approval of a case. If the foreign national has the required license, the adjudicator should not "look beyond the license." If the foreign national has a restricted license (e.g., license approved except for mandatory supervised practice), and the petition is otherwise approvable, an adjudicator should approve the petition for one year, or the duration of the restricted license, whichever is longer.

    If the employee does not have the license because s/he needs certain immigration documents before getting a license, CIS can approved the petition for one year. The memo says that "The approval of any such H-1B petition shall not constitute approval by USCIS for the alien beneficiary to engage in any activity requiring possession of such State or local license. It is merely a means to facilitate the state or local licensing authority�s issuance of such a license to the alien, provided all other requirements are satisfied." Photo by (

    More... (

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  • nileshilpa
    08-27 02:21 PM
    MIne was updated 2 days later, be patient


    I saw three LUDs on 485 applications after FP. Last as latest as August 23rd. No recent LUD on EAD or AP yet.

    What should I expect?

    05-04 02:40 PM
    thanks for the reply...

    05-25 08:35 AM
    We have temporarily suspended donor forum at this time as we do not have the man-hours and bandwidth to validate each donor to be added to the donor forum. At this time we are focusing on Advocacy events in DC and all of our energy is being utilized to reach out to lawmakers. All important updates are being posted on the public forums.



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