Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Is Sarah Palin Newsweek cover

  • anilsal
    10-16 06:17 PM
    320k make majority sitting and hatching.
    800k will make majority jumping and fighting.
    what is real number again??

    I am sure you have not updated your profile. Ha Ha!!!

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  • NEWSWEEK Magazine Sarah

  • Ann Ruben
    05-28 01:40 PM
    1. An F2B petition can be converted and you will retain the original priority date as long as you do not marry before your father is granted citizenship.

    2. You can and probably should pursue both family based and employment based permanent resident status simultaneously.

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  • what Sarah Palin#39;s Newsweek

  • vin13
    01-30 10:35 AM
    There is not anything like withdrawing AC 21. It was to show that you worked in a different company with similar job description.

    The question is, did you send a letter to say you are changing jobs using AC 21?

    If you did not send the letter, then you really do not need to do anything. Just join your original sponsor. If there is an RFE, you can always prove that you worked in a similar job category.

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  • It#39;s like Newsweek putting

  • raysaikat
    12-05 06:02 PM
    Hi Everybody,

    I am an Indian and I have been living in USA for more than one year.Right now I am on F2 visa(dependent of F1 visa holder). Recently I got my I-20 and Now I will have to get F1 visa in order to register for classes. I don't have enough time to get my status changed from USA.Please can somebody tell me what will be the procedure of getting visa from Mexico or Canada? And how long this procedure takes ?

    Please somebody guide me ...I am really in hurry..

    It will be very risky and very likely your visa will be denied (and you will not be able to reenter US), especially because it is the first visa and not an extension. F-1 applicant's must overcome presupposition of immigration intent, especially the first time. In your case (applying from Canada/mexico; spouse already in US), you will have a hard time to convince the IO that you do not intend to immigrate to US.

    Note that H1-B does not have that problem: it is a dual intent visa.

    I do have a friend who successfully got his F-1 extended from London. But he was a late stage Ph.D. student from a very well known school, fully funded by assistantship, working on a very hot topic and single.


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  • Saint Sarah Palin cover by

  • siva143viji
    03-24 10:10 PM
    hi guys i need some help i send all my paper works lost friday. Is it true tht if tht paper work reaches them before 1st april they wont consider it. Do i have to send all the information again then. Please let me know it will be of great help

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  • Alabaman
    07-20 02:22 PM
    That would be a very good one... it would pass out the message.


    sarah palin newsweek magazine cover. of Palin#39;s Newsweek issue.
  • of Palin#39;s Newsweek issue.

  • pointlesswait
    01-06 10:23 AM
    just ask your attorney ..if its possible to move from EB to FB category.. you should get ur answer..
    better to go get a paid consultaion with murthy..or someone else..

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  • “Palin on Newsweek cover.”

  • sury
    05-23 01:06 PM
    I was little worried about filing AC21 when I am just 4 months away from GC. Filing AC21 with my current situation would not bother my GC then I am very much happy to switch over...Thanks everyone.


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  • Snubbed: Sarah Palin Left Off

  • needhelp!
    09-07 12:29 PM
    OK, I give up. the embed doesn't seem to be working.
    Here are the you tube links:

    hair It#39;s like Newsweek putting sarah palin newsweek magazine cover. sarahpalin-newsweek.jpg
  • sarahpalin-newsweek.jpg

  • LondonTown
    05-21 01:04 PM
    Hello All,

    My first I-140 (EB3) got denied and is pending in appeals office for more than 1-1/2 years. Since 140 was denied my 485 was also denied.

    Later we filed new labor (in 2009) and 140 (EB-2) and got approval after 8 months.

    My questions are:

    1. Can I file 'motion to reopen' for 485s based on new 140 approval and use the previous priority date (which is 2004)?

    2. If not, can I file motion to reopen 485 based on old 140 (which is pending in appeals office) and later if they are open, can we link these 485s with new 140?

    Please advise.


    sarah palin newsweek magazine cover. Sarah Palin on the cover
  • Sarah Palin on the cover

  • permfiling
    09-28 04:34 PM
    Myself and my wife walked into the ASC today. The officer in the front mentioned "are you coming in early" we said yes and then he said u need to fill out the forms etc so we got it done today. I persume since the finger prints are scanned and notified to USCIS so I don't have to send to the service center

    I am not sure whether a way to prepone it. You can try going for FP. They did not say anything about the future date.

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  • stories of Sarah Palin#39;s

  • wandmaker
    10-08 03:20 AM

    I had applied for my H1 extension in June 2008 and waited for some time and then upgraded it to premium processing in July. I did not get any result on my H1 extension but in the meantime my GC was approved in August. My question is will i be able to get my H1 processing fee back, at least the premium processing fee. I heard if your H1 processing doesn't get any result in certain time you will be entitled to get your money back.

    Thanks in advance

    If you have not received any RFE or NOID or DENIAL or APPROVAL with in 15 calendar day of your PP upgrade then you are entitled to receive the PP fee by USCIS policy. One catch though, not sure whether it will be applicable if your GC was approved with in 15 calendar days of PP upgrade - just throwing one exception. You will never know what is in fine printing :)


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  • Sarah Palin, Miss Wasilla,

  • purgan
    04-27 08:22 AM
    i don't think disability is a bar especially if you're an employee and contributing since 98. Of course, there are some health related bars, but many of those relate to communicable dieases etc. The USCIS has publications on the medically-related bars, you should check on the USCIS website for more information (search for a form I-693)

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  • Palin, the Newsweek cover

  • snathan
    04-08 08:41 AM
    I am a resident working on H1b. Got married and wife joined me in July 2010.

    1. First question in the ITIN form w-7 is: Reason you are submitting Form W-7. (there are couple of options)

    Is the option in my case: "Spouse of U.S. citizen/resident alien"? (and it asks for the resident's i.e. my name and SSN.)

    What are the other options

    2. Item 6d. "Identification documents submitted" ?
    Options are for passport, Divers License, USCIS documentation.

    My wife has all the three. Her H4 visa is stamped and valid. What all should I submit?

    Notorized copy of the passport which shows the valid visa...



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  • Palin is trying to expand her

  • starscream
    05-27 12:46 PM
    From what I read in the article they are talking about chaging 'the place of incorporation' from Bermuda to Ireland to avoid paying higher taxes through the proposed tax legislation ...dosent't talk about relocating all operations to Ireland

    Accenture is one of the big US consulting companies. They are moving to Ireland , as Mr President is trying to making Tax laws to stop outsourcing.

    Looks like IBM would be the next to follow.

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  • 2011 newsweek magazine covers

  • yabadaba
    04-22 01:17 PM
    It means you are on your way to Greenland very soon!
    Good luck
    no it doesnt....check on ..there are so many people getting consecutive luds...but then they dont get approvals. in the end it means that its a new lud. someone accessed your case and the lud was either because some accessed it or it was a system generated lud.

    i hope that eb2-june03-dude gets his green soon...but the lud doesnt mean anything


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  • jonty_11
    06-18 04:07 PM
    consult attorney for this..I think you do need all the forms for both u and ur wife...dont take this as legal advise please

    If you are filing yourself..then look at home page for details on how to file w/o attorney.

    girlfriend Palin, the Newsweek cover sarah palin newsweek magazine cover. I won#39;t buy Newsweek anymre.
  • I won#39;t buy Newsweek anymre.

  • aguada
    11-09 11:40 AM
    My case: Perm Approved, I140 approved last year, long wait for I485. I have (had) 3 years extension till 2013

    My company's lawyer was supposed to revoke H1 of say (name changed) Venkatesh Natarajan and they by mistake revoked mine because of similarity of name(Vedant Narayanan). This happened in July and got approved in August (see below for details). The day my company got to know a wrong employee's H1 was revoked they filed for reinstatement.

    Here are the chronological events

    Date on which my H1 revocation notice was sent to USCIS: 7/28/2010

    Date on which USCIS agreed to revoke my H1: USCIS says they got our letter of revocation on 8/15/2010, but their letter was dated 9/27/2010

    Date when my employer was informed by lawyer's office about revocation: 10/24/2010

    Date when my company filed for reinstatement of my H1, with pre-paid FedEx packet for USCIS to use with a reply: 10/25/2010. The USCIS has not responded to this letter.

    Currently the action being taken is that they are in a process to file a new H1B as a backup, if USCIS doesn't reply to the letter or if they say that revocation process can't be undone.

    I read about this nunc-pro-tunc provision. Do you think my new premium H1B should be filed with the nunc-pro-tunc provision? So that my new H1 is backdated from the day it was revoked.

    MurthyDotCom : Nunc Pro Tunc H1B and H-4 Cases Approved (
    MurthyDotCom : Murthy Success Story - Previously Denied H-4 Nunc Pro Tunc & I-485 Approved (
    MurthyDotCom : Eligibility under Sections 245(i) & 245(k) for AOS (

    Section 245(k)

    Section 245(k) enables a person who is adjusting status in an employment-based category (whether on the basis of a labor certification or in one of the special Green Card categories that does not require a labor certification or job offer) to adjust, even if s/he has been out of status or worked without authorization for less than 180 days. This provision does not require an immigrant petition or labor certification to have been filed on or before any particular date and there is also no penalty fee involved.

    Will this 180 days 245(k) clause help me in anyway?

    How should we tackle this situation. Is there any other options that we can try, any phone number we can call? Any way we can ask USCIS to undo the revocation? Any suggestions/pointers appreciated.


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  • RadioactveChimp
    05-02 09:26 PM
    nice! actually that's pretty creative!

    04-28 01:26 PM
    On the lighter side,

    "Superman renounces his U.S. citizenship

    I thought he died because Bush wouldn't authorize embryonic stem cell research. Anyway he is an intergalactic illegal immigrant from Krypton.

    08-26 10:36 PM
    My limited understanding about the GC process is that from the day I-485 is filed, a person may change his/her job only after 180 days or more, and of course by filing AC 21.
    Also, in case the I-485 does not get approved within the 180 days after filing, then how can a person change a job without having an EAD.
    A person can EAD only once I-485 is approved? Is that correct.

    Please throw some light on the above points. Thanks in advance.



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