Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • sankap
    07-10 02:42 PM
    I'm not saying that "H-1B job is permanent:" you're inferring again! I hold that *no* job in this country is "permanent" (legally speaking). My question to you was if no H1B is "permanent" (as you opine), then how can you prove that the AC20 job on H1B is or isn't "permanent?" So if that job is not "permanent," how do you convince/mention that in as RVE-EVL?

    As per info on that page, it says clearly
    "The H-1B program allows an employer to temporarily employ a foreign worker in the U.S. on a nonimmigrant basis in a specialty occupation or as a fashion model of distinguished merit and ability"

    How can you say that any H-1B job is permanent? Now, you don't want to believe even the dol web page.

    I have always maintained that Permanent Job is a full-time work that has no fixed end date. H1B petition always have fixed end date.


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  • CADude
    08-02 11:04 AM
    Your check will be cashed any day now. :)

    My case was received by NSC on Jun 25th. No word yet. My I-140 is from Texas. Very worrying situation,

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  • spulugur
    02-27 08:12 AM
    $100 - Transaction ID: 1GV95902XD022880S

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  • subdhar
    08-24 01:35 PM
    did you get this approval from TSC or nebraska??


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  • ragz4u
    04-30 10:34 AM
    We have received reports that Sen. Cornyn will be introducing a bill called the SKIL (Securing Knowledge Innovation and Leadership) bill on May 1st 2006. As can be guessed from the title, this bill has lots of pro-legal immigration clauses. We will make the details that we have received public once we get the permission to do so.

    Though Immigration Voice is currently focussing on the Comprehensive Immigration Bill as that is hot right now, we are also closely following the PACE and SKIL bills to try and ensure that high-skilled legal immigrants can make the best of it.

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  • sunnysharma
    06-11 10:21 PM
    Print this up, You should be able to see LIN/WAC numbers clearly..


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  • madhu345
    05-06 06:55 AM
    I'm depressed not for retrogression(Which we know where its coming from) but because of uncertainty weather every day hitting us :)


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  • svgupta
    05-23 11:50 AM
    and hopefully, some take an action!


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  • coopheal
    03-26 03:14 PM
    This is what I don't understand. Priority dates are set so only applications before that date can be approved. Processing dates are not set in that sense of the term.

    Processing dates doesn�t mean they don�t process applications received after those dates.
    I got my H1B renewal notice last week. My application�s received date is in 3rd week of Jan and Processing date for H1B extension is still in December-07.

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  • a2006
    05-02 01:57 PM
    The derivative files using primary's PD. read all posts in this thread, the I485 form and INA. it is clearly in the law.

    This thread is discussing about quota. not PD.

    In essence none will be affected ( ofcourse EBdependents and existing FB2A may get delayed slightly , that is ok)
    Ok, I am still trying to figure out what you said about non retrogressed countries/EB1. A person in EB1 files for labor and gets approved in a year. Suppose he has a priority date of 08, his dependents will have to wait for at least 4 years according to the current bulletin for Family 2A. Am I missing something here?


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  • GreenCardLegion
    03-09 09:18 PM
    And worst is the lottery...

    And I know a guy (a restaurant waiter from Nepal) got his GC in frikkin 14 months. And this was 5 years ago when I had just applied and now even today mine is still pending and that Nepali waiter who could not speak 4 words in English is now a Citizen and whenever I go to this restaurant for a buffet he keeps laughing at me and he is still a waiter in the same restaurant. I know him for 6 years. I get enraged at this countrys immigration policy. And I have met about 5 cabbies (Somalia, Pakistan, Sudan) etc etc who came here by winning visa lottery. And they are all citizens or GC holders. This is a mockery. This country has finally started to SUCK big time.

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  • joeshmoe
    06-08 06:52 PM
    you can see the LIN# on the back of the check. i gave my own checks for the fees.
    Should have done the same. Now my lazy attorney will take his sweet time to let me know when he got my receipt back from USCIS.


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  • ita
    07-27 09:01 PM
    After having been following most of the EB3 related threads looks like EB3 folks are on their own. It would be great if we get any help from any quarter but I think it's fine even if we don't.We need to do something/everything that we can to generate noise apart from of course following all the IV campaigns .

    Thank you.

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  • willwin
    07-28 01:09 PM
    What exactly is the point of this rambling debate? Does anybody really thinks he/she can make an EB2 see the point of view of EB3 or vice-a-versa? No amount of legal/moral/philosophical arguments is going to convince the other party and we all know it.

    All this debate has done is to bring out the ugliest side of all of us to the surface. There are EB2s claiming every EB2 is by definition superior than EB3 which is insane. And there is an EB3 who is itching to take help of none other than Ron Hira to shot down somebody's GC application as a retribution and couple of people applauding him for the brilliant idea! Really? Do we really thinks this is such a grand idea?

    Just accept that everyone's only guiding principle here is self interest and move along. No need to jump through hoops to interpret the immigration law in 101 different ways and no need to call attention to personal suffering and plight. If we do really believe personal suffering should take precedence over everything else on humanitarian grounds then lets all first fight for illegal immigrants since their suffering is much worse than anyone here!

    EB3s, go run your campaign and stop trying to appeal to EB2's sense of justice. That will never happen.

    EB2s, stop trying to expect EB3s will accept higher EB preference categories should in fact get preference over the lower ones. That will never happen.

    The only thing we all can hopefully agree on is, if there is anyone here - doesn't matter EB2 or EB3- who is fiercely debating this but has never contributed to IV and has never participated in any of the previous IV action items in the past that person should just shut up! If you were never active in IV you shouldn't really be talking at this point!!

    Is that a new division? Active IVians and inactive IVians? LOL

    BTW, sorry to say that the active IVians are minority here.


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  • LC2002
    08-15 08:08 PM
    Got CRIS email today Card Production ordererd for my EAD renewal. Spouse's EAD filed in June still pending thanks to USCIS LIFO policy.

    No updates in I-140/485.

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  • mumbai
    02-24 10:20 AM
    Contributed $50 to this.
    Paypal transaction ID for this payment is: 67A1893865488893N.


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  • Ramba
    07-10 03:36 PM
    Exactly! And thanks for clarifying that, which is what I've been trying to convey for the past 2 days! In your cook example, though, the cook can be self-employed with no income in a given period (week/month)--and he does not need to line up contracts. His business is "legitimate" and is in the same occupation as on his I140 petition. For an RFE-EVL, which he can write on his business "letterhead," all he needs to mention is his "projected" yearly income as salary.

    USCIS may not buy if no income shown thro the bussiness. One may have a simple bussiness model. However, they should be in a position to show documentary evidence that they are making similar money as per 140, and importantly they are doing same kind of work when self employed, and they have a long term commitment/contract for their bussiness. Then only they may belief that you are doing legitimate bussiness thro self employment. Just writing EVL in a letter head will not serve the purpose.

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  • pitha
    07-08 05:06 PM
    unfortunately more than 80% of backlog elemination is completed, so labor substitution even though it is removed from july 16 has already done its damage. scores of people have already done labor substitution.

    Do you really believe there are 700K "unique" cases pending.
    I think elimination of Labor Substitution would take out atleast half of 700 K pending labors..

    Making the total new cases definitely managable - "damn again I m thinking logically." :rolleyes:

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  • gcforevr
    07-09 03:46 PM
    here's a writeup for reporters.

    "One the Eve of July 4th, US Rejects Permanent Residency Applications of Law-Abiding, Tax-Paying, High-Skilled Legal Immigrants Including Doctors, Scientists and Engineers"

    Justice, freedom, equal opportunity and meritocracy are the pillars on which modern America is built upon. This country has opened its doors with a warm smile and a big heart for every hard working, highly-skilled legal immigrant who has one common thing more than anything else with every American � the American dream. Andy Grove of Intel, Sergey Brin of Google, Vinodh Khosla of Sun Microsystems are excellent examples of people who migrated to the US for higher education and then went on to found billion-dollar companies that employs thousands of Americans.

    Everyday pressures at work, paying for mortgage, taking care of children are challenges that every working American goes through. But little is known about the silent pain and anxiety of high-skilled, tax-paying, law-abiding doctors, engineers and scientists who have to constantly keep track of their position in the "queue" to obtain their permanent residency status, more commonly the 'green card', as a first step towards calling America their home. Sometimes, the wait in the line can last as long as ten years. The wait comes with several restrictions like being bound to the particular job position with the sponsoring employer for as many years, foregoing promotions and inability to change jobs at will � work conditions unimaginable for an average American employee.

    Sometimes the position in the long queue moves forward, when even a small movement causing immense joy and anticipation among the employees while sometimes the position moves backwards causing the employee to endure further pain. Historically the US government has opened the doors for the final stage of the green card application (where the applicant can adjust or change their status from any current non-immigrant status to a permanent resident status) every 3 years or so for a small window of time that typically lasts 30 -60 days. On June 13 th 2007 when the US government announced that July 2nd 2007 was the beginning of the one such window of time, the news sent thousands of prospective applicants into a tizzy mixed with relief, anticipation and joy. Many spent thousands of dollars in preparing required documentation, lawyer fee and canceling travel arrangements, to get their applications in on the first day itself.

    Alas! With a hitherto unprecedented action, on the morning of July 2nd 2007, the same US government agency, with a terse and nondescript press release went back on its promise and slammed its door shut for any green card application. This action is clearly condemnable, unacceptable and unfair to thousands of high-skilled employees who contribute positively towards strengthening the US economy. Many feel wounded at the inhumane treatment in the hands of US immigration department and are contemplating migrating back to their homeland or to more immigrant friendly countries. However, a strong majority still trusts the US government to implement meaningful reforms specifically targeting legal immigrants while they continue to endure untold sufferings.

    11-30 07:54 PM
    Hi Mehul,

    very sad to hear your condition. We do have good medical treatment available everywhere. Get the best treatment. I have seen so many people recoved from cancer. Hope you will be the one among them. Don't give up hope and spirit. Hope both you and your family will get GC very soon.

    Consult a good attorney what to do immediately.

    I will pray for you.

    Wish you all the best to you and ur family

    09-24 06:40 PM
    I am intrigued by the spirited discussions we have between different categories. Most of the discussions revolves around what is best for "me" which is justified to some extent. Why don't we take a step back and ask this question, what is it that all of our trying to achieve. If the intent is to make sure I get my green card before the other person can, we shouldn't be even thinking about working together and call ourselves a community. We are just wasting our time having discussions and trying to compete among each other. No one initiative will gather steam if that becomes our intent and goal.

    In my mind, we have to think of every one of us as one. Yes, there should be classifications, yes there should be qualifications, years of experience, all that in place. However I believe everyone in this community is "qualified" enough to get a green card in a "reasonable" amount of time.

    Can we all work together and make that happen? Can we as a group start believing this and supporting IV?




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