Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Princess+diana+crash+body

  • lj_rr
    08-15 11:28 PM
    Help, No response....Bump?

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  • quot;princess dianna#39;s car

  • cool_desi_gc
    01-03 09:26 AM
    Labor substitution is not an option anymore. I have PD Dec 2002 EB3 India working on EAD.
    I am trying to pursue EB3 to EB2 porting. Risky but possible technically.

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  • jliechty
    January 2nd, 2004, 09:49 PM
    imagine, if MF digital backs were say, $6999, how many would sell???

    bloody thousands....

    seems stupid to me to make them so expensive
    Right now, they can't make them cheaper. Michael Reichmann (sp?) of the Luminous Landscape speculated that Leaf probably makes a dozen or so of their new Valeo 22 MF backs each month, compared to how many hundreds of thousands of dRebels Canon makes? IIRC, he estimated that the sensor alone (without any support electronics or other hardware) might cost $5000 per unit to make.

    Don't be mistaken, I'd love to be able to afford one of those, too, but it will be quite a while before the prices come down significantly (and I doubt they'll ever get quite that low).

    October visa bulletin [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : October visa bulletin

    2011 quot;princess dianna#39;s car princess diana crash injuries. scene of Princess Diana#39;s
  • scene of Princess Diana#39;s

  • jjlittlegiant
    01-03 10:17 AM
    Hi people, I am currently applying change of status from H1 to F1. Since my PERM got audit, and my h1 visa is going to expire in the end of January 2009, I need to change my status to F1 student visa in order to stay in the U.S legally. Now, I am trying to fill out the form I-539 by myself, and I got confused on:
    part 4. additional information on 3g:"Have you, or any other person included in this application, been employed in the U.S. since last admitted or granted an extension or change of status?"
    I don't know should I put "YES" or "NO", I have never done "i-539 for change of status" on my first F1/OPT to H1 visa....but I actually worked in the U.S...
    Can anyone help me to answer that? thanks a lot!!!


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  • ravi.shah
    10-06 03:58 PM
    USCIS is increasing fees of various applications from 23, November 10

    USCIS - Fact Sheet: After Public Comment, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Announces Final Rule Adjusting Fees for Immigration Benefits ( D&vgnextchannel=68439c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD)

    Thanks for the link Raghu...

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  • good idea
    11-11 03:25 PM
    Can someone please share their views?


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  • eilsoe
    10-07 10:39 AM
    Notice the change in the eyes... :)

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  • 2010 princess diana crash site

  • SunnySide
    04-03 04:22 PM
    Recently my I-140 petition for EB2 was denied on educational grounds . The employer opened an MTR/appeal.

    Is it possible to re-file the I-140 petition in EB3 using the same labor certification, while the first I-140 is pending appeal at AAO.


    princess diana crash injuries. Princess+diana+accident+
  • Princess+diana+accident+

  • TomPlate
    03-20 05:26 PM
    This company is a good company for GC. But you need to pay the full expense, because the rule changed recently. And they understand us very well, more employee oriented company.

    Do not talk about CSC. Even though CSC is a big company, no body knows about the company. In consulting the giants are,

    Accenture and so forth.

    CSC revenue wise bigger, but name wise not bigger company.

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  • iheartindia79
    10-23 02:21 PM
    I got a LUD on AP too, no change in the status though.


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  • Diana#39;s bodyguard was the only

  • rolrblade
    02-21 08:52 AM
    You could try to reopen the case with Supporting evidence of ill health and age. This is a long shot, but a good attroney should be able to pose a compelling argument. Also, try to get an infopass appointment and talk to someone about your options.

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  • tabletpc
    11-27 09:44 AM
    Guys i have few questions and would really apprecite if you could help me the best of your knowledge.

    1. I saw my 3 years extension of h1b has been approved. I am now thinking of going for stamping. Earlier i had been to canada for stamping as at that time getting appointment at indian consualte was difficult. How soon can i get at chennai consualte?? I heard for NRI's they give diferent priority it true..???
    Whats the website to schedule the appointment at indian consulate..???Is it dizyy to get stamping in chenna..???I have a US MS degree in CS.

    2. My online status says H1B is approved and aproval notice sent. I shoudl also get an new I94 right..???there were few conserns for my attorney when we filed want to make sure everything is proper before i start thinking of next step..(stamping and all).

    I would really apprecite if you get share your views on my concern.

    Thanks ina dvance...


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  • mjdup
    10-16 05:08 AM
    I was in a similar situation as you and had to use this firm. H1B filing experience was fine but the entire GC process and filing was not a good experience at all. There were days I had to call the paralegal and teach him the new immigration laws and that's never a good sign ! Because of their mistake I was stuck in Eb3 rather being in Eb2. May be they will deal differently with your case but have a chat with them and your company managers before you agree to use them. I m with another company and another attorney firm and they are awesome !

    Anyway, pm me if you need more info. Good luck,

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  • STAmisha
    06-25 09:08 AM
    any body has similar experience?


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  • jack123
    12-09 06:02 PM
    I am on H1B visa. My visa expires in April 2010. I was arrested in New York for a misdemeanor charge which was subsequently dismissed by the court. There was no guilty plea etc so under immigration law too I DO NOT have a conviction. I have all the final court docs. I am travelling to India to renew my H1B visa. I have a few questions -

    (i) Is there a possibility that I am selected for 221 g screening? How long does the 221 g screen take?

    (ii) Since I have a valid visa am I allowed to enter the US while they are completing the process? I have left the country before and entered on my current visa. I was sent for additional screening at the airport but had no issues since I have all the court documents.

    Any insights would be appreciated

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  • So, why did Diana die?

  • yabadaba
    10-26 09:51 AM
    She could join from the day when the papers for transfer was mailed, this is as per AC21 law. She does not need to wait to receive the receipt from USCIS.

    yea its not a premium processing case. we r just trying to play it safe by waiting for the receipt. the new employer is not giving her grief or anything about joining quickly. the paralegal said that they are experiencing delays at uscis. i guess this whole bi-specialization thing is gona end up being another orginizational fiasco.


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  • TomPlate
    07-10 09:21 AM
    Big thanks to the entire group. We should not be happy unless we get our goals done.

    1. They should take the applications for July 2007.
    2. They should make PD July 2007 for the coming VB atleast. Because it was current in July 2007.
    3. They should increase the VISA numbers so that the back log is no more.
    4. They should not seperate husband and wife because of this idiotic immigration system. One having a green card and other partner not able to be with them. Because we INDIAN strongly believe in marriage and not like AMERICAN marrying more than 1 wife or husband.

    LOU DOBBS down down and 10 wife CNN down down.

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  • simbasimba
    01-09 02:10 AM
    Thank you, another question in relation to eb2 progressive experience. Can vacation days be counted or included in the 5 years of experience? Or does it have to be a total of 5 years of work days, and, vacation excluded? Many thanks

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  • vishwak
    10-14 10:37 AM
    Please ask your Husband to change company and apply for GC process immediately.

    He can't get extension on your' attorney IMM

    01-30 12:42 AM
    I have a green card and I'm thinking about living 50/50 in US and my home country Slovakia.

    I've had GC for about 6 years and been living quite a travelling life spending more time outside US then in. Its also about 50/50 with trips always around 10mo in or out.My continuous residency is broken.

    Do you think that if i live 50/50 in and out for five years they will give me citizenship with such history?

    Got GC after Mom.

    Thank you very much for effort. It will help a lot in deciding where my life will go from here.

    If you spend more than 180 days a year in the U.S (total of 2.5 years in the 5 years preceding to the application) and show ties to the U.S (a house, tax returns, family etc). If so, it should not be a problem. The U.S ties come into picture only when you are out of the U.S for a extended period of time (like in your current case). Good luck.

    06-27 07:40 PM
    is it possible to apply in Delhi even if u r from Mumbai... Has any1 done tht before?
    You can easily go to any consulate in India without any problems. but for reassurance you can email and ask the Delhi consulate with details.



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