Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • supreet
    07-09 02:54 PM
    Thanks so much everyone for your replies. I am planning to go for this job, I guess it will be better to be self-employed rather than unemployed.

    However, a few follow up questions.

    1. I realize on 1099 I will not have any pay stubs or offer letter (as pointed by someone). How can I respond to a Employment Verification RFE? What documentory proof will I need to answer the RFE?

    2. If I can get an offer letter for 'Contract to Hire' will that be an appropriate response to any potential EVL RFE? Will it be ok if the full time joing date is say 3 months from now? First 6 months on 1099 and then full time hire?

    3. Is it better to go corp-to-corp through another vendor instead of 1099? That way I can have pay stubs/offer letter through a vendor company which will produce my pay stubs (even though I will lose about 20% of my billing rate)?

    Just an additional detail, my job duties are going to be exactly same as what was approved on my labor.

    Your help is highly appreciated.


    - S

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  • smuggymba
    07-20 11:50 AM

    Do you have any numbers for advocacy effort participation in terms of EB2 vs EB3 ? You and some EB2 members on this forum seems to be suggesting that they are getting GCs faster because you they did some outstanding effort in terms of IV advocacy effort. Would you mind sharing some evidence in case you have some ?

    I didn't see EB2 guys overcrowding that event. There were well meaning, sincere members from both EB2 as well EB3.

    Please stop lecturing EB3 guys. If pappu or someone from leadership want to lecture us, it is fine. Not every jack and jill on this forum should lecture us.

    ok, let me put the matter to rest before you take it out of context. My observation was based on the thread that we had for collecting the amount..I didn't see many EB3 folks contribute dollars....but now that 2 EB3 are vouching that enough EB3 folks contibuted, that's great. I just observed something and if it hurt you right down the spine, sorry. I filed PERM 3 months ago, I'm far off in this process. Just focus on advocay so that everyone gets their GCs. Good luck. I hate this EB2 vs EB3, this is a never ending debate. Just hope everyone gets their GC in time.

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  • PDOCT05
    10-08 10:39 AM
    Did you contact USCIS regarding your case ? Any response or the regular
    'wait for 30/45 more days' answer ?
    Looks like today is holiday..i called up no response.

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  • skgc
    04-01 01:33 AM
    Hi All,

    I have a question about invoking AC21 using EAD vs AC21 using H1B.

    My status is as follows:
    - approved 140 from a BIG company with BIG lawyers, but company going down.
    - more than 180 days since filing 485
    - H1B valid till March 2010.
    - I have been on H1B since 2001

    I do not know if my sponsoring employer will revoke my 140, but I believe it should not matter.

    My question however is regards to the EAD/H1B usage after revoking AC21.

    I may get an offer from a company that is small with limited funding. They are not willing to do my H1B and want me to use EAD. I wanted to keep my H1B valid, but the company will make me pay for it. And given that I will have to apply for extension soon, I will have to pay for it again. So monetarily, its not good for me.

    So I thought of using EAD for the new job. But if I want to get back to H1B later, i have the following questions:

    1. Can I go back to H1B again after using EAD
    2. Will I be subjected to the cap?
    3. What should I do to get back to H1B?
    4. Can I do it without leaving the country?
    5. Will the financial of the new company matter. Its a valid startup and my job will be similar. I will take a pay cut, but I believe it should not matter for AC21.
    6. Any other advice, anyone?

    I would really appreciate if someone could help me out.


    ps: i have donated and been active in the forum earlier under a different name. i lost that id, hence created a new one. so please dont reply asking me to donate first.


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  • gc_on_demand
    05-01 02:13 PM
    Not sure I understand your scenario.

    Why would the dependent not file AOS at all ? Are you refering to CP ?

    My good faith best understanding is FB2 is not far behind. please refer VB.

    There may be a chance that Eb2 india will touch 2008 in a year. and F2b will be at 2006. How dependet can file 485 as if they counted against F2A their date is not current.

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  • abracadabra
    07-07 10:52 PM
    Hope somebody is serious out there, just kidding


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  • indianindian2006
    08-27 06:17 PM
    My date will be current next month. But I got fingerprinting notice, and the appointment is on Sep 17th . Does that means will I have to wait until my FP is done to get the approval?. Please suggest me is there any way I can get my FP done prior to the scheduled date. This is my 2nd FP notice. First one was in Feb 2008.

    you should be able to do a walk-in finger printing on any day, they will make you wait a bit though.

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  • amitjoey
    11-17 04:40 PM
    Please also send the text by email to the staff you have rapport with at the congressional offices.


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  • h1-b forever
    08-31 09:35 AM
    My wife and i got emails from USCIS and we checked our status online and it is now CPO. The approval is based on my wife's applicatiion ( EB2 India, Dec 2005). I had two applications one as her dependent and another my own that is EB3 I, Jan 2004.

    Congratulations mnkaushik?

    How many such cases are with uscis? And what happens to the one you filed for yourself?

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  • fall2004us
    08-13 08:24 PM
    thanks dude...
    lets see how it goes after that...
    Is the 485 processed based on RD or PD ?? I heard mixed opinion on IV,
    I am not able to get a hold of my attorney.


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  • desixp
    02-15 10:53 AM
    Transaction ID # 7GF88077VF164393T

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  • desi_scorpion
    08-02 10:32 AM
    Thanks for activile asking the right questions (where the 140 was approved - nsc or tsc) on trakiitt. Thx


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  • EndlessWait
    04-30 05:05 PM
    also ..this looks very inaccurate ..because I know lot of indians who got H1 during the peak (when h1 was 195k) have gone back. i.e either they got better oppurtunities back home or just went back as they were not getting jobs. I did stay in one of the guest house which had lots of consultants ..none of them are here anymore !!

    lots of labors were sold..god knows how many are in queue by substitution

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  • zoooom
    07-20 11:41 AM

    I have contributed through the link on home page.

    PLease do not contribute towards this fund as yet..we havent decided a mode of payment yet. We are just counting currently. We will let you guys know about the mode of payment on Monday.


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  • anzerraja
    07-20 09:01 AM
    Here is the updated spreadsheet

    Google spreadsheet gurus, can anyone let me know how to make it editable by everyone accessing the thread, so that it can be updated by them directly.

    If that is not doable anybody willing to pitch in some help to keep updating this from time to time as the thread grows ?

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  • munnu77
    04-23 05:08 PM
    File a BBB case..but make sure you are absolutely sure Company is at fault...if its just money..
    i guess u have to take a "hit".. but if they have violated ur rights in any way..u should pursue all possible options of getting justice.

    is that a desi consultant!
    I think we need to create a site of all desi consultants and rate them.. discretely.;-)

    we already have one..


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  • gene77
    03-25 09:57 PM
    I am EB3 India--OCt 2004...My hopes are dwindling...let's see...

    Waiting to see some movement ...... god bless us!!

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  • delhiguy
    07-08 06:36 PM
    The case should not have been accepted if the lady does not have constitutional rights. Lets see if they reject the case on this basis after listening to Tancredo.

    I have a question , if someone want to answer it.

    We are applying for EB based greencard,That is its my company which is applying for my GC, i am just an benefeciary , and USCIS is dealing with my company, How can i then sue USCIS in the lawsuit.

    I asked this because, my lawyer told me that its my company who is the applicant in a EB based GC

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  • desiguy22042
    09-22 10:38 PM
    I am happy to announce that I have received the EAD cards today (just like rc0878 had suggested). I should not have doubted the encouragement and estimation of the experience here.
    So, I received the EAD cards dated Sept 18th, expiry is one year from the issue date i.e. Sept 17th, 2008 (unlike someone else's cards which were valid for only 3 months).
    Let me know if someone wants to ask any other information.
    thanks again. :D

    I received my (and my family's) transfer notice (and hence the WAC### nos.) for 485 application yesterday at my residence. The cases were filed in CA by my lawyer (filing from MD). The cases have been transferred to TX.

    I am yet to receive any notice/tracking no. for EAD and AP applications. The checks were made by the lawyer so that is not an option.

    1) Does transfer mean delay in processing ?
    2) Is EAD tracking no. different from the 485 no. ? If so, where can I get that from ?
    3) Are they still issuing EADs in about a couple of months ? If so, that is great. If not, when does the 90-day clock start for INFOPASS ? (if it is an option in this incresed activity)

    Any answers or discussions or links to the solutions are welcome.

    Good luck to everyone for the speedy processing.:D

    09-10 05:04 AM

    Though i can't do it, as i am in India after my Visa Denial, some group of people should adopt Gandhiri priniciples and do a fast unto death principile before the White House while others should support all the people who are fasting.

    Otherwise, our talks will never get noticed.

    India got 52Billion $ in Remittances . Most of them from US. No GC means more remittances.

    Think collectively and do something big.

    09-17 07:02 PM
    Hello All,

    I just got my finger printing notice in mail, where as I was actually expecting to get case number first. But anyway, here are my details :

    Priority Date : April 2006
    Type : EB2
    I485 received by USCIS on 3 rd July 2007 ( By R. Williams)
    I140 approved from Texas
    Sent I485 to Nebraska. transfered to TX.
    got EAD, Case Number and Finger printing notice today from TSC.
    finger printing appointment on 10/09

    I do not know when and where my checks were cashed from because my company lawyers paid for it and I am in no mood to talk to them.

    Hopefully everyone will get greencards soon. Good luck to all..... see you all in FBI name check forum.




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