Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • kshitijnt
    06-03 07:31 PM
    Thank you for the immediate response.

    I did under the old structure and need to pay renewal fees everytime.

    How long did it take for the document to reach you after approval?


    3-4 days. These days they are fast on approvals. Best thing is to apply AP within 120 days range and apply EAD when 100 days away from expiry. Atleast you will get 2 years EAD and dont need to pay again.

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  • seahawks
    09-22 03:28 PM

    I have changed my employer A last year and received new I-797. However, my employer A did not applied for my wife's extension in 2006.

    Now i have changed my employer to B, one week before Employer B has applied for my I-129 and my wife's I-539 extension, which is in pending state now.

    My I-94 has been already extended to Sept-2009 with employer A. However my wife's I-94 is going to expire on Oct 5 2007.

    She is still in status

    Que. My wife has to travel to India on 1st Oct 2007 (before her I-94 expiry date). Can she travel to India as her I-539 (extension to I-94) is in pending state.

    I am not sure what you mean. She cannot come back in until she has a visa stamped with her new extension. Remembering being in the country and not being out of status is based of your I-94 date, going out is not a problem but you need a current visa stamped for anyone to come back. They won't let you board the plane back to US if her visa stamped in the passport expired Oct 5th.

    Appreciate your replies. Thanks so much.


    Again, I am not a lawyer, so please consult with one!

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  • hibworker
    01-26 01:41 PM
    I am in H1b and my wife is a F1 student. Both of us are chinese.

    My company will apply the Green Card for me this year. As I know, my wife can be dependent on my application.

    My wife always go back to china every summary or winter vocation. She need to re-apply her F1 visa every year as a student from china.

    My concern stems from my wife's F1 status. We are wondering whether the immigrant petition will conflict with her F1's non-immigrant intention (unlike H1B which is accepted as a transient from non-immigrant to immigrant).

    Will this conflict have a huge affection on her F1 visa application in china?

    As a dependent your wife will have to join your petition at I485 stage - at that point she will not be able to get F1 as she would have shown immigrant intent.

    Prior to that, it will depend on how visa officer treats your pending GC app in relation to her F1. I have applied for I-485 but my wife hasn't and she recently got her F1 stamped in New Delhi without any issues.

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  • yawl
    06-15 04:06 PM
    CIR will be back soon, lots of works to do:

    Reid, McConnell Statement On Immigration Bill

    Thursday, June 14, 2007

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made the following statement today:

    “We met this evening with several of the Senators involved in the immigration bill negotiations. Based on that discussion, the immigration bill will return to the Senate floor after completion of the energy bill.”


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  • joydiptac
    04-05 01:43 AM
    Know your rights. Don't get scared unnecessarily. You should seek legal advice if you are threatened in any way. If you have not done anything illegal yourself don't be afraid.

    Here are some facts which every H1b should be aware of.
    Got Pay Stubs? Transferring H1B without Pay Stubs | B'Khush ( .

    : J

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  • harrisonaquino
    04-27 10:30 PM
    Hi guys!
    Probably this question has been answered somewhere else, but I just could it find it...
    Basically, I need to know if it's required to actually send 3 years taxes or w/ Ws would be enough as initial evidence. The i-134 DO NOT ask for taxes, but for bank letters, employment letters and I think that for W2's.

    Any past experiences would be much appreciated!




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  • tkumar03
    07-01 04:12 PM

    I got my GC approved for me and son (I485 application) in Nov 2007. I got my gc, whereas for my son who is 7 year old though he got I485 approved yet he did not get his GC. They mentioned they might need his finger print and so far no response from them. This is despite several follow up with them.

    Last year 7 months he was not in US and now can he go to India and he will be there rest of this year.

    Will it affect his GC and when will he get his GC?

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  • Patrick Lee
    July 20th, 2004, 08:05 AM
    Nikon was most popular among the pros photographers during the 1970s and that finding has led me to choose it for my 35mm equipment.

    One of the major advantage is its system ability to use old lenses for its newer bodies. Moreover accessories for the camera bodies are easily available in the local photo retail outlets.

    The lesson learned from the D2h could have gone into the making of the D70 along side with their surprise attempt in the huge advertising spending (TV and other various media) in launching the product.

    Perhaps it could have been a shortsighted affair to aim the D2h only for the PJs. Nikon could have been holding the flag up when the camera could be in the hands of millions of advanced serious amateurs including the many part-time professional photographers world-wide. Not to say the huge market in China could have been overlooked by their thinking engineers!

    What about the millions of part-time and full time photographers doing weddings and other assignments who would wish that the D2h is an 8 MPs. where large enlargements are required.

    The D70 has brought many loyal consumers to stop discarding the old Nikon lenses. In fact their current aggressive marketing attitude has seemingly brought a smile back to many previous happy Nikon users.

    My next wish is for Nikon to design and produce another DSLR by carefully listening to users of their equipment. Not to say that just by assumming that all PJs only need is 4 MPs is wrong because that can be a decoy in their planning too. More to watch from the factory that was set up to produce the D70 in Thailand! I am sure Nikon will not disappoint DSLR users with many more surprises in the very future.

    A good micro/macro lense? [Archive] - Digital Photography News, Reviews & Forum

    View Full Version : A good micro/macro lense?


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  • ABHI1
    11-12 05:07 PM
    Hi ,

    My H1 expires next week and I am having my FP date 11/13.My company HR recommends that I don't need to go for the 8th year extension.They say that it is a kind of money and time waste to go for extensions.They say that it is good to work on EAD.But my question is what happens if there is a pro with I485?What do you guys recommend????
    Can you guys tell me the forms that have to be filled for H4 Extensions.I want to save the $$$that I have to pay for the attorney.


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  • gckidhamal
    02-28 06:59 PM
    Hi guys,

    My PD is current and my I-140 approved. I received below RFE on my pending I-485 related to my name listed differently on documents.

    RFE words are listed below.

    Submit documentary evidence to establish that Pravin Bhalla, Pravinkumar Bhalla and Praveenkumar Bhalla are the same person. The most persuasive evidence is photo identification in each name. If the last name is different due to marriage, submit the marriage certificate. Note: Affidavits will not be considered primary evidence.

    I don't have a lawyer for my I-485. Any help on how to answer this REF will be great help.

    Thank you in advance for your response.


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  • tabletpc
    03-30 11:21 AM
    I need to take an apppointment for myself and my wife in May. Unfortunatly few days back I found a mistake in my wife's password and it will take 21 days to get it corrected. I doubt if she can get the passport on time to schedule an appointment for May 2nd week. However I am sure to get wife's new passport by May 2nd week. So I was thinking of taking an appointment using her old PP number and editing the info later.

    Will I be able to edit the PP number later online...?? Or not. greatly apprecite if you could provide some info on this...

    Thanks in advance...

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  • BumbleBee
    03-30 03:28 AM
    sorry to hear about your job loss. AP are supposed to be used during emergencies and it seems you are only planning for a week visit, seems perfect for AP use.
    I have used AP many times, never had any problem, most recent visit being in Jan 2009.
    H1B is having lot of problems in getting stamped and at POE, but I haven't heard anything like that for AP travelers. Just remember that if I485 is denied for whatever reason, AP also gets invalidated(Meaning out-of-country AP holders won't be able to return!!!!).

    I would say go ahead travel on AP. How long can one put life on hold for GC. Its ridiculous.

    File AC21 at the soonest to avoid getting denial.

    Also check this thread for 'AOS pending and AP while out of country'. (


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  • samrat_bhargava_vihari
    06-19 09:06 AM
    How long is the AP valid? And does the clock start ticking from the date of AP application or from the date of AP approval?

    AP valid :1 year from the issuance.
    Not sure , we filed on June 1st I will let you know once I get AP.

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  • mannubhai
    05-19 11:14 PM
    I came to the USA on F-1 student visa which is expired on 2005. Currently I have H1B status (I-797 form) (and NOT a stamped visa) and I-94 attached to the I-797 form.

    My question is that. Can I visit Canada for less than 30 days and coming back without the need to get a visa (automatic visa re-validation) OR I have to get a visa?

    I am worried because I never have a stamped H1B visa on my passoprt. Only H1B status + I94 which are not attached to the passoprt?

    I need your help and how can I make sure as I do not want to lose my job.

    Thank you,

    I think you will need a Visa.
    I remember a bulletin from a few months back mentioning a rule where people going for first time H1 B stamping (from F1, H4) cannot get their H1 stamped in Mexico and the rule was soon to be followed in Canada as well. Please search the site for more information on this but i would advice going to home country.

    Other members - please let us know if you are better informed.


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  • waitin_toolong
    02-22 10:36 AM
    Not only Marriage. Even father, mother close relative has 3 year wait

    not true.

    And it is 3 years for spouses starts after 2 years of conditional residence

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  • kondur_007
    08-18 09:58 AM
    Here is my opinion:

    I understand that your wife has now two I 94s: One when she entered on H4 (we will call it OLD) and one when she returned from Mexico with F1 visa stamp (we will call it NEW). And both are attached to her passport.

    First of all, I dont think this is a major deal. You can do one of the two things:

    1. First option is to go to near by international airport and meet CBP officer. Explain him the situation (show him the copy of air ticket to mexico and appointment letter with the consulate); chances are, he will take care of the old I 94 (but make sure to keep a copy for yourself for future reference). And you can forget about the whole thing (just keep copies of old I 94, air ticket, appt letter for future reference if any question arises at any time).

    2. Second option is to nothing about this and just keep the old I94, a copy of it, copies of air ticket and appoinntment letter for your file and close the file until and unless you are asked about it. Chances are, they would have automatically changed the information in their system and you may never be asked about this old I 94. If they do, you can tell them the truth what happened. I dont think it is a major deal.

    I would personally go with option 1 if the nearby international airport is not too far.

    In either case, make sure of one thing: Whenever your wife leaves, she must surrender the new I 94 and not the old one. Best way is, take the old I 94 out of the passport so no confusion arises.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.


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  • The7zen
    11-11 11:22 AM
    It would be nice if we get Subscription expiration notification.

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  • sameer2730
    02-05 05:45 PM
    My parents are going back to India in April'10 just before completion of their 6 months. But they want to come back again after 3 weeks. They have got their visa for 1 year. So they can stay another 4 months on their 2nd trip from May'10 to Aug'10.

    Is it going to be a problem during their next visa stamping or immigration at airport as they will end up staying 10 months in US out of their 1 year approved visa ?

    Please advise.
    It can get difficult at the POE. My parents in laws returned in 4.5 months and got questioned a lot. They will not deport them but they could give them at 15 day I-94 in which case the trip will cost you/them a bomb.

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  • pappu
    07-30 11:23 AM
    July 29, 2010

    State Graduation Data | CompeteAmerica (

    Stop the Diploma Drain!
    America Can�t Afford to Lose Top Grads

    It is counterproductive for the United States to train foreign-born scientists and engineers in our colleges and universities and then send them abroad to compete against American businesses.

    Carnegie Mellon University
    > 51 out of 80 total engineering Ph.D.s were awarded to foreign nationals (64%)

    Cornell University
    > 76 out of 144 total engineering Ph.D.s were awarded to foreign nationals (53%)

    Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
    > 193 out of 363 total engineering Ph.D.s were awarded to foreign nationals (53%)

    University of Florida
    > 119 out of 180 total engineering Ph.D.s were awarded to foreign nationals (66%)

    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
    > 142 out of 255 total engineering Ph.D.s were awarded to foreign nationals (56%)

    Purdue University
    > 153 out of 218 total engineering Ph.D.s were awarded to foreign nationals (70%)

    Stanford University
    > 128 out of 247 total engineering Ph.D.s were awarded to foreign nationals (52%)

    Texas A&M University
    > 146 out of 184 total engineering Ph.D.s were awarded to foreign nationals (79%)

    What�s the Diploma Drain at Schools in Your State? Click here and find out!

    (All data represent the 2008-2009 academic year as presented in �Engineering and Technology Degrees 2009,� American Association of Engineering Societies)

    Compete America supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform that includes a permanent fix to the arbitrarily low quotas and massive backlogs that currently plague the U.S. visa system for highly educated foreign professionals.

    To learn more about how America benefits from a highly educated workforce, visit: CompeteAmerica (

    Compete America (CompeteAmerica ( is a coalition of corporations, educators, research institutions and trade associations concerned about legal, employment-based immigration and committed to ensuring that the United States has the highly educated workforce necessary to ensure continued innovation, job creation and leadership in a worldwide economy.

    Blog Feeds
    11-18 03:00 PM
    Dallas-Fort Worth Immigration Lawyer Has Just Posted the Following:
    On November 12, 2009, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) launched a 30 day pilot program to test the entry process for travelers under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) from Auckland, New Zealand to Los Angeles International Airport. The program automates the arrival/departure of travelers with an approved Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) for travelers on Air New Zealand Flight 6. Travelers on this flight will not need to fill out the paper I-94W.

    The VWP allows nationals from VWP countries to fill out an ESTA application prior to traveling to the United States to determine the traveler’s eligibility and whether such travel poses a security risk. The ESTA application provides basic biographical, travel, and eligibility information and must be submitted online prior to traveling. There are currently 35 countries eligible to travel to the United States under the VWP. Travelers under this program may enter the U.S. for either business or tourism for up to 90 days without obtaining a visa.

    To view the list of VWP countries please visit the CBP website at (

    More... (

    10-16 01:07 PM
    from the front seat



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