Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • lghtslpr
    02-03 12:27 PM
    We are going to demand TRANSPARENCY in addition to efficiency for BECs. Its a part of Immigration voice's agenda.

    Is there ANY mechanism right now for applicants or their attorneys to find out what's going on with their PERM application? Is there a phone number you can call or an email address you can write to? It seems that at a minimum the processing centers should issue a monthly report on the progress and issues encountered.

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  • Horace Jones
    07-07 10:39 AM
    Thanks for the link. I read the first few paragraphs and it seems really interesting. I'll check the rest out later on tonight.

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  • roseball
    03-31 11:28 PM

    My H1B got expired in Sep 2010, ( applied for transfer before expiry), got RFE and finally approval last week, but 797 form has the validity from current date(approved date) instead of requested date in Sep 2010. So now is the period from sep 2010 to 797 approved date is considered as out of status or how it is? I have paystubs during this time and on job all the time. Any implications while going for h1b stamping in India and or at port of entry and in future GC.

    Any inputs are apprciated. Thanks!

    If I remember correctly, you are allowed to work for 240 days from the receipt date while your case is pending. If the approval does not come within 240 days, you have to stop working and wait for the approval. You are NOT considered out-of-status as long as your petition was filed before the current H1 expired.

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  • Sakthisagar
    05-03 02:02 PM
    Making Legals also Illegals.

    For the past 10 to 13 years people are waiting on the EB category Queue, and they are all tax payers as same as US Citizen.

    some of them are in H1B status, in this economy it is not necessary that they should always have a job, so if the congress

    is not acting on the Immigration bill as soon as possible, they are making the Legals also Illegals pretty soon, with the

    USCIS nasty memo for the Employer-Employee relationship, getting an H1 extension became another Oil spill in the Gulf Coast!

    This is not a joke, and politicians care little about this, because they cannot manipulate anything here, This is the year and time
    to pass immigration bill. If not then immigration issue may not see light.

    What about great Indian origin media tycoons Sanjay Gupta & Fareed Sakaria, why cant they make a issue on the media about this.

    All Indian origins except some bunch of people, are waste and just eat, drink & be merry caes, and they don't care for anything.

    Keeping the finger cross and waiting for the immigration bill introduced in congress as soon as possible at least before May 31st 2010. Even the home country of some of us here, India, with a puppet government and corrupted politicans can do nothing about this. :mad::o:eek:


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  • rpat1968
    08-07 06:46 PM
    Interesting news posting today in "Dallas Morning News" :

    Have you guys seen the letters written by Compete America Board to US Senators and Congressmen. The points they talk about are very similar to the issues identified by us. You may browse the section when you have some time. The link is

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  • H1bslave
    04-07 03:27 PM
    but this serge in processing more Citizenship cases will indirectly slow down 485 approvals due to lack of staff and may result in wastage of visas again for FY 2008.

    I think this memo is about NATURALIZATION - so yes it's about Citizenship, not for GCs or I-485s.


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  • oliTwist
    05-17 11:38 AM
    Hi folks,

    My baddest of the bad phases started recently when I lost my wife's birth certificate from India. Worst part is we dont have backup (no photo copies of it).

    Anyways, We are waiting in the 485 queue, working on EADs. Question to all folks, do still need birth certificate now for the green card process, as we have already sent the application?

    And how bad it is with redtape/corruption in India, to get another birth certificate from my wife's birth hospital, when we try by ourselves (I mean not involving our/her parents), when we visit India next time (maybe for a month)?

    Appreciate your responses..

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  • wandmaker
    05-12 12:53 PM
    Hi. I am currently here in the US applying for AOS from a B2 to F1 visa. I sent my application on the 26th April with USPS Express mail request return reciept. My current 1 94 expired on April 28th. My return receipt from USPS says that my item was signed for on April 28th leaving me still in status but when I received my I 797 C it says that the receipt date is April 29th. I am very worried and I am wondering if this is something I should call their customer services department about. I do not want my application denied simply because I may seem not to be in status. Please help, I am very worried.

    As long as you have a copy of the delivery receipt you are good and not out of status.


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  • desixp
    04-09 09:40 PM

    Yes, you can file I140 Premium Processing for a substitute labor. I have done that. Got approved in 9 days.

    Good Luck.


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  • spicy_guy
    10-13 01:27 PM
    With EAD, yes.


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  • Michael chertoff
    05-08 08:58 PM
    Start with Libra. I have seen people talk, talk, talk and talk about immigraton and gone with the wind right next day they get the green card. Start with a member 'libra', he always used to blame eevrybody, not seen since the day he got his GC. Share some other names.

    buddy they moved to " Why 5 years wait for Citizenship forum"


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  • newbie2020
    09-20 08:56 PM
    Go Out of country, Get Visa Stamped and enter back on H1, They will give you new I-94


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  • chandra140
    10-13 01:37 PM
    I got the 140 denial notice.....the reason was not it is......

    The petitioner did not submit an individual labour certification for the beneficiary or evidence of schedule A designation.As such, the beneficiary is ineligible for classification as a member of the preofessions holding an advanced degree or an alien of exceptional ability.

    Can i know what reason did u got in ur 140 denial notice.

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  • manbeing
    12-22 05:05 PM
    Please see below I-140 ref. I do understand that they need me to submit an experience letter including employment date and specific duties, but how to handle the second evidence? If the specific duties on my previous employer�s experience letter already includes those H14 specific skill and other requirements, is that enough? Or I will still need to find something else to support/proof them? Thanks!

    "Submit evidence that the beneficiary obtained the required three years of experience in the job offered before January xx, 2010, the priority date. Evidence of experience must be in the form of letters from current or former employers giving the name, address, and title of the employer and a description of the experience of the beneficiary, including specific dates of the employment and specific duties.

    Submit evidence that the beneficiary obtained the specific skill or other requirements as indicated on the labor certification, page 3 of 15, #H.14. Please provide proof that the specific skills or other requirements were acquired prior to the priority date."


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  • need4gc
    09-08 05:30 PM
    I called USCIS and got the information.....they had already generated the receipt number

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  • apahilaj
    03-21 03:58 PM
    Today I had an Infopass Appointment at 10 am. The IO told me, my NC is pending that's why I did not get FP.He told me to wait till July (ie is one yr from the date of applying)then open SR.

    Got the same exact nonsense at my infopass as well.

    With the new 180 day NC rule, does it even matter?

    Bunch of bafoons are appointed as so called IIOs there..


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  • askreddy
    01-20 11:24 PM

    In my 485 application receipt my first name is not listing fully. MY EAd is also has the same name.DMV is not accepting the EAD card.instead of 16 letters in my first name it shows only first 6 lettters.

    How can I change the first name in my 485 application.My 131 is also pending.


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  • chakdepatte
    11-08 04:12 PM
    i have a trip scheduled via dubai to bombay and back. Intend to stay for 3-4 days on my way to bombay as well as 3-4 days returning back. How do i get transit visas for both of these short term visits.


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  • sreedhar
    10-29 09:00 PM
    PD: 6/14/04
    I485 RD: 6/14/07
    I485 ND: 7/10/07
    FP date: 8/22/07
    Welcome Notice date: 9/18/07
    I-485 Approval Sent Notice: 9/20/07
    I-485 LUD: 7/10/07(ND), 8/22/07(FP), 9/14/07 ,9/18/07(Welcome notice) ,9/20/17 (approval notice)

    I-765 Approval date: 9/19/07
    AP: pending

    What is meaning of ROW...?

    08-02 04:46 PM
    Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum,

    I recently changed job. My H1 transfer is not complete yet. Now I have received a very good offer from a different company. Can I transfer my H1 to this company now?


    08-14 01:45 AM
    Hi all,

    I think my scenario is little complicated.I have my I140 (EB3) cleared with previous employer and my current company has filed new labor and I140 (EB2). They are trying to capture the priority date of my old I140 approval (August 2006).

    While my current I140 is still going on, can I apply for I1-485 due to sudden improvement shown for EB2 category in September Visa bulletin.

    Please advice.


    I believe that is still possible. There is some talk about discontinuing the concurrent application process, but it is not a rule yet. so you should be able to apply. Talk to your lawyer about it.



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