Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Munna Bhai
    04-06 06:28 PM
    NolaIndian, Good work, thank you for your efforts on this.

    Nor. Cal. members there is an event during August '08, lets start training early, I am excited about this. Sign me up.

    Great work and great initiative. Let's support this efforts. All the best.

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  • snathan
    03-27 11:47 AM
    With this attitude and arrogance, I rarely think there would be motivation for anyone to do anything for IV.

    I started discussion by asking , how can IV convince me that my donation is going to help, I got shot down by ARROGANT ******** and got all reds as if I care. I was planning on a charity/donation drive of my own to get some money for IV.
    Know lot of consultants, who really dont know what to do with their miles with every one a executive airline status.
    Already have 10+ people pledging Poker tournament from my poker group with their miles for Airlines and hotels. We are talking of a Million AA miles.
    Indian restaurants(s) having a Immigration week where a dollar of each bill be given to IV.
    I was even thinking of standing at Indian stores in Dallas to ask people to consider for IV cause, as long as I believed and hence was asking.

    I was just getting started with so many ideas for my free time.

    Good luck in what ever you do guys. Note that GC is not everything and note that I am still on extended H1, family on H1 and EAD never helped me. so assumption that EAD helped my life is baseless. All these hypocrites are long gone from IV once they get GC. All we get is response that Mr X or Y , even after getting GC, is working fro cause. How can I believe.

    Any organization can be successful if there are questions answered and not shot down. Just working at DC doesnt make some one a strong contributor for IV.Work at grass root level is so imp. What I have noticed is any one who went to DC has become headstrong, egoist and arrogant as if they own IV.

    Please read my initial post before commenting. I always said, I am for IV cause. just convince me so that I can convince some one

    Gisa pita dialogue,...dont ask what IV has done,, ask yourself what you have done... COMMON

    Here it is, I can write in BOLD and RED

    Your argument doesn�t make sense at all. All are lame excuses at best. If you want to see what people are doing, you need to start work with people, see and believe. We cannot give you the notarized copy of certificate. You cannot sit on the fence and ask people to convince. As I said earlier no one is getting paid for what we are doing and no one is doing any favor for others either.

    Dont waste everyone's time with your useless arguments. If you really want to do something, start the campaign for whatever you believe and if its really worth people will follow you.

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  • pushpakatari
    07-23 02:56 PM

    My Husband and daughter appeared for the interview on Dec 6th 2006 but they were given 221(g) blue form and were asked to drop the papers in Hyderabad VFS office and it was clearly mentioned not to attend personally

    As per The 221(g) form , they dropped passports and my original I797,I129 and all supporting documents including my original H1 papers and marriage certificates on Feb 20th 2007 , After 4 months on July 3rd 2007 we got a mail from to appear for interview on any Monday before 9 am with Passports and all other supporting documents but we have already dropped all the documents including passports in Hyderabad VFS drop box and it have been couriered to Chennai US Consulate through them.

    I mailed to US consulate to suggest whether they can appear for the interview only with this mail printout but I haven’t got any reply and also my husband talked to customer representative they said he can come with the mail print out as they already dropped their passports . My husband and daughter reappeared for the to US Consulate Yesterday July 23rd 2007.The security people didn’t allow him inside since they don’t have their passports my husband showed his Identification card and printout of the mail from and they allowed my husband but not my daughter as she doesn’t have the mail or identification card. She is 4 yrs old and we already dropped her date of certificate and passports in drop box along with my Husband papers.

    Finally after a long conversation they were sent inside accompanied by an Indian officer. But when he explained his case to the Indian officers they said that they were not aware of the mail from and finally he was sent to interview and US consulate officer said that his case is still under process and they were sent back again

    They have dropped the passports and all supporting documents on Feb 20th 2007 and now its been more than 5 months but still they say that the case is still under process. Can any one please let me know why he was sent the below mail from to attend for interview when the case is still in process. How long still would it take for this Administrative process and when can i expect a reply from consulate.

    Along with the passports they have also dropped the few original documents of my I-797, I-129 ,LCA , our marriage certificate and my daughters date of birth certificate. Please let us know whether if there is any chance to verify that passprot and my original documents have been misplaced by US consulate

    Please find their case Batch id
    Case Batch id :- 339-461-3 STATUS

    Also please suggest if there are any alternatives.


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  • venkygct
    06-11 09:38 AM
    e-filed (NSC) on 04/19 and received the notice on 04/23. No update after that.

    Called the customer care today. The representative opened a SR as I haven't received biometric appointment notice. Not sure how that's going to help as many folks have got their EAD without fingerprinting.

    EAD expires on 92nd day. So keeping the fingers crossed :(


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  • bmoni
    05-16 04:36 PM
    I just called everyone. Keep calling guys ..don't give up ...don't care how you sound ..just do it.

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  • ashkam
    07-24 12:59 PM
    My wife is on H4 visa with a valid I-94 (till Feb 2009) but her status will be on H1 from Oct 1st, 2007. Do we need to go for stamping before she starts working. Also who applies for SSN - Her employer and do we need to file ourselves. The employer kept the original H1. Do we need the original to apply for SSN? How soon can we apply for SSN?

    Thanks in advance.

    You dont need to stamp your passport before you start working. Stamp is only needed to get into the US.

    I think you have to go yourself and apply for SSN unless employer tells you otherwise. That's what my wife did. There are SSN offices everywhere. You can apply right away. Make sure you apply ASAP because unless you get your SSN, you cannot be paid and it takes a few days to get it. You need original documents. More information here (


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  • shantak
    06-29 08:06 AM
    Here is what my attorney has sent regarding the AILA release, i dont know whether to believe him or other attorneys, i think i have no choice but to go with what my attorney says.He has been really good in these kinds ofnotices for the past 3 plus years, hope he is correct even with this.

    1)There is no way that USCIS would get away with shutting down filing of EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3 Adjustment filings without a massive class action lawsuit against the agency;
    2)The power to determine the availability or non-availability of permanent residence visa numbers rests solely with the Department of State. USCIS rejected the �Other Worker� Adjustments based upon a notice from the Department of State that there were no longer any visa numbers for the category. I recently attended our annual AILA immigration conference and there were members in attendance who had interviewed the Department of State official who sets the priority dates. The understanding was unequivocal that the Department of State office felt the numbers would remain available throughout July, and perhaps, as late as September;
    3)At this time, there are 40,000 immigrant visa numbers available for the rest of the fiscal year. This means that in order for the Department of State to issue any kind of notice to USCIS, 40,000 permanent residence petitions would have to be APPROVED prior to the end of July. I am highlighting the word approved, because I need for all of my clients to understand that between June and July, there will a lot more than 40,000 Adjustments filed. However, what determines an immigrant visa number usage is the approval of a permanent residence.

    Now let�s go back to simple math: there are 140,000 immigrant visas available per fiscal year. 40,000 visa numbers are available at this time. The fiscal year runs from October 1st through September 30th. That means that in the first 9 months of the fiscal year, the Department of State and USCIS have managed to approve 100,000, which turns out to be 11,111 petitions per month. There is no possible way that USCIS and the Department of State are going to approve almost 4 times the number of permanent residencies in the month of July. The agencies do not have the time, nor do they have the manpower to approve 40,000 petitions within the next 30 days or so. That is the very reason why the Department of State official solely responsible for the priority dates felt pretty good about the availability of visa numbers throughout the month of July when he spoke to my colleagues from AILA.

    To be honest with all of you, I was really disappointed in the message from AILA. In the rush to �inform,� they forgot to pause, analyze and really discuss the true possibility that USCIS would be directed by the Department of State to halt receipt of Adjustment of Status petitions. I want my clients to know this: at this point, I am not worried that the visa numbers will not be available throughout July. If I were worried, I would let you know. My responsibility is to guide you through this process and if there is any genuine worry on my part, I will let you know IMMEDIATELY.

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  • gckp
    05-05 10:21 AM
    Atlanta simply stop working on Audit cases for last 3-4 months.

    I think there are more people affected by this than 50 people mentioned in this thread. My recommendations are.

    1) Need to gather additional people got affected by this
    2) Most of the people already contribute to IV but if we need additional funds to drive this lobbying, need to find out and start collecting additional funds
    3) Need advise from IV moderators/seniors about the next step regarding lobbying or contacting the local law makers or collecting additional funds for organized lobbying.

    Other information we need to find out is does any people got LCA approved after the audit? If yes, how much time it has taken after the audit?


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  • buddyinsd
    08-04 01:20 PM
    ...majority of approvals are from Feb06/jan06. It looks like uscis is again following LIFO not FIFO

    Feb 06 and still waiting...So I doubt what u r saying is true (however I wish its true and I get it sooner)

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  • smisachu
    08-03 10:01 AM
    Thanks a bunch...

    Congrads. What was your notice date. My case is similar to yours. Dec 2005 PD with Sep 4th notice date. Hope my case is in the same pile as yours :)


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  • nyte_crawler
    09-25 09:37 AM
    Just out of curiousity what skills do you have ? and I believed Life is full of shortcuts :)

    There is no point in educating a mass of angry, frustrated EB3-I folks.

    By preference (a LEGAL statute), EB1>EB2>EB3

    For spillover (a LEGAL statute), EB1>EB2>EB3

    EB1-I get their GCs in about a year.
    EB2-I get their GCs in about 6 years.
    EB3-I get their GCs in about 8 years.

    SO WHAT IS THE BLOODY PROBLEM??? Wait your turn patiently like everyone else, or upgrade your skills and education to apply for EB2 jobs. Stop bitchin' and moanin' and trying to find shortcuts in life. There are none.

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  • jasmin45
    07-12 07:22 PM
    URGENT ACTION ITEM : We need stories from people who suffered damages due to the July Visa bulletin fiasco. This request is coming straight from the office of Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren. Please respond - ESPECIALLY if you live in San Jose, CA (Congresswomans' district).

    DO SEND YOUR STORIES ASAP to facilitate Hon. Rep who stood with us during this difficult time.:)


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  • Caliber
    02-01 07:35 PM
    you seem to be correct ....

    i just looked at the amendments in detail and this provision was in SA 180.
    I am a bit unsure though of what happened to SA 180. Did it get amended by some other amendment. It does not appear to have been tabled. I apologize to everyone but I had stated right in the beginning that I may be totally wrong.

    Sec..1601..Elimination of existing backlogs.

    Sec..1602..Country limits.

    Sec..1603..Allocation of immigrant visas.

    Sec..1604..Relief for children and widows.

    Sec..1605..Amending the affidavit of support requirements.

    Sec..1606..Discretionary authority.

    Sec..1607..Family unity.

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  • vsc
    08-03 04:43 PM
    I got the "card production ordered" email today which probably means that the gc application has been approved.

    Here's the info for immigration voice team/users' tracking approvals

    my PD is nov 2005.
    Receipt date: 7/31/2007
    center: nebraska

    I got married last year and the lawyers were about to file the follow-to-join application for my wife in the next couple of days. But my application seems to have got approved first. Has anyone been in this situation before?



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  • arnet
    05-15 12:50 PM
    Please check with your immigration attroney as they know it better but here are few things i heard:


    after 6 mths of I-485 filing, shifting jobs would be easy with EAD. costly because of yearly renewal but worth based on your situation. i prefer renewing this EAD+AP, even in H1 so that you can shift jobs when you got the oppurtunity because EAD takes 3-4 mths approval time and you can travel using AP like H1 when you dont have H1 stamping. Even if you have H1stamping but if you use EAD/AP while entering US then you are no longer in H1 unless you go out and come back with H1.

    Cons: Fees is increased by 60-80% this yr for EAD+AP, so costly. Also if for any reason anyone's I-485 is denied then the period he/she used EAD will be out-of-status so applying I-485 again wont be easy with "out-of-status" but still possible, check with your attroney.

    Note: But couple of my friends changed jobs using EAD+AP and got GC without any issue. so it depends case to case and your application and how USCIS process it.


    no need to renew EAD+AP but i feel it is always better to have both H1 & EAD/AP unless you want to save money. H1 gives oppurtunityto reapply I-485 even if denied. I think Job shifting is possible with H1 transfer, but check with attroney. Also you need to do H1 renewal and to travel abroad you need H1 stamping while entering US again.

    hope this gives an idea.

    Which is better-

    A. Working and traveling on h1b (stamping at the consulate needed every year)


    B. Working on EAD and traveling on AP (EAD and AP to be renewed every year)

    Any insights would be graetly appreciated.

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  • pappu
    12-18 09:46 AM
    Today's count: 7,606 members.
    No contributions at all by members in the last 4 days.


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  • furiouspride
    01-10 04:51 PM
    This would be a great benefit to all the applicants who have worked their asses off to get a Masters or Doctoral degree in the US and have been waiting in line forever now.

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  • sanju_dba
    07-13 05:01 PM
    EB3 ROW is at Jun 2004. If there is to be any chance of spillover from EB3 ROW, EB3 ROW would be close to current, at least much farther than 2004.
    What a blindfold on me!

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  • saro28
    04-01 09:30 PM
    I received my passport exactly in 16 days. I sent $70, they sent only 36 page passport instead of 50. I am going to email for $10 refund!

    08-14 04:30 PM
    Has anybody been able to find TSC Expedite FAX NUMBER for EAD applications.

    GO IV GO.

    check you PM regarding some other matter.

    09-01 12:18 PM
    Congrats to all those who have received their approvals. Do you get a "Card Production Ordered" email or "Welcome" email or both?

    My attorney got an e-mail, i haven't gotten an e-mail yet. But i checked my online case status, which says card production ordered, should have card in 30 days time. My atty said that they are having some trouble right now with card production, so maybe that is why it says 30 days instead of 10 business days as it did in the past.



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