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  • pa_arora
    08-07 07:12 PM
    500 dollar question.

    LUD: Last Updated Date.
    RD: Received Date
    AD: Approval Date

    Just being proactive here and telling u all the 'dates' so that u done open a new thread for the other ones tomorrow. ;-)

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  • ashwaghoshk
    04-14 09:44 AM
    yes, they are right. if you try to file GC now then they will calculate your stay period and ask you to leave the country immediately (they wont even wait for july 2011). I think it makes sense to go out of country asap for one full year, come back with new H1 and then start the GC process. Alternatively if ur spouse is working and is on valid status then convert to H4. you can start ur GC process on H4 too. Once labor is approved activate your H1 and file for 7th-8th year extension.

    im not a lawyer but my experience with immigration gives me the knowledge to suggest you the above. in such critical time its always worth to contact an immigration lawyer and seek advice.

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  • shimul99
    08-29 06:58 PM
    Last week i received the letter about my RFE for my I140 which they received on Feb 8, 2007. I'm a EB3 category from Bangladesh.

    USCIS requested for the tax information of the company
    My W2 for last year and
    My Pay Stub....

    Is there anything else extra i have the provide. do i have to worry about anything towards my approval or this is just a regular process to go through.

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  • Blog Feeds
    04-26 11:30 AM
    Immigration Visa Attorney Blog Has Just Posted the Following: our blog of yesterday (, 1 April 2010, we mentioned the new screening procedures at US ports of entry (POE). Fong & Chun's clients travel a great deal, passing through Los Angeles and other immigration ports of entry. As lawyers to so many travelers, we try to provide accurate information about border issues. We have learned a little more about the new screening protocol.

    In the past, all citizens of certain countries believed to be supporters of terrorism would all be scrutinized indiscriminately. Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Sudan are widely believed to have been on this list of soi-disant unfriendly countries. Citizens of other countries -- perceived as "friendly" to the USA -- would be subject to less scrutiny.

    The new POE screening procedures use intelligence-based threat assessments. This information will be applied to all persons arriving at a POE, including Americans. If border guards have intelligence that -- let's pretend for a moment -- a university-age male student from Africa might be trying to engage in dangerous activity, then the border guards would be on the lookout for university-age male students from Africa. In contrast, university-age male students from, say, Malaysia, M�xico, Moldova, Monaco, or Myanmar would not be subject to the same scrutiny.

    This new, intelligence-based approach makes the most of the information provided by US intelligence sources without painting everyone with an indiscriminately broad brush. --jcf

    More... (


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  • lkapildev
    11-16 09:52 AM
    Hi All,

    This is forum for LC Sub cases. I'm on last phase of my L1B(5 years would complete on 2009) so my company a large corp evaluted my case as fit for LC Sub and applied I-140 on July 4th and 485 on July 27.

    I have no status on my I-140/485 or 131 since got the Receipts. Got EAD.

    Even after my FP the case also was not updated.

    If you have filed your I-140 LC Sub are you seeing any progress on your file?

    If yes, which date your I-140 was applied?

    Was that standaline or Join filing with I-485?

    Which Service center is handling your case?

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  • sai
    04-07 03:25 PM
    it depends on what you post.


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  • Dilemma
    10-22 05:42 PM
    Hello -

    I am in sort of big dilemma. My Background:
    - Single (not married)
    - Currently on H1-B valid until Dec 2011.
    - PD July 2007. Company A
    - I140 & AOS filed concurrently in Aug 2007. Approved I140 (June 2008) & AOS pending. EAD & AP since Dec 2007.

    I am currently working (full-time) for company A who started my GC process since last 3+ yrs. And lately I am realizing that my growth opportunity in terms of salary (more importantly) & career is very limited & been looking out lately. To an extent that I feel so frustrated that it has started to affect my social behavior.

    Recently, couple of other employers have shown interest in me which align completely with my future goals. But, the problem is the following:

    - they dont do H1-B & willing to hire me on EAD. Hopefully, AC21 should not be a problem as the prospective job will be in the same area.
    - I am currently single planning to get married in a year or so. I want my spouse to have an option to be my dependent ie H4.

    So, I have following questions to experts here which will help me decide what option to take:

    1) Shall I go ahead with new employer & start using EAD ?

    2) My GC doesn't seem to get approved for another year or so. Is it worthwhile to keep the option of my spouse being on H4 open & get myself frustrated & spoil my career in current company?

    3) Can I move to EAD -> H1-B later? Maybe once I move out of this company A & join company B on EAD either company B or some other company may be ready to file H1-B petition ? This is just to open up the option of my spouse get H4.

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance...

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  • chaganti
    08-29 07:09 PM
    Your employer need to submit company's Previous year W2 and also it is better to submit ur w2(couple of years).



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  • roseball
    02-28 12:37 AM
    Please provide any suggestion. I am waiting on this.

    Complete your profile first. How come your GC is not approved if your PD is Nov'02 with EB-2 India....Is your I-140 approved and I-485 pending for more than 180 days? If so, it doesn't matter if your employer revokes I-140, you will be covered under AC21, provided you have another job offer in a same/similar position.

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  • jaamop
    04-23 12:09 PM
    If it is by and large the same business, their immigration lawyer will have to file some paperwork indicating the company has changed its structure and for the paperwork to be amend under the new name.


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  • NH123
    07-24 03:46 PM
    Is it possible to start a business on H1-B.Will there be any issues when i will file my 485.Can i open a bank account in USA and start doing transactions on that account ?Thanks in advance

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  • anurakt
    12-07 12:13 PM
    Guys Please see the home page...IV NEEDS YOU FOR SOME HELP !!


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  • ita
    11-01 01:44 PM
    At the time of filing my application I just used one address.

    Somehow I didn't know you could use Permanent address and current address.

    I'm not sure but I guess my lawyer didn't file G325 form.
    Is filing G325 form something mandatory ?

    I've moved recently.

    I want to change the address now but want to give a new address (which is not the address I moved to .)

    Should it be fine?

    Thank you.

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  • hsj
    06-05 04:19 PM
    Great work !


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  • akhilmahajan
    11-10 11:15 AM
    If you are planning to send it through an attorney, dont forget to send the new G-28.

    Also, once u have sent it, i will suggest taking an infopass appointment after a month or so and making sure that the new lawyer information has been updated.

    GO IV GO.

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  • abuddyz
    12-07 10:06 AM
    yes, I have done that. I had visa stamp of Company A and I was working for Company B. please note that the visa stamp of Company A was not expired when I entered US port of entry. At port of entry, I showed the H1 approval notice of new employer. Please make sure that they stamp the expiry date in your I-94 based on your new approval notice of Company B. that is very important.


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  • Waitng4GC
    03-24 08:47 PM
    Recently my employer has decreased the hourly rate given for many years in the pay stub but providing the difference as bonus. Will it affect my EB2 Classification and I-485 approval.

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  • ashy15
    02-11 04:49 PM
    I am currently in the US on L1 Individual visa - my current visa is expiring on the 28st of Feb. My employer filed for a fresh L1 Blanket Visa instead of doing an extension because I had RFE's on i94 extn. My visa interview is on the 23rd of Feb in Canada.

    Am I going to have any problems because I did not extend my visa and applied for a fresh one instead?

    Any delay due to PIMS? Do I need to check whether my petition number is in PIMS system?

    Any information provided is greatly appreciated.


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  • jain4444
    07-20 01:24 PM
    Thanks guys for your answer

    12-06 10:48 AM
    USCIS had been given strict guidelines to process all cases within a six month timeframe depending on the type of the case. But many cases have come to light which are not seeing the light of the day.

    How about filing our taxes on April 16, but not on April 15.
    Exactly what is your logic? There is no law against their getting delayed in completing a case in 6 months. There is a law for not submitting taxes on time. That is why I think this argument is not very valid. I can see your frustration with the delays at USCIS, however, and sympathize with it.

    09-06 10:17 AM
    This if u sent your packet by US postal mail . Fedex and other courier dont deliver to PO boxes . There is another street address for other courier.

    Thanks Milind70 for the reply , yes I did use USPS because the the IO told me to send my 485 package to the address shown on I140 receipt and Fedex does not deliver mail at P.O box. I am wondering if the P.O Box address is right and should i wait for 90 days or call them based on Lockbox receipting update bec as per Aug10th release TSC shows done receipting till June 28th? Is there a way to inquire regarding my application?



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