Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • coopheal
    09-23 05:52 PM
    Excluding dependents is like making the Cap 2.5 times, when I say least controversial I intend to that everybody in the legal immigrant community will support it. If the cap becomes 300K Per annum, Iam sure everybody by which I mean even if somebody has filed for his / her labor today will get approved within 2 years (Equivalent to 600K visa numbers). Of course this will require a change of law but nobody EB1, EB2, EB3, ROW, India / China would oppose this as everybody's process gets speeded up. There is no other way to clear the backlog in its entirety and ensure that it does not happen again like this solution of excluding dependents.

    my dear friend come back in reality..... to put it least harshly... “khayali pulav banana band karo” (stop day dreaming)
    IV core needs to focus on real issues and obstructions which anti throw our way

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  • csreddy329
    11-17 03:53 PM

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  • abhis0
    08-21 11:00 AM
    I had a LUD on 7/28 and nothing after that... My I140 approved in Texas in April2006. I think we should get the receipt number here pretty soon...

    Why do you have this hunch?
    It seems like all the LUDs on approved I140 from Texas for July filers is pointing towards their I485 being sent to Texas too. Hence, this unimaginable prolonged delay. Can we do anything about it except sulk?

    Let it run its course.

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  • sankap
    07-09 08:35 PM
    Desi393, FinalGC, Ramba:

    You've mentioned a few times on this forum that on AC21, the job needs to be "permanent." That is misinformation, since the Yates memo you quote doesn't say that. Also, what do you mean by a "permanent" job? I haven't seen a job offer letter in the US saying that the job would be "permanent" (whatever that means). Also, is a "legitimate" employment? Could you quote a USCIS resource?

    Another misinformation I've seen on this forum is advising people to "file AC21." First, no USCIS resource mentions procedure for that. Second, you're are *not* required by USCIS to inform them of every job change if you're invoking AC21.


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  • desi3933
    08-03 06:34 PM
    Did you send out the latest letters...I am getting a positive feed back ..that approximately at least 500 letters have gone out..we started to make noise.. and we will see the results eventually...More action items will follow in comming weeks..Dont forget the high five though campaign though ;)

    How do you know that 500 letters have gone out?

    Thanks and Good Luck!

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  • akhilmahajan
    02-26 10:21 AM
    This is what i understand and i might be wrong, and this is specifically from my perspective and i am not representing IV.

    For a legal immigrant who has been here for the last 9 years, following the law from day 1, i don't see any hope except IV. I understand this is a political issue, and everything happens on the back-end. There is no time table or time line which can be promised by anyone, because this is all politics. Even anti-immigrants don't do anything everyday. They lobby in the background and try to stop any kind of relief, if any being given to us. They still collect a lot of money. They are also only active when there is something on the table and same goes with IV. Everything goes in the background and when there is something positive they come out and request the community to work on an action item, which in the ends gets a very poor response and undermines all their hard work. IV has an agenda and sticks with it. They have lobbying firms who work on the lines of that agenda. I don't think anybody can promise a time line or timetable regarding anything. They are working on an agenda and trying to get relief for all of us. They can't come out openly every day and say we are working on this and that.

    I believe in trying and by supporting IV, i am doing that. If no body is going to fight for us (Legal Immigrants), then we can't expect any relief or i will say not even dream of anything good for us. No one is going to address our plight till the time we fight for it. Ask your friends what have they done till today? If they think giving $1000, can buy themselves a Green Card(so called independence) then i am ready to give them $1500 and will request them to do it for me also and i am sure i can find many fellow IV'ans who can also give them $1500. Its very easy to question someones hard work, but when they will be asked to do something, you wont find them anywhere. Every time they will have some reasons not to contribute or do anything. If they join IV, they are not doing anything good, till the time they don't participate in any activities or action items. If they think sitting and waiting for Visa Bulletins and Processing Dates is the best way to go, then there is no way anyone can help them.

    Nobody came to convince me, that IV will get me out of this pain. I understand the problem, which is right in front of everyone and i only see IV as the one and only one organization working to get us some relief. I have met the Core group and i know how dedicated and honest they are. During the rally they were in DC for weeks getting everything worked on, only so that our problem can be highlighted and heard. IV Core spends a lot of time in Washington DC lobbying for our cause. They spend money out of their own pockets. They have families and they end up spending time away from them. Why???? Because they want relief and get our problem sorted. I really salute and appreciate their efforts and the hard work they have put in to come so far.

    But we as legal immigrants always end up questioning someones efforts? These questions need to answered by us. If your friends think there life is good and things will fall in place, its fine and they can stay away and go on with their lives as it is going on. But tell them not to criticize and question anybody's hard work and honesty.

    At least they can do us a favor, by not questioning what IV does? Rest regarding the funds, IV is a non-profit organization, and the tax returns are available online and can be viewed by anyone.

    Rest i hope they wake up and realize that by helping IV they are helping themselves and their families.

    I tried my best to explain how i understand IV. If i offended someone i am really sorry about it.

    I am proud to be associated with IV. At least in the end i will be happy to say that i tried for my independence.



    I could convince 3 of my colleagues who are READY RIGHT NOW to contribute $1000.00 each. I can do $500.00.
    But they asked me just one question. What is the action plan that IV is collecting these monies from prospective immigrants who are already in pain due to this economy and all that. I did tell them about July 07, flower campaign, but they are not willing to listen. They said they did not contribute at that time due to some reasons, but they now want to contribute big way. They have a much bigger friend's circle than mine who are also doing good from top schools who may contribute too. They may also register in IV soon.
    But their only question is "What is the action plan for FUTURE". Can you please help.
    I am confused myself with the same question, no offense. Like me, they wouldnt wait and wait forever for things to happen. We Strongly believe in any action towards goals. Trust me, we need lots of money, but the way they responded made me feel uncomfortable.


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  • gxr
    09-04 05:06 PM
    PD:July 2006
    140: Oct 2006 Pending
    i-485 : @ NSC july 3rd waiting for receipt (Checks not cashed)

    July 3rd R.William 9:03am NSC
    One time contribution: $100

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  • lutherpraveen
    10-13 09:42 AM
    I did not call them to get the RNs but I got the I-485 checks cashed for my wife and me.
    The checks for I-485 for my daughter and the checks for AP and EAD were not cashed though.
    But again, looks like, July 3rd 9:03 received by R. Williams, is no more a MIA case.
    By the way the receipt date is marked as Oct 10th. Service center is NSC.

    I am july 3rd filer and Just got the receipt numbers..Looks like our box is not lost and interestingly my numbers start with LIN even though my 140 processed from SRC.


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  • vikki76
    09-29 04:48 PM
    For variety of reasons, I wish to explore option of consulting instead of permanent corporate job. Can I do consulting in my own name directly or do I need to be associated with some company?
    Green card (EB-2, Nov 29,2004 PD) application is in my name. I have filed 485 this July and expecting my EAD any time. I will be invoking AC21 after 6 months.
    But need answer to this question
    A. Consult on own?
    B. Go through a consulting company?

    I prefer option A.

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  • logiclife
    10-08 06:00 PM
    All EB categories will be current all the time. As soon as a I485 EB case is filed the visa number should be allocated to the first 8000 odd cases for that category based on the PD of application. If a new case is filed tomorrow with a old PD he will get the visa number and the last guys application will move to waiting list. At the beginning of the year all visa numbers are allocated and nothing is wasted, even if the case is having issues like RFE, FBI check, etc the applicant knows that once cleared he will get his GC.

    Can you explain why you think the lawyers will laugh it off? Or is it just that you say it because someone is saying something which you don't agree with?

    A clarification regarding the flower campaign. I said the AILA law suit and the congresswomen letter to the chief also had lot of weight. It is just not the flower campaign for your information, if you beleive so it is your opinion just like I have mine.

    Again, you have this approach of "This should be done, that should be done" or "What is wrong with this...why not work like this to avoid waste and be more efficient etc etc".

    I believe that you work for the Government. But I dont think you have talked to the government ever about fixing any of the issues. Big difference.

    All the big brilliant ideas that we come up with, in our heads, are pretty much meaningless to administration and congress and they wont do it unless they have other reasons to do it.

    You are like a person saying "What's wrong with doing assignment of visa numbers and then approving based FIFO..bla bla bla". Its like saying "What's wrong with passing electric current thru a tungsten filament in a glass ball of vaccum to create light". That is DIFFERENT from commercial production of electric bulb. That bridge - between and idea and its production - takes a lot of initiative and faces a lot of roadblocks.

    I will give you an example, and since you work for Government, I believe you will understand this easily.

    I was in a recent meeting with administration officials along with our lobbyist and 4 other IV members. One of the issues, that is purely and administrative issue and doesnt need congressional act is In country visa revalidation. Prior to 2002, St. Louis had an office where you can mail your passport for restamping after H1 extensions and dont have to travel out of country. We asked them why that cant be restarted.(just like your style of why this cant be done and why that cant be done, its so simple and makes so much sense...bla bla bla). You know what their reply was..."We dont have a problem in doing that, and the issue is not security. Its just that if we reject someone, that someone is already in USA and would drag the rejection thru an immigration lawyer, file motions for re-appeal and re-consideration, and take us to court...and we have to fight that and spend money from DHS coffers to do that. If we reject someone's visa stamp in Mumbai consulate, we dont have to worry about it as that someone cannot take us to court and its cheaper for us".

    Now, WHO would have thought about that? You see what I am saying. Here we are, speculating that they stopped visa restamping in USA (St. Louis) because of security reasons. And the real reason is - An attempt by DHS to save money on litigation it would face from rejections. Could you have known or imagined that? And who would have found the answer from IV forums. If I had posted that question here on forums, would I ever know that? No. It takes effort just to know the answers to questions. And then it takes some more effort to suggest more solutions and answers to their concerns. And then some more effort to get it done once they agree.

    Its very easy to sit in your cubicle and spin brilliant ideas out of your head and say "Why cant that happen?" and "Why cant this be done like that and like that?".

    And all your ideas are brilliant and they all have answers too. But sitting on IV forums and posting brilliant ideas isnt worth a bucket of warm spit if you are not willing to go out, travel and talk to people in authority and run your ideas and requests with them.

    And yes, talking about donkeys and horses, the problem isnt that I am expecting wrong things from the wrong animals. The problem is that donkeys expect to be treated like horses not because they can run fast like horses but because they think they can run as fast as horses.


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  • rolrblade
    11-21 08:10 AM
    Hello Mehul:

    I pray for you and your family and hope that god gives you the courage to deal with this extremely unfortunate situation.

    On the note of your question, I have written to Greg Siskind requesting him to highlight you situation (ofcourse maintaining anonimity) and to suggest any recourse that you might have. Please keep an eye out on his blog and I hope he addresses this.

    As a note to all the administrators of this IV forum, I am sure we can pull a few strings to have an attorney provide a free consultation to Mehul .

    ALso, Mehul, if you cannot find an attorney who can provide a free consultation, please let me know and I can request my attorney if he would do this favor for me.

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  • GCStatus
    09-16 05:41 PM
    This is the first time I think, it is worth to contribute.

    99.99% going back to India but still ready to contribute for this cause.

    See if we can do something at international level.
    Be in major news. Show them what US is doing with immigrants.

    Taking money with all for all citizen cause and not giving single benefit.

    Most eligible country for filing Bankruptcy.

    This is what we like to hear !. Please send your name, e-mail and ph# to man-woman-and-gc who maintains details for us.


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  • gccovet
    02-09 02:10 PM
    We if collect $1000.00 by the end of the day, I will contribute another $21.00 today itself. Less then $700.00 to go...

    Keep it going.....


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  • piyushvora
    02-10 05:11 PM
    I just contributed $20 via paypal.


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  • akhilmahajan
    02-09 12:01 PM
    Thanks a lot. Please ask your friends and family to also contribute.


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  • ca_immigrant
    02-01 11:48 PM
    All the best asdcrajnet.. Both countries are equally good, we have lived in both.. so we know how to adjust..

    Few points that you may need to find out before you go..

    1) Apply for POI for your kid, you may have already done it. There is a restriction that you need to visit nearby police station every 180 days if your son is in India (because he is a US citizen), try to find out more about that and see what you can do to avoid it (may be get a India visa as opposed to a POI)
    If you go to a police station, 100% guarantee they will ask for a bribe or make things difficult for us.
    2) The school fees for non-Indian citizens is very high, because your son falls under NRI category, try to find out about it, and if possible share with us too.

    Everything is good back home but there are few issues which I see are a problem,

    1) Nothing moves ahead without bribery, if we need our stuff to move up the queue, say if it is land registration or getting approval for something - it will not move with bribery and any govt office related work we need to wait a lot and service is bad, unlike here in US there is no bribing and things are so streamlined and good. We can talk about ethics and moral values and not give bribe but then our need will never get fulfilled for years if we decide to go as per queue.
    2) If you are in IT, the work hours are horrible, most of IT companies are outside city limits, we will end up going early in the morning and return late night (because hey we need to talk to onsite guys). If an employee leaves at 5:30 or 6 PM it means there he is not working - not sure when this culture would change there. Again most of them work on saturdays, so only sunday is a holiday, here in US i can leave work at 5 PM or 5:30 and come home and spend time with family.
    3) Commute is very tough back home - too much traffic than what the roads can handle, there is traffic in US too but it is decent traffic, everyone follows rules and lane sense is there. Back home it is really horrible.

    For your PD you have waited for a long time, I would suggest you wait for 1-2 more years and give it a try. We can always go back to India no one is going to stop us, but the return is not very easy. Nowadays h1b approvals and stamping has become a nightmare.

    All the best in whatever decision you make. Everything is for good :)

    Is OCI an option ? I am actually a little confused as to what happened to the OCI option now a days ?
    My daughter is 5 and is a US citizen and we got an OCI for here in 2006.

    Now we have a son who is 5 months and looks like OCI is not an option anymore...and we will have to get a PIO...

    Also I think for the PIO have to report to the police...only if you are above 18....

    On bribery...I know it was a big issue before...but I thought people are more scared to take bribes now a days due to the way there are hidden cameras everywhere...
    I magine taking ur iphone and trying to bribe a cop back home (while recording) .... -:)

    yes, I myself have bribed some idiot policemen , when I was still in India in 1999-2000.
    ek tho paise lethe hein aur upar se chilate bhi hein...they take moeny from you and also yell at you...(yes when you are quite younger they do not respect you and just take money from you for all weird reasons)
    ...I wish I had a iphone then which could record the @#%#$^%$^


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  • reddymjm
    06-12 01:55 PM
    It takes 90 days MINIMUM to get EAD? I've heard that it takes at most 90 days to get EAD. Does anyone know?
    used to be at most 90 days. If not u could have gone to ur local office and get temp EAD. It changed no more temp EAD. You r at the mercy of USCIS.

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  • nousername
    01-29 08:39 PM
    You are already out of status as H1 accounts for continuous employment along with regular pay. H1 visa, job and pay go hand in hand. Any one component missing means you are out of status.

    There is no grace period. As the earlier member said, it is a gray area without any specific guidelines. I have seen people stay out of job (status) for 4 months and have used portability or consulate stamp upon getting a new job. It all depends on the IO.

    BTW, did you ever realize how unethical it is to use a consultant for acquiring a H1 visa without actually having a fulltime job? For last 7 years I am on H1 myself and have played by rules� I hate people who false represent the facts for immigration benefits.

    Because of people like you genuine candidates who have legitimate jobs are left out as you guys get lucky in the lottery even though you don�t have a regular fulltime job. My wife was forced to stay at home for almost 3 years because of people like you.. FYI she had a job offer (from a F500 Inc.) but people like you got lucky when it came to H1 lottery. Not just that but people like you give a bad name to legal immigrant community.


    I came to us on H4 in 2007 and the got my H1B in 2008. I am not getting a job on H1 yet so i want to know that till when the H1B be valid as I am not genarating any salery and my consultant is not running my pay roll ?

    And if the H1 goes dorment then what can be done next?

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  • sandiboy
    09-07 11:22 AM
    Hi all,

    Got my EAD (the actual card ) and the AP today in the mail. Details are as follows:

    EB2 India - Filed Sept 06
    140 Approved by TSC in Apr 07
    485/EAD/AP Filed on July 2nd at NSC (R Williams 9 :02 am)
    LUD on 140 - 08/05
    Recd EAD and AP - 09/06

    Have not received 485 receipt or FP notice. EAD and AP are from CSC - I recide in CA.

    Good luck to all those still waiting !

    Do your receipt nos start with SRC or LIN in this case?

    07-19 09:43 PM
    I would ask the same question...

    If EB3 and EB2 are equal( unbiased) in eyes of IV, then why sanhari's suggestion is not welcome?

    I can't understand why Sanhari's suggestion would rile up EB2 folks. All he suggested was to use the EB spillover visas for oldest cases irrespective of EB category and country.

    Sanhari - Are you sure that this is a USCIS decision? Can USCIS change the way the do the spillover without legislation change?

    Folks, There is a another thread on here that says IV is neither against EB3 nor for EB2. If that's really the case why would Sanhari's suggestion not find favor? If IV seriously want to do something for the backlog, Sanhari's suggestion should be taken up.

    I anticipate and welcome reds, greens, blues for this post :)

    09-10 08:25 PM
    I have been a passive reader on these forums for the most part.
    I would just like to express my appreciation for the work that IV does. I totally support the regular donation thing to gain access to one forum. If you don't want to donate, all you are losing is access to one forum. That forum is only for IV loyals who really believe in IV.
    All that's needed is $25 donation to gain access to it. Lobbying in this country needs a lot of money. If you want IV to work for you, then it's the least you could do.
    The regular donation thing also spurs some not-so-active guys like me to donate, when we might forget.
    As for EB3, and people stressing about concenterating on EB3(I), you can't separate out one legal immigration issue from the other....ultimately all these efforts pay off for all of us. The more you divide all these up, the lesser your number is gonna be and the less likely any lawmakers will help you.
    I understand how frustrating it is to wait for so long. I have been working in this country since mid-2000. I lost my H1 at 6 years and had to go on H4 and sit out from work for an year, when IV's push really helped me get my EAD during the July 2007 fiasco. And I am a VLSI Design Engineer who spent the first half of my stay in US as an employee in a big company(AMD), and still couldn't get anywhere with my GC.
    I have seen ample cases reported on the Sep approval thread where people on EB2 have been in this country for 10+ years.
    Most of us have faced issues with GC. And these issues might be different for all of us. But ultimately, we need to work with a common goal. Pointing fingers at each other in this scenario is the worst we could do to help ourselves, let alone help anyone else.
    For those who can put in the time/money to help out IV. Nothing like it. If not, let's atleast appreciate the work people are doing, and let's stick together.



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