Monday, July 4, 2011

Welcome back, Miss Teak-ley: Adrian Chiles looks very pasty compared to his dark tanned Daybreak co-host Christine

She's been going a deeper shade of brown every day for the past few weeks that she's now looking rather mahogany.

But the depth of Christine Bleakley's tan was given it's very own category today, as it was discovered that her colour is actually called 'burnt bacon brown'.

Bleakley returned to the Daybreak sofa this morning after a month's holiday during which she got engaged to footballer boyfriend Frank Lampard.

Do not adjust your sets: At work with the tan chart yesterday

She also had four weeks to soak up the sun in Los Angeles - where Lampard proposed - and Majorca, and the days by the pool and the sea were evident today, so much so that it prompted her co-host Adrian Chiles to produce a 'Tanton' colour chart.

Which shade matches your tan? Adrian holds up his 'Tantone' colour chart to see what colour Christine is

Teasing her about her dark hue, he held up his chart which showed tan shades including 'scrambled egg white', 'toasty tan' and 'runny yolk orange'.

But it was only when he got to the darker shade at the bottom and Christine held up her arm against it, it was decided she was 'burnt bacon brown'.

Adrian Chiles compares the depth of Christine Bleakley's tan on his colour chart

It's not the first time that Christine has been ridiculed for her dark tan, whether real or fake.

She is naturally honey-skinned but some might say she has an obsession with being really dark.

She first proved she was a fan of the teak look when she and boyfriend Frank Lampard went on holiday to Sardinia last July - and spent the entire time roasting in the sun.

Working on it: Christine looked rather fair when she first slipped into a bikini while in Los Angeles a few weeks ago

Not so tangoed: Christine showed off her real tan from her Italian holiday last summer compared to her orange hue the week before

And in February this year, she was snapped leaving a beauty salon sporting a bright shade of mahogany having overdone the fake-tan.

Something which she may want to keep in mind for her wedding day, as white or ivory can really set off a tan and make it look darker.

Christine and Lampard got engaged in California after he got down on one knee and presented her with a £120,000 ring.

source: dailymail



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