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  • mrdelhiite
    09-13 08:31 AM
    mailed on 2nd july received 3rd july notice date 10th sep sen to Nebraska receipt number from Nebraska. delivered at 11:14 am on July 03, 2007 and was signed for by F HEINAUER


    Where was ur I140 approved ?

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  • rajuseattle
    11-30 08:17 PM

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis and our prayers are with you and your family.

    But as suggested by IV members, please do consider a visit to india and take second opinion from the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, its one of the best cancer treament centre in the world.

    US Healthcare system is for Profit, some medical facilities in US are exception, but if you see the overall Healthcare system it sucks and its all driven by insurance and big Pharmaceutical companies.

    Please send me the private e-mail if you need any help in Mumbai to reach good doctor in Tata Memorial Hospital.

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  • tonyHK12
    02-25 04:08 PM
    Contributed another $50 (Transaction ID: 71P262761L0967946)

    Tony, what is the deadline for raising the money?

    thanks indigokiwi. The deadline is end of March, but we would like a large amount of this raised much earlier, since it involves making reservations, booking appointments, for Eg. with the lobbyist.
    We need to raise about $1000 everyday to meet the goal.
    Adding this to post #236

    Admins, some anti is going around giving reds to each post of volunteers and donors from 3 days.

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  • buddyinsd
    08-26 02:58 PM
    OK Thanks. And any recent LUD on 485 and already approved EAD (such as 08/21/2010 as most of us got)? Just trying to derive some pattern here...

    60 days


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  • mail2me_Ds
    08-27 04:56 PM
    My date will be current next month. But I got fingerprinting notice, and the appointment is on Sep 17th . Does that means will I have to wait until my FP is done to get the approval?. Please suggest me is there any way I can get my FP done prior to the scheduled date. This is my 2nd FP notice. First one was in Feb 2008.

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  • mkiv
    12-11 07:48 PM
    How do I start a new Thread?


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  • feedfront
    08-26 03:10 PM
    You will see a date on I-485 only if you filed I-140 & I-485 concurrently. Even my I-485 does not have any priority date.

    is this pattern (missing PD on I-485) for people who've PD current and not got greened?

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  • harikris
    09-10 09:28 PM
    Harikris, I hear you. People are in different situations. I was not mad about moving to this country and for a long time, I preferred travelling instead. Then I reached a point where I preferred to be with my family and thought it is best if we move here and we filed for our GC at the same time. If it does not work out, I am entirely content moving back. Heck, even if it does work out, I might move back.

    I am not crazy enough for my GC to spend all my waking hours trolling forums and calling people names. It is just not worth it. I do donate, the same way that I donate to the local zoo and botanical garden. I give them money to run something so that I and others may benefit from it. The people who run it are passionate about it and do it for themselves and others.

    If things work out, everyone will benefit, the people who worked, and those who didn't, the people who donated and those who didn't. When India fought for its freedom, people donated money and time. I am ready to bet that less than 1% joined in the strugle. There were people who worked for the british government and there were people who went on with their lives. Everyone got freedom, the people who worked got recognized and remembered. That is life.

    The ones who are desperate need others to pitch in to create a critical mass in terms of both money and numbers. I think this realization needs to sink in and insulting people into getting donations out of them is probably not a strategy that will work very well.

    These forums are an excellent rallying point and I think more people being helpful and polite will go a long way.

    Of course, I say all this with my leathery skin waiting to be called a useless idiot who writes bullshit.

    You are very practical and have excellent points.
    Sometimes, ppl do get carried away by their passion (height of desperation if one looks at it another angle). We have to accommodate folks that cannot have a nonchalant attitude towards Immigration. Just like health care, GC stirs up our deepest and strongest emotions. For many, GC is an all-or-nothing proposition (again let's not fret about why it might be so, because they might have their own good reasons). Regardless, i agree with you completely, civility should not be lost. We have a broken Immigration system - all i care is how to fix it.

    I am becoming a donor for the following reasons -
    1. It is better to be informed and be involved rather than be "out of the loop" or in the dark
    2. It is not free to get anything done in the commercial capital of the planet
    3. Selfish motivation - life is short. i would like to see the end of this struggle as soon as i can. personally, cannot be a mute spectator esp. when i see someone else fighting for MY cause and I being fortunate to lend a helping hand
    4. Altruistic motivation - gives some meaning to life whether we get anything done or not at the end of the day. if successful, would have the satisfaction of being part of the solution - the intangible benefits of that feeling is unexplainable.

    Wish us luck and my best to everyone in all their endeavors.


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  • Dhundhun
    07-21 09:44 PM
    I'm confused!
    I am July 2nd filer from last year. I did receive a FP notice in Oct 2007 but couldn't go for it. I sent a letter asking for another date but TSC..So go figure!...

    Is e-filing costly? - NO
    Does paper based filing not trigger FP? - NO
    Is it slower? - NO

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  • GC08
    09-12 07:13 PM
    Isn't that they have completed input and receipt issuance for cases received by certain date (late Aug.?) according to their update? How come so many July filers still have not received receipts? Weird!


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  • kdprasad
    08-13 07:48 PM
    The checks were submitted by my attorney and I am sure they might have cashed but I can not say for sure.

    BG I got receipt numbers but the checks are not cashed yet.

    PD - Jan 2006
    I-140 - Nov 2006

    485 Filed - July 2nd 11:30a.m
    Receipt Notice -- August 10th (Received on 13th, But checks not cashed yet :)

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  • fightnow
    07-06 07:52 PM
    I mentioned to the police that most participants are from China and India. This is true. Both are the main victims of backlog and what so ever.


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  • espoir
    07-11 12:43 PM
    yes lets put the burning act aside. Also it should be clear in the rallies that it is LEGAL immigration that we are talking. I still see some comments on the news stories. "All Illegals should be sent away"
    My point is that any time we talk about immigration, common people think illegal as thats the only side they are exposed to.

    Nah, we have better things to do than burn something.
    Also, we don't want to add to the already hot weather in California and to global warming at large. We need cool ideas not hot headed remarks. :)

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  • Naveen
    05-04 07:21 PM
    Guys -- A Person who files for I-140/I-485 under EB1/2/3 is considered an EB Based Principal Beneficiary. All his/her dependents are termed derivative beneficiaries...meaning they eligible for lawful permanent residence under the same employment-based preference category as the principal beneficiary. The derivatives will have all the attributes of Principal and hence counted against EB quota.

    To oversimplify -- All the benefits of the Principal is passed on to the dependents. Principal is EB2 and so the child even though he is 6 months old is also eligible for EB2. hence the term Principal beneficiary and Derivative beneficiary.


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  • rathole
    11-19 10:33 AM

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  • r_mistry
    02-05 05:00 PM

    I landed in July 06 in Toronto. Received my PR cards etc and then moved back to US and since then have not visited Canada.

    Does anybody know how long one can stay out of Canada after landing? I heard some where its 2 years and some say its 3 years from the date you land.

    Can somebody please clairfy that? or have any official ruling on that?



    Filed I-485/EAD/AP - July 24th, 2007 - NSC
    PD - Oct, 2005 - EB3 - ROW
    I-140 approved - Dec 2006
    EAD received - Oct, 07
    FP done
    AP - Wife's AP approved Jan 21st, 2008 - Self Pending
    LUDS on I-140/I-485 in November and Early December (These LUDS are in addition to LUDS on I-485 when FP was done)


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  • Sachin_Stock
    09-24 05:43 PM
    Atleast we agree on one point that the law is absurd.

    Nope. Vast majority including EB-2s do not disagree with porting, even though they might not be very vocal about it.

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  • Hello_Hello
    02-09 09:39 PM
    Banned from visiting USA ??? So what ??? If you get time to visit India go to Gujarat and see the development in last 10 years also if possible compare it with Amethi & Raibarrelly the constituency of present Queen & prince & their'll get your answers.Really? Narendra Modi is great? And thats why he has been banned from visiting USA...WOW

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  • vij
    06-15 11:28 AM
    Receipts only recieved by lawyer? Will benefeciary get any updates?
    I have the same question. who gets the receipts? - only lawyer or both lawyer and benefeciary or both lawyer and employer

    05-02 12:38 PM
    I am not sure about that. Most of the EB3 guys have advance degrees (including me) but not necessarily with US degrees.

    I would not agree that most folks in EB3 have advanced degrees. Most do not. They have lot of experience though

    believe would think that people with advanced degrees would have applied in EB2...but there are cases where people have had to apply in EB3 category even with an advanced degree

    I disagree with this too. Here are a few examples
    1) A couple of years ago, when there was no retrogression, most folks did not want to take a chance and thought EB3 was a safer bet
    2) Many Advanced Degree holders from US Univs joined a firm and their GC was applied immediately. But since they did not have enough work ex, they applied in EB3
    3) Lots of scrupulous employers heard about retrogression and were actually very happy. They purposely filed even highly qualified folks as EB3 so that their abuse can be prolonged
    4) Incompetent lawyers who felt they would not be able to prove the necessity of EB2
    5) Sheer ignorance on the part of the beneficiary

    06-15 09:06 AM
    My lawyer sent the applications on June 1st and we have the receipts already. They cashed the checks by June 6th.



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