Monday, July 4, 2011

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    03-08 07:40 AM
    We are a few hours away from the biggest Awards ceremony in Hollywood and the world. So what part do Immigrants play in the biggest show on earth? Talent is the one universal passport, and Hollywood has always had a place for immigrants � from German maestro Fritz Lang, who headed west when Hitler's minister of propaganda pressured him to take over Germany's top studio, to Polish Roman Polanski, who directed Los Angeles' definitive film noir, "Chinatown," and Taiwan-born Ang Lee, who became the first nonwhite to win an Academy Award for directing for "Brokeback Mountain," his reinvention of the western.

    As Hollywood tries to stave off commercial stasis, the industry has been undergoing another chapter in its love affair with foreign writers and directors, particularly those from the Far East and Latin America. The international box office now accounts for more than 60% of a film's box office gross.

    Of course, in this age of globalization, it's unclear what it even means to be a Hollywood immigrant anymore. "It doesn't matter where you live," says Paramount Classics chief John Lesher. "We all talk on the phone. We see each other at film festivals. You can edit a movie in Brazil, and your editor can be in London, and you can put it together seamlessly in perfect time."

    So for Oscars 2010 we will not able to determine again who is an immigrant and who is not, an honestly who cares. What we want to know is who will win tonight.

    For as lacking in suspense as the acting races are, the contest for the biggest prize couldn't be any closer. It's David vs. Goliath here, with 'Hurt Locker' and 'Avatar' seemingly trading "favorite" status every other day.

    Unless they somehow split the votes and the Weinstein-backed 'Basterds' revises more history with an upset, the Oscar will go to either the highest-grossing Best Picture winner ever, or the lowest (in half a century, anyway). Be warned: This one is flip-a-coin close. Enjoy the Oscars tonight!!!!

    More... (

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  • mirchiseth
    06-03 08:47 PM
    My last EAD and AP were filed at TSC and that is what is specified in e-file application. Now I am getting worried :confused:

    Update 1: During the EAD efiling process I made a mistake which might have caused this anomaly. More on this thread (

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  • bsnf
    10-04 09:09 PM
    We went there today, got done in 15 mins. Lots of parking space outside the office.

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  • alejo6819
    10-04 08:55 PM

    I have my FP appointment at this USCIS office in Charlotte, NC at 4801 Chastain Ave.
    Has anybody been to this place before?
    I wanted to know about parking and any other useful info anybody can provide.

    Thanks a lot.


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  • subba
    07-08 12:36 PM
    Was in the middle of job search before this rollercoaster ride happenned.
    Not sure what approach to take now.

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  • sintax321
    10-22 02:40 AM
    Thanks guys. I just sat down and started trowing things on the canvas. It all came together by accedent. I still have some other little stuff to add to it.

    I know it is kind of old school to use radial blurs and scan lines but the look so cool.

    I'm humbled by yuor comments thank you:goatee:


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  • kalyan
    06-23 12:50 PM
    Those who are on h1 cannot do that as IV is not employer for H1b.

    Who are on EAD and above line can do it.

    Its my thought.

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  • Gravitation
    01-29 02:09 PM
    Let's post about IV at our local craigslist chapters. We can't afford to slack off.


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  • gc4vk
    12-13 05:01 PM
    Yes, Finger prints are done in Oct 07

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  • kumaabh
    01-21 06:09 PM
    I think you cant work internationally and invoke AC21. It doesnt make any sense. However, you can work internationally without invoking AC21 and still keep the GC process alive, because GC is for a future position.


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  • qualified_trash
    05-19 11:49 AM
    Immigration laws are a federal mandate. It does not matter where your lawyer is based...........

    Try to get a good lawyer. Where they are located should never be a consideration.

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  • apahilaj
    06-18 11:53 AM
    Wondering if we need to Pay $80 towards Biometric Fee when Renewing I-131? paid the Biometric Fee last year when Applied for the First Time.

    I did not pay any biometric fee for my AP renewal. My application is pending with TSC since May 30th.


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  • img86
    10-08 01:02 PM
    Hi thanks a lot for the prompt reply. But I am curious to know the chances of getting my transfer petition approved from my current employer. I heard we should be in H1B status before apply for transfer and we should have minimum 3 paystubs from the employer who processed H1B.

    So without having all these is there any chance to get my transfer petition approved?

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  • eyeswe
    05-15 12:49 PM
    Thanks for the quick reply. Did you have a permanent US address though as you shuttled between Toronto and US?


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  • gcturbulance
    06-22 10:41 AM
    Hi Experts/Lawyers,
    Hope someone can shed some light on this case, anyone who is/has experienced this situation.Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

    My previous company (9yrs), they filed for my GC.
    Labor approved and they did a concurrent filing in august 2007.
    After a year I lost my job, no choice, had to quit, tired to hang in there for I-140 approval but, they had one lay off and I was safe and another layoff soon after I left the company.

    After a month or so they withdrew my I-140 petition and it was not approved.I didn't get any notice, but came to know when I got my I-485 denial notcie.

    I found a new job out of state, working remote.Filed for I-485 and I-140 MTR/appeal with the help of new attorneys.They claimed since the concurrent filing was past 180 days and if I-140 was approvable they should approve it and allow me to port to the new company.

    Meanwhile I got H1B extension with the new company.

    The MTR/Appeal Got denied and the notice didn't mention anywhere that my petition was unapprovable, but since it was withdrawn, it's denied and we did show the proof of new job and job offer and pay stubs in the same/similar position and responsibility.

    We tired two more appeals, I tried Congressional office, everything failed. Now the attorneys suggest that I go for Writ of Mandamus, and I' am going for that now.

    Meanwhile my H1B with the new company is valid till sept of this year.I do not have new perm pending or new GC process, but will still have the job offer for AC21.

    Also my spouse is a GC holder, will be eligible to file for citizenship in 2011.

    I have to stay legal till that happens or I hear from the lawsuit.Can't extend H1B since GC process is not pending now (this was my 9th year extension).

    What are my options? Is it safe to try and see if I can change my status to F1 and go to school here till my spouse gets the citizenship? I have a I-130 pending through that way.So my immigrant intend is clear.Help please.

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  • sunnymit
    05-10 12:44 PM
    As I understand, the 6 yrs time period includes the time spent on any type of H visa - H1 or H4.


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  • Jubba
    04-06 05:26 PM
    well ones a fax and the other is a California area code telephone number...

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  • lelica32
    07-31 10:03 AM
    Nobody knows a answer

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  • Beta_mle
    05-07 07:10 AM
    In Franz Kafka's chilling story "The Metamorphosis", a man wakes up one morning to find that he has been transformed into a "gigantic insect". Recently, a California family, all permanent residents for over 30 years, was suddenly informed by the government that they were all illegal aliens and must return to Thailand. Mr. Promsiri entered the United States on a student visa. His wife and two young sons, aged 10 and 3 joined him in 1971. In 1975, the parents obtained a divorce from a Thai Consulate in the U.S. The wife married an American citizen, and the couple honeymooned...

    More... (

    This is ridiculous. Arbitrary and capricious. This is most unbecoming of an advanced society. You would think that mind numbed robots were running the system instead of sensible human beings.

    03-02 06:27 AM
    Sorry to hear about your upcoming hardship..
    I 've had a similar situation recently - where my H1B (with employer A) was about to expire and then another employer (B) had to recruit me, they filed for transfer+extension.
    In I129 while filing, they would have to select (cant recall the exact verbiage) new employer (related to transfer) AND extension of current status. Its better to file this kind of petition premium. I got the new approved petition within 2 weeks with new expiry date as +2yrs, with start date earlier than the H1B expiry date (with A).

    07-25 07:01 PM
    Gallop Polls are conducted to find out the best guestimate. Alomost every memeber in this thread would ahve started their green card journey. The results you will be getting would be useless, I believe. If you want some realistic data, you should post this message in the General category of Immigration Voice.



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