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  • CADude
    08-01 06:30 PM
    Tricky question? Only USCIS can answer. May be part of FAQ3..;)

    On July 25th lawyer sent my documents 140 & 485 concurrent, PD port from previous I-140 approval (approved at Nebraska).

    Reached Nebraska Service Centre on July 26th.

    Will it be processed at Nebraska Service centre or Texas Service centre? According to new direct filing instructions my employer and my residence comes under Texas Service centre.

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  • apb
    09-07 03:03 PM
    Scene at Consulate
    IO:--> Dear applicant, You can apply for a long process to getting your PR/GC and here are the deals. Apply with high fees. Get RFE answered within limited time frame or loose. Wait for labor (go through labor pain..:-) ), do not get/expect promotion, Oh ya get your well educated spouse, Make them sit at home, make them feel unproductive, pay all your taxes, pay your social security BUT do not expect anything back, In the process if your kids age out separate them from you (send them back), If you wish to study pay highest fees, if you get promoted stand in queue again, pay frequent medical fees, AP, EAD fees, and yes YOU can always TRACK RNs for them. You can whine, post your opinions, when we change policies on the fly and create more hardships even if you have stayed here for more than 6 years, you can call up our customer service, be imaginative and get to level 2 and still get yelled at, asked to wait for 90 days (std reply), etc, but you can always go to good forum like IV and instead of working on your cause, create confusion, DEMAND action, not contribute....etc.

    H1B applicant:--> SO WHAT IS THE CATCH.

    IO:--> YOU THA MAN. Welcome to USA. Land of the free home of the brave. But for you there will be no freedom and for your type..stay in fear.

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  • gclabor07
    12-18 06:43 PM
    I've been coping with GC related stress by meditating as much as I can. Meditation releases endorphines which helps you calm down and have a clutter free mind. I know it is easier said than done, but it works. I also take meditative walks on weekends. We have trails near our house which take me to deep wooded area away from traffic and everything. I walk about 4-5 miles on weekends. Lately not walking due to cold. I also listen to Deepak Chopra, Joel Osteen, Wayne Dyer on Youtube. Hope this helps.

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  • kumar1
    06-26 12:14 PM
    You stole words from my mouth. Do not tell them that you have EAD.

    The trick is to say that you have unrestricted work authorization, i.e., can work for any employer without needing additional sponsorship. Stating that you have an EAD may be confusing to some and they may just take the easy way out by not pursuing further, or, wilfully rejecting to avoid any kind of complications later on that could jeopardize the specific project by suddennly being unable to work.


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  • mahujam
    08-05 09:57 AM
    These guys are not consistent. I should have gotten a 2 year EAD.

    Dunno who to take this up with.

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  • doshhar
    07-08 07:54 PM
    Can we have this event scheduled for major cities in other parts of US? What day are we looking for this rally? (14th July??)

    I can gather 100+ people from Chicago..


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  • gk_2000
    02-17 11:16 AM
    thanks ub27, gc_on_demand

    Agreed. $5000 is about the same amount a single student paid to TVU, the diploma mill. This used to be the price 1 employee paid a fraud DCC for processing a Green card.
    What more can I say....

    What is the difference between the two? IMO, two words "Effective Marketing". Come on, where are the MBA's among us who can offer strategy? Actually I feel we are so backward that we don't even need MBA's to improve from here, just any simple ideas

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  • rbanerjee
    06-22 11:49 AM
    Regarding feedback from the public on skilled legal immigration, read the article below. Then go to "Discuss" and see what Americans are saying about us. They are making a tough point that in these inevitable times of offshoring, we are coming here to take away jobs that are left.;_ylt=Amc.zZb07X6A849 i9qW0XfBQuk0A;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCU l

    This myth has never been successfully countered in the media or any other PR or lobbying channel by the legal immigration crowd.

    The standard line amounts to this:

    We are highly skilled we are legal and we are stuck and dont deserve this.
    This is not good PR. Nobody cares about this.. it will get us nowhere..

    We need to have a standard message apart from all other humint crap..

    1) legals cannot undercut US jobseekers because of strict labor laws. Employers are paying a premium in wages as well as legal fees to retain their legal alien workforce. IT would be foolhardy of them to go through the hassle if local talent was easily available.

    2) legals are in most cases paying taxes for which they may never realize the benifits like social security.

    We need to let it be known in a firm polite manner that
    1) we are giving more than we are getting and are not free loaders
    2) we are not harming or displacing anyone.

    I dont think this can be perceived as tryng to distance ourselves from undocumented workers. There are rare moments when the media does focus on legal immigrants as a group lets make the most of it.


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  • javadeveloper
    07-20 02:15 PM
    looivy, Please have a conversation and don't turn this into a pissing contest.

    What the other post said is very true. We have 45000 members in this board, a significant majority of them are EB3. Even if 50% of the members 22000 (as an example ) contributed 25$ each, IV would have more than half a million bucks. With this money EB backlog plight could easily come out in mainstream media. Just because you, as a person, contributed does not mean all of EB people are contributing. Realizing our problem is the first step in solving it. Problem is people are not willing to contribute to IV, either their money or time, but want issues solved. Doesn't work that way..

    Again the original poster is correct in his statement.

    my .02$

    Correct me If I am wrong

    out of 45K members let's assume 22.5 K are EB2 and 22.5 K are EB3.

    Even If 11.25K (EB2)+11.25K (EB3) = 22.5 K (Total) contributes $25 Each Problems gets solved ... but the catch is ....

    Even 11.25 K EB2 members are not contributing because they don't have to as their problem is solved

    Even 11.25 K EB3 members are not contributing because they are not sure even with this contribution their problems gets solved.

    Many people are saying that EB3 members are not contributing that's why you are lagging etc...

    EB3 Members who contributed are feeling the pain because even after contribution they are not getting the results and EB2 members who didn't contributed are getting the results...

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  • buddyinsd
    08-26 02:58 PM
    OK Thanks. And any recent LUD on 485 and already approved EAD (such as 08/21/2010 as most of us got)? Just trying to derive some pattern here...

    60 days


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  • gimmeacard
    09-09 09:01 PM
    Ignore her. She dozn't deserve a response...Seems to be a mental case

    i am pretty sure its a HE, dont think indian women have fallen that much

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  • gvenkat
    09-10 02:44 PM
    IV is not biased against any EB category. Their goal is to have process so that everyone gets GC in one year from date of application. These categories are set by USCIS. IV is currently in process of detailing solutions to end this misery of all EB category. More details can only be find in your respective state chapters. We cannot disclose details on the public forum. I will urge you to join your state chapter so that you are aware of what all IV is trying to do. IV is not trying to make system work for EB2 or EB1 but for everyone. There are lot of solutions, but we need to lobby and for that we need volunteer. Remember IV is not a corporate who has people working on its payroll and getting revenue. All of us need to contribute and volunteer. Trust me the day all of us (at least number of people blogging currently) join their state chapter and volunteer couple of hours in a month, you will not need lobby. The public voice be enough to convince Hill and House to pass a legislation.

    That should not be the case. It should just concentrate on EB3-I. Period Because that is the only category that has to wait for centruries to get any movement.


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  • eaglesvr
    08-15 11:30 AM
    Eb3 Row
    Pd 03/05
    485/140 Rd 08/09/07
    Nd 10/02/07

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  • vshar
    07-22 09:44 PM
    I feel for the guys who have been waiting since 2001 for their green cards in the EB3-I/C category.

    To change the interpretation of how spillover is applied, you will need a better argument than "The system isn't fair."

    Why should the USCIS/DOS favor EB3 over EB1 or EB2? Unless you provide a reason that benefits America, no executive or law maker is going to touch this. You can see why this is a tough argument to make - The USCIS sees EB1 as better educated and more accomplished on average than EB2 and the same for EB2 over EB3. Are there exceptions to the rule? Ofcourse there are. But the law is designed to solve the most common scenario and not complicated situations like this.

    EB3 to EB2 isn't a slam dunk as many of you have correctly pointed out. One option is to move employers and find the right employer who is ready to file for EB2. While that may not work for everyone, it is the only known way out of the EB3 nightmare.

    I support measures that will alleviate your pain although this will likely not benefit my personal situation. Visa recapture is a real possibility at the end of this year - I recommend you support IV to accomplish this goal.

    You are not man but superman.


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  • dval_dpal
    09-10 08:51 AM
    Eb3-I would move much slower then snail's pace.

    My PD is Jan 04, so I am not sure how many years would it take for my PD to be current. :(

    god knows how many years...but one thing i'm sure for my GC will come after 12 Years ...
    My son is 6 years old on this 12th Sep 2009 and he will file for my GC at the age of 18...

    till then no worry ...enjoy with kids....


    PD: EB3 India June 2004.

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  • reddymjm
    06-08 02:40 PM
    No way they cannot. They will accept till JUN 29th. I am not sure about JUN 30 as it is saturday. You have time till JUN28th to ship it.
    There might be movement next two months. They need money too. They will let file every one.


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  • waitnwatch
    08-18 02:53 PM
    Two things..........

    I'm sure you can put your point across without bandying about your expertise in the English language.

    your juvenile logic about the USCIS deciding how important your work is can be extended to how much you get paid too. How about demanding that you be paid equal to CEO's of fortune 100's!

    And finally you still want to live in the US

    Exactly... there is no such thing as LOW HANGING BALLS.... they shuld be fair to everyone... this is just a case of discrimination... first make all these useless categoreis... EB-1, eb2 blah blah..... i mean cummon who the fuck are they to decide how important my work is.... or under what category it falls... i thought the americans considered all work equal.. and respected everyone... well that was my impression before coming here... anyways.... so much fucking hipocrisy....

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  • smahendran
    02-14 01:26 PM
    Finally we have decided to go back to India for good. I filed my EB3 in May 2003. Its going to be another 4 years to get the green card. When I went to India for vacation last December, we liked it over there & the economy is booming. There are all sorts of discussion regarding the Economic Gap/Politics/Corruption/Cleanliness. But we like it over there. Finally I will have an option to do something interesting. In US I was very much dependent on my monthly pay check and afraid to take even the slightest risk. I am also scared to use the AC21(Hey, thats the way I am). I am working with the same company for last 10 years, kinda stagnant in the last 4 years. In India, there are lots of choices, either to work for a sw company or start some business on my own. I think I will take the business route.

    May be I can go there, earn well, send my son to US for college, do green card through him & come retire in US!!!

    Good Luck to everybody!!
    Hi asdcrajnet,

    Good to know that you have taken the wise decision finally. I have been trying to do this for the last 1 year, but keeps on moving on and on. Probably should set some real target dates to get this done. :)

    Wish you all the best for your future.


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  • guy03062
    07-05 02:13 AM
    My 485 application reached NSC on July 2nd at 10:25 am.
    by FEDEX.

    10-25 07:36 PM
    when american's from such third rate schools are not getting jobs, do you seriously think foreigners with their funny accents and relatively poor English communication skills (I'm Indian and can tell you its still a second language to me) can get jobs??

    The market has a way of regulating itself. As someone mentioned above, there were a a lot of H1 space available from 2001-03. But it never got filled because there were simply not enough jobs. Lets not try to set up govenment intervention here....let the free market decide....that is what made this country great.

    btw, NumbersuSA, FAIR and other restrictionist organizations have zero credibility because they oppose even legal immigration.

    That poll....don't impress me much...

    02-10 05:11 PM
    I just contributed $20 via paypal.



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