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  • GoneSouth
    07-27 10:39 AM
    Thought folks might find the following interesting.

    I recently returned from a visit to Canada where I stayed with my brother-in-law, who owns a small but very successful web development shop. He told me that due to the booming Canadian economy, he can no longer find experienced programmers at reasonable bill rates. So he's been doing some outsourcing to get cheap foreign labor ... hiring American programmers !

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  • cool_desi_gc
    03-18 12:15 PM
    My apps had 3 LUD's in a period of 10 days since i submitted AR-11.

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  • rockdanation
    03-13 07:29 PM
    My employer has been playing this game with me. He filed for my Labour and it got approved in August of 2007. However he did not file for my I-140 until Feb of 2008 , just a week before the labour would expire. Now its been over year , he does not give me my SRC number but keeps telling me its been approved under EB-2 catagory. As for me , I am current in EB-2 , I just checked April Bulletin and I still am current. It looks like he is not going to file for my 485. Is there anyway I can make him file or file myself. Please know, the lawyer is on his side as well. I have asked the lawyer number of times for SRC number but he does not provide that either. What are my option other than joining a new company.


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  • sixburgh
    08-13 10:06 AM
    I was advised by my lawyer that entering on h1 does not affect a pending 485 AOS application.
    So I entered on H1.
    No issues encountered.


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  • smartboy75
    11-01 05:13 PM
    Hey carbon

    You have to understand one thing...your AP/EAD are tied to your I-485 application ..which in turn is tied to your H1....If you quit now, you will risk abandoning of your GC...which means you loose AP/EAD....

    What I would do in your case is this....You said you filed on July 2..wait for 180 days....invoke AC21....tell your new employer that you want to spend 6 months in Inida...and the come back to US ....this way u don't loose your EAD/AP and also are able to stay in India....OFCOURSE all this is possible if your I-140 is approved....

    Hope this helps....All the best

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  • conchshell
    07-13 07:21 PM
    I know that there are too many threads open initiating new campaigns, and asking the IV administrators to make the threads sticky. However there is something that we can demand as part of administrative reforms at USCIS, without any need for congressional relief.

    When any type of application reaches USCIS, it kinda goes into a black hole. Unless there is a decision on the application, all an applicant do is to cross the figures, and hope that the outcome will be favorable. Worst, sometimes people with later priority date get the approval, and the all a victim with pretty much straight forward case can do is self consolation.

    We all know that there is a USCIS case login page, which allows us to create a portfolio and track the case approval. But the information provided by this site is really basic (Informing the applicant that the application was received on such and such date, and its pending for processing at our processing center). Why can't we ask USCIS to improve this portal, so that an applicant can view the details of the case like FP, background check result, priority date, associated 140 status, etc. I am giving this example for a 485 application, but this service can be provided for all other types of cases like H1B, EAD, AP, 140, 485, Labor Certification, etc.

    BTW, I saw a note on, and according to them its a just four (yes only four) member team which is managing their information technology at USCIS. On a lighter note, I feel like creating an Open Source software consortium which will develop the software to add in efficient case processing and better services, where USCIS can download the source code to enable faster deployment of customer services portals.

    Anyway, fun apart, I think we should start a campaign to get more meaningful information from customer portal:

    This way the case processing would be more transparent, an applicant will have more information about the case, the number of phone calls USCIS receive will go down substantially, and people like us will have much more peace of mind. I was wondering if we can come up with a case status detail page, that contains majority of info/updates we applicants want to see. It should not be difficult to compile such information. So meanwhile, when nothing much is expected from Congress on legal immigration relief, at least USCIS can provide this type of service improvement. Any ideas, criticism, pros and cons of such thing?


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  • rajeshpatl
    09-14 09:47 AM

    Raj Iyer and glus, I am married and have child born in USA. so I don't think I have this option before my parents become citizen.

    Thank you.

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  • pcs
    01-25 10:00 PM
    AP means, he is pre authorized to come back. Talk to some guys & wait to see some more replies at thou is forum. Ask your friend to block seats till you get more clarity.

    Best of luck.....

    By the way, pease stay active with IV & help our / your cause by getting more active members & contributions


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  • ssksubash
    07-28 08:38 AM

    Thank you all for the information I have a followup question :

    USCIS asks during visa extension on the visits outside US. So do I have to mention this one?


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  • sam2006
    09-21 03:03 PM
    i got a LUD on 140( 9/21) after 2 weeks of 485/EAD/AP RN ..

    all the RN from SRC...

    any one on the same boat


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  • wata
    06-21 07:51 PM
    I got LC and 140 approved in EB3. Now I refile my labor Cert in EB2 (IT manager) via PERM. Anybody has the same experience and know approximately processing time for this PERM to be approved. Thanks for any information.

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  • bbhargava
    10-16 08:10 PM
    Here's the situation
    EAD valid till sept. 2009,
    797 valid till Dec. 2010
    MBA program finishes end 2011
    Has anyone been in the same situation where applying for a private student loan has been denied since the 797/EAD expires before the course is complete.
    Working full time right now. What are the options?


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  • life99f
    07-15 11:09 AM
    Guys, here is another post about DC rally:

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  • morchu
    04-23 03:26 AM
    I think I am missing something here. Can't you use the level3 wage listed on your link?

    Flcdatacenter mentions that one reason for NA jobzone is that you mentioned a very broad occupation.

    Would you be able to use:

    so what do we do now..How can we get the accurate wage

    if we go there the jobzone is NA and hence the salary cannot be accurately determined hence by rule just out level 1 wage

    O*Net™ JobZone: NA


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  • GCPagla
    03-04 12:22 PM
    What is donor forum. How to access that?

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  • rayoflight
    02-06 09:39 PM
    Wait there is one more thing he needs to check if it single entry or multiple entry.

    Entries: S (Single) or M (Multiple)

    Since its a 10 Yr Visa it would be a M entry but no harm in double checking it right.


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  • Openarms
    09-15 03:01 PM
    How come Mubai,India consulate publish cut of date as april 2002 for EB3-I??

    see the below link

    Cut Off Dates- Consulate General of the United States Mumbai, India (

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  • nixstor
    03-12 04:13 PM

    Thanks for your response and it sounds very interesting to me. In essence, you would wait for her H1 to be approved, then transfer your H1 as long as your new employer can get and her H4 (until sep 30th).

    What if her H1 is not approved until Aug? Is there a point in filing for H4 extension up to Sep 30th in Aug? What are the consequences of that not getting approved before sep 30th? In that case waiting until Oct 1st seems to be the better option.

    I will talk to a lawyer and let you know what kind of response I will get.

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  • gcharry
    11-11 09:41 PM
    Thanks guys for your response.

    05-14 01:04 PM
    You can file for your childs GC with yours before he turns 21.

    Thank you so much!

    06-05 10:56 PM
    I am talking about I 485 only. In my 485, preparer name, Phone number, E mail address and company address printed but there is no signature and date.



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