Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ashley to Remarry Cheryl

Footballer Ashley Cole reportedly plans to marry his ex-wife Cheryl Cole, nine months after their divorce.

Ashley rekindled his romance with Cheryl three months ago. According to dailymail.co.uk, the 30-year-old Chelsea footballer apparently told friends: "I'm going to marry Cheryl again, it's what we both want."

A source close to the footballer said: "It was no secret that Cheryl's mind was not on 'The X Factor'. Simon Cowell even said as much. Ash made it clear to all his friends that he wanted to win Cheryl back and they've been properly in touch for the past six months, meeting at his brother Matty's house.

"They've spent so many evenings together, it was all like a covert operation. There was a kiss here and there, but things got a little bit more intimate just before Cheryl went to America."



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