Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • myimmiv
    06-08 03:51 PM
    Thanks Elaine for your reply. Yes you are right, it is a substituted labor, but I have raised the concern because my PD is May 2005 which is after PERM came in effect. Hence how did the lawyer use the old (pre PERM) EAT 750B for this labor ?

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  • ujjvalkoul
    07-06 09:15 PM
    It just got approved today...
    72 months = 6 years...looks like they could not calculate this...No wonder, there is retrogression

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  • 485Mbe4001
    10-12 01:07 PM
    the testimony links on the right hand site are worth reading they make compelling arguments..wonder what happend..there are no commitee member comments on this hearing.

    Found this while searching the website of the Senate Judiciary committee. Even though it is more than a month old, the references to SKIL bill in the hearing offers a glimmer of hope to us..As I understand the SKIL bill has been referred to the same committee for several months now.

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  • TomPlate
    01-03 04:07 PM
    I met my senator during dinner and asked him the status he said please ask by calling this number - 1-800-314-4345 - 7654


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  • HalfDog
    03-19 10:20 AM
    blending acrylics = very very hard

    Uhhhh no it's really very very easy, use water and wipe away lightly. Repeat.

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  • Jipjap74
    04-15 10:59 AM

    I concurrently filed both my I-140 and I-485 back in Oct 09. My I-140 was approved on March 18th and then nothing since. I read that by concurrent filing the process is quicker. I am on an EB1-C. My question is has anyone had any experience in the time frame for concurrent filing under the category i am under? I have checked the tracker and cannot see anyone in similar position. Time line is what i am looking for or is it a "wait and see" situation?


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  • India_USA
    04-26 03:38 PM
    My friend's on her 6th year H1B and it will expire on Sept 10, 2010. A PERM labor was filed and the Labor went into an audit, responses were sent immediately.

    If she transfer her H1B to new company.
    1. Can she ask for 1 year extension based on her pending labor ? Does she need to wait till the labor gets approved ?
    2. Can she use Premium Processing for H1 transfer?

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  • abhicyber
    02-03 07:45 PM
    Hi Guys,

    I have recently got married and entered US on AP, I have not used my EAD and started working for the same employer (GC sponsered). My wife is going for H4 Stamping in US consulate in India. Does any one has any experience? Do you see any problem during Stamping.

    Thanks in Advance.



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  • NNReddy
    05-24 11:06 PM
    Did you apply for 2 extensions during one visit or during different visits. What kind of financial support are you talking about?

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  • priyasagiraju
    04-07 03:19 PM
    Iam on L2 and working on my EAD which is expiring on april 29 th 2011.

    I have applied for H1 in the 2010 quota but due to my employers mistake i got a rejection on that.
    we are trying to reappeal to USCIS but iam not sure if its going to work.

    Suppose i have a project and apply again for 2011 quota , can i still continue working even if my EAD expires.
    They say that we actually move to H1 on October , so if i apply before end of April through premium processing and get an approval notice before October can i continue working or start work right away or do i have to wait till October.
    Is there a possibility to start working immediately as soon as my H1 gets approved or do we have to wait until October in any case.

    Thanks in advance


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  • wandmaker
    02-25 03:49 PM
    Immigration law is federal law. You can work with a good attorney anywhere in the country via fax, phone and email.

    You are right - based on my personal experience, Like Doctors, it is always good to have an attorney physically reachable; it will be handy when the need arises. I guess, the OP is looking on similar lines.

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  • freddyCR
    February 17th, 2005, 06:46 AM
    Well...not exactly "living" since the "house" you see is really a storage facility for coffee beans.

    This was taken near the summit of Irazu Volcano (10,000 ft), Costa Rica
    Comments appreciated

    43 mm
    f/ 16
    ISO 100


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  • DSLStart
    06-05 02:38 PM
    You are paroled into US until Dec 05, 2009. But if you want to travel outside US after July 29, you better apply for AP now.

    Hi Friends,

    I am confused with AP expiration date.

    The printed exiration date is :July 29, 2009
    But my latest paroled stamp on AP it is : Dec 05, 2009.

    Which date should i follow to renew my AP?


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  • crystal
    06-21 08:39 PM
    AR-11 form you send to different address . It is not part of I-485.

    It is less likely that they compare your addresses with AR-11 address audit logs.

    I think you should not worry too much about it.

    Though you need to send AR-11 with in 10 days of your move to new address , I guess you can still send AR-11 form ,as AR-11 form does not ask from which date you moved to the new address. Check with your lawyer also
    Please help.


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  • j751
    01-02 07:45 PM
    Does anybody know if premium processing for I-140 has been reinstated? and can one upgrade to premium processing after it's been filed? Also, does anyone know what's the current wait for NSC. My PD is July 26 2007. Thanks

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  • fullhouse
    08-23 01:18 PM
    I am dependent on our GC application. We had provided initial Finger prints in July 2007. I got an FP notice in 2009 and have just received another FP notice for next week. Meanwhile, the primary applicant on our application has not recd any biometrics appt since the 07 initial set.
    Is there anything to be concerned about?

    Same thing happened to my wife, but I received only once after filing 485 in 2007. Apparently, USCIS is unable to refresh my wife's FP automatically after 15 months (got this from infopass). Also, I have seen this happening to NSC-CSC-NSC transferred applications and we are one of them. No worries our 485 was approved last week.



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  • vivache
    09-28 11:24 AM
    I'm a mechanical engineering and also have an MBA degree.
    I work as a support engineer.
    My lawyers tell me that I cannot apply in EB2, since my Post grad degree is unrelated to my grad degree and so does not apply to my job.

    Is this true?
    Can I not file in EB2?

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  • fishjelly
    09-08 08:03 PM
    I am using to create web site...

    Thanks for your help.

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  • chicagoan
    05-05 11:03 PM
    I am in 5th year of my H1B visa and have visa stamped through the end of September 2010. I am traveling to India May 15th, 2010 and returning to the US on June 6th, 2010. That means I will have about 4 months of valid visa by the time I will be entering the USA. I am planning on renewing my visa after returning to the US. On a side note, my labor has ben approved and filed I-140 recently.

    My questions is, do you think I have to start my H1B visa renewal before I leave to India or I can apply for renewal after I return?

    Any suggestions appreciated!


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