Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • gcgonewild
    02-13 05:38 PM
    My colleague's spouse was detained and questioned for 2 hours at EWR.

    If you changed jobs, be sure to give the new set of docs. Give all the docs just the same as you (on H1) would. Including Recent paystubs and new employment letter.

    This is getting way too far..

    If they have a beef with H1s, they should take it with H1s.

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  • haisylu
    06-16 04:46 PM
    Do I need to provide any proof during the interview stating he is my step son? or the documents between the mother and the son will suffice?

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  • beautifulMind
    10-29 11:44 AM
    Are you pinching beautiful_mind reminding him about the reds. I think he isn't concerned but you appear to be more concerned for his reds.

    It would be nice to get a green dot :)

    Not that it matters that much

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  • unseenguy
    06-22 07:30 PM
    USCIS kept on updating the total number of cases received for H-1B for FY 2009-10. However, the recent USCIS H-1B ( cap count indicates decline in number of cases than what had been previously reported. The updated count reports the receipt of 44,400 ‘Regular’ cap cases, by June 12, 2009 which is lesser than the prior count of 47,700, given as of May 22, 2009. There is no explanation too from USCIS for this decline in trend. Thus, this reduced number may reflect either withdrawals by employers, denials by the USCIS, duplicate filings, or an error in the prior cap counts.

    As of this writing, both the Advanced Degree and Regular caps remain open. We will continue to provide updated H-1B cap count information.

    More... (

    USCIS financial loss:

    cap : 65000 (minus chile, singapore 6800) = 58200

    cap count : 47,700 (max) , 44,400 (min)

    H1B filing fees: 2320 USD per application

    shortfall : 24,360,000 (min) , 32,016,000 (max)

    Assuming 15% premium processing 1000*1000 = 1,000,000

    Total shortfall for new applications : 25 million USD. (min)

    Also since I have 2 year EAD now, I may not renew my H1 this november. I am sure, L1, H1 extensions etc are having similar revenue impact.


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  • maalelsi
    10-14 09:54 AM
    It is direct deposit / stub, but company name does not show anywhere and I spoke with employees that have been there over a year and they say that is also how the W2 is printed. Company name does not show.

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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-12 01:37 PM
    They might accept the application but send in an RFE with a request to pay the difference ;)


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  • needhelp!
    09-23 05:59 PM
    Here is one of the comments below that article that makes sense too (claims to be from a congressional staffer):

    As a congressional staffer, I'd say you should just call. Even if you address the letter to the LA, it will likely be passed off to an intern or an LC (legislative correspondent). Writing to constituents is not fun, and most offices have people that do it all day long.

    More than likely, an intern will pick up. DO NOT just start rambling about whatever issue you want to gripe about. This signals the person who answered that you are crazy, and should not be speaking to a staff member. They are very busy, and no one is going to pass a crazy person off to their boss. The intern will know to either say "We'll pass that on for you" (which he will not), or say "I've made a note and I'll deliver it to the congressman" (again, he will not). Interns don't know anything, nor do they have the power to do anything.

    Instead, simply say your full name and ask whoever is on the phone to speak with the LA who handles the issue about which you are concerned. Be calm, be stern. If you speak to the LA, don't just start off with "I have some opinions I'd like you to know; here they are!" Instead, ask questions! Ask what the congressman's positions are on the issues. Ask why. Explain your own position. Finally, ask if there is any other information the staffer might need.

    You might be passed off to voice mail. Do NOT give your opinions here. Simply say that you have some concerns about a certain issue, and that you would like a call back.

    Most offices have daily callers and letter writers who leave incoherent notes and messages about anything from UFOs to mexican truck drivers. Your goal should be to separate yourself from this crowd.
    Do this, and be rational, and you just might make a difference.

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  • sanjose16
    02-26 01:22 PM
    Thanks fromnaija for quick reply..

    I'll not stop my employer ( company 'A' ) to file H4 extension for her cause if her H1 thru company 'B' is not approved, my wife will be out of status...

    Based on you reply,

    all I can do is to request my employer to file H4 extn ASAP to avoid overlap with H1 filing...

    If it cannot be done,

    then I should pray that her H4 extension gets approved first......


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  • HV000
    08-07 02:01 PM
    Hi ,

    I was working for company A and got my labor and I-140 approved and then i changed to company B. My priority date is jan 2005. Is there any way that i can continue my green card process with company A. WOuld be of great help if somone can tell me if there is any way to do it.

    Did you try porting your PD?

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  • ushkand
    07-23 10:20 PM
    WOW! they'll accept applications without medical examinations. Wish I had known that before sending my second app. :( Seems like USCIS is more forgiving this time around - you think the flowers had something to do with it?;)

    Hope they treat my G-325 oversight the same way and issue an RFE instead of outright rejecting the application. (Fingers crossed)


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  • ChainReaction
    02-19 10:17 AM

    I just saw on DOL website that my PBEC labor has been approved, on the other hand my old i-140 is stuck in NSC filed Sept 9th, 2006 EB3.

    My question is how can i port my old PD? Should i wait for the old i-140 to be approved and then file for the new one or is there a way i can use the old i-140 later on during the 485 filing time to port the PD?

    Any suggestion will be appreciated.

    Is there anyone in this situation please help:)

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  • Jeff Wheeler
    04-09 08:04 PM
    Great job both of you, and glad I could offer inspiration. :D


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  • sravani
    05-16 09:48 PM
    It's about time the govt decided to question H1B visa hogging companies.

    Let's hope some thing good comes out of this grilling

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  • wandmaker
    01-10 10:30 AM
    Agree on 1 and 2. But it is (c) (9) FILED I-485 for #3. I applied recently with no problem. Include a copy I-485 receipt.

    you are correct for #3


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  • GoldenBoy
    10-12 07:19 AM
    see kax thats the problem

    you cant edit swfs using flash....

    or can you??

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  • sk2010
    02-04 05:39 PM
    I had entered USA on Advance Parole last year and they didn't ask for EAD.


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  • dpp
    01-27 08:41 AM
    yes, in general as per law, you have to file tax returns to both states.

    But most of the desi-employers try to use same state that they used first part of year and continue with that till end of year. But in the next year, they start with new state. This happens all the time with most of the desi-employers. There is no problem. You are not skipping any taxes, it is your employer's responsibility. If your employer says, he is working here and paying state taxes, then thats it, nobody can't say/argue anything.


    It is partly my fault as I should have noticed when I started a new project in end August in South Carolina.

    But now looking at my W2 it shows that my employer has been filing taxes in my previous state Missouri for the entire year. How should I go about correcting this? I was in Missouri for 5 months and in South Carolina for the remainder. In which state should I file my tax too?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

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  • nortam1
    07-17 10:48 PM
    Alright all,

    Celebrating the good news here.

    Question: Did anybody receive confirmation about their AOS applications being returned after filling in early July (Say on the 2nd or 3rd)? I know there have been rumors about a few returned applications but I haven't actually found anyone in such situation + my attorneys confirmed today that USCIS specifically instructed not to return/reject them.

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  • askreddy
    07-26 12:49 AM

    Which part of address change trigger RFE

    1) Submitting AR11


    2) Changing address for pending 485.

    Will any one at USCIS does anything/do processing/look into it, if you just submit AR11.


    09-11 12:58 PM
    Given the general apathy and hatred towards the term 'H1B' most anti immigrant groups after the rally are likely to come up with headlines/captions for their stories such as 'H1B Temporary workers rally in Washington' and so on. During the flower campaign I happened to come across such a headline on, 'H1B workers in flowery protest' or something on similar lines. These anti immigrant groups deliberately downplay the term 'High Skilled Immigrants'.

    Since most of us have filed for AOS under the revised August visa bulletin we are termed as Adjustees. As we all know adjustees can stay in this country without a visa under the protection of the Attorney General of the United States. Also we are aware of that adjustees are given EAD to work and AP to travel in and out of the country which are special rights till their case is decided. I think we should highlight this point if we come up across forums/interviews which use the 'H1B workers' stick to beat down our rights as 'Adjustees under the protection of the Attorney General of the US'.

    Just a thought I wanted to share it with this community. If not found relevant to the cause please feel free to delete this post.

    09-01 05:19 PM
    Hello everybody,
    My lawyer mailed me photocopy of I-485 form ,EAD application and AP form
    which she filed last month. I saw that my lawyer has enter my old address (Michigen ) by mistake. My current address is in Illinois. The G328 form mentions the Illinois address as my present address. I had already send my AR-11 mentioning my Illinois address as my new address before my I-485 was filed.
    My worry is will the finger print notice,EAD, will come to Michigen address or Illinois address

    Pls guide what should I do to change the address on 485 to my new address..





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