Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lovestruck teenagers Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been spending quality time with each other in New York City, shopping and buying gifts.

According to Hollywood Life, the couple shopped at the Flying Point Premium Surf shop in Bridgehampton on July 1 around 4:30 PM for about 40 mins, and managed to wow 18-year-old salesclerk, Elizabeth Andreassen.

Elizabeth says Selena and Jusin were friendly with the staff and very affectionate with each other. Justin repeatedly referred to Selena as Babe. Selena too used an endearment, but Elizabeth was too starstruck to catch on.

Justin bought "two T-shirts and two Obey hats, one was white, teal and orange," says Elizabeth.

Selena bought a "teal and purple dress and two bandeau tops, one in cream and one in pink. She also bought a royal blue bikini. She didn't try it on, she just bought it."

The two of them additionally bought shoes.

A day earlier, Justin and Selena spent the afternoon at The Plaza Hotel in NYC with Willow Smith and Jayden Smith; they shopped at the MCM boutique inside the hotel, where Justin loaded Selena with gifts.

"Justin bought matching wallets, one for him and one for Selena. He also bought Selena MCM's signature Heritage Collection black handbag, a clutch and a cognac colored backpack for himself. He also bought some other accessories. They spent close to $7000!" a source tells Hollywood Life.



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