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Love You Honey

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  • axp817
    07-28 02:36 PM
    I-765 received: July 22 2008
    Soft LUD: July 27 2008

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  • rpulipati
    01-08 06:36 PM
    Received yesterday for 01/23.

    Case details: TSC -> CSC -> TSC

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  • kshitijnt
    04-24 12:46 AM
    Yeah no problem. We all have egos. Dont apologize, instead spend money on court and attorneys.

    I had an RFE from NSC that they wanted to see experience letter from employer from specific format. They specifically said in RFE that they didnt want to see affidavits or paystubs or offer letter or any other document. Remember EB2 category criterion is "5 years of progressive work experience" word progressive is important and offer letter doesnt prove it.

    If you havent been in this situation, do not offer unnecessary advise based on your gut feeling.

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  • chanduy9
    07-03 02:45 PM
    Once you sent the flowers pls poll @


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  • hiUS
    10-03 11:05 AM
    PD 2002 Sept EB2
    RD 2007 Mar
    I-485 Approved Oct 1 2008
    Service center NSC->TSC (Approved)

    If you have any emergency to go out of country or to change jobs, you can get your passport stamped by taking an Infopass appointment or you can request IO to upload the Biometrics to TSC. you will get the card in 10 or 15 business days after uploading the biometrics. either way your GC is no worries.

    My answer is depending on my experience with GC.

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  • lrindy
    08-09 10:35 AM
    Our I-140 was approved by TSC RN 08/16/06 approved 08/24/06 under regular processing, but we sent 485 package to NSC due to where we live. Received 07/05/07. I was told to call after 30 days, which I did yesterday. I was told a new memo had gone out 08/08/07 internally to each service center stating that all customers should be adviced that let 90 days pass before calling service centers to get receipt numbers. The backlog for data entry was so great that it will take that long before it is all cleared. If you have not received a RN by 90 days then please call back and your case will be dealt with then. He also adviced that as the 90 days approaches, if no RN has been sent to us then make appointment at field office for EAD etc. I did mention that there was no such memo on their website and processing dates showed 07/11/07 for 485. No answer to this. So we wait and see what happens. I can only tell you what I have been told. He did comment on countries with high volumes of visas, "they will be waiting for 10 years plus for actual GC's under the system we have in place right now." Things change everyday, so keep the faith!


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  • ddanait
    02-17 01:01 AM

    I have donated $50 earlier and want to donate another $50 for the Advocacy day but everytime I click on donate it shows me some wierd message from paypal. Please help, I would prefer to pay via paypal or donate by credit card.

    Participating in Advocay day
    Getting one more person by using miles
    Let's make it happen for us and all

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  • eb3retro
    06-07 12:56 AM
    the lawyer is taking his own sweet time to file it.


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  • Jerrome
    08-15 11:55 AM
    Documents Mailed : July 17th 2008
    Documents Received : July 18th 2008.

    EAD Approved on August 14th 2008 for me, For my spouse still pending. My EB2 PD is current.

    it means no luck this time for GC, i guess

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  • NKR
    10-03 08:35 AM
    My status on CRIS has changed. No emails. Its says my approval has been sent. But nothing about the card. I spoke to the CS and they said my biometrics have to be uploaded. In the mean time can I get my passport stamped?.

    Could you tell me your PD, RD, ND and service centre please?..


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  • sheela
    08-01 05:02 PM
    I looked at both the service center webpages(texas & nebraska) & I-485 application has to be sent to Nebraska only.I do not understand now why they are transferring the application from nebraska to Texas
    if I-140 is approved at Texas.
    Has anyone have any idea?
    My I-140 mailed/delivered at TSC was approved in 20 days (2/2006). Attorney mailed AOS at NSC (delivered on 7/2/07: he said all EB applications has to go to NSC irrespective of the center of I-140 appoval). I donot understand if it is to be transferred to TSC why it should have been invited at NSC-may be receipt #s are generated at NSC and cases are transferred electronically to different centers for handling depending upon work load of the center. NSC may be the monitoring center. Going by discussions here it looks like TSC is quick and fast. Any guesses?

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  • susie
    04-24 05:28 PM

    I have a unique position. couple of weeks back I was told that have fatal cancer and won't live pass 4-6 months. After recovering from initial shock I am wondering if my wife will be able to continue her american dream or she will have to head home after me.

    I have filed 485 with approved 140 back in june, 2007 with PD of March, 2003

    Please help.


    I am so truly sorry to hear of the passing of this gentleman and why there just has to be a compassionate visa introduced.

    My dear husband passed very quickly with this horrendous illness, my prayers and thoughts are with the family, god bless


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  • zoooom
    07-19 09:01 PM
    $200 just tell me how and when
    We are counting the number of people intesrested and will let everybody know how the money will be collected..

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  • Hello_Hello
    02-09 09:39 PM
    Banned from visiting USA ??? So what ??? If you get time to visit India go to Gujarat and see the development in last 10 years also if possible compare it with Amethi & Raibarrelly the constituency of present Queen & prince & their'll get your answers.Really? Narendra Modi is great? And thats why he has been banned from visiting USA...WOW


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  • sbanil
    09-20 10:37 PM
    Which number to call?? Do they ask all the details of lawyer as well??


    What is the phone number to call to get the status of application? My applicaiton received on July 2nd at Nebraska Center and still no receipt notice . Checks are not cashed either. Is there anyway to findout the receipt number?

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  • H1B-GC
    07-24 09:10 AM
    Paper filed on June 19, 2008 (Renewal)
    Service center: TSC
    Approved : July 18th '08
    Card Received : July 23rd
    2 year EAD Approved :)

    Start date :Sept 2008 - Sep 2010


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  • HelloGC07
    08-03 05:10 PM
    Hello Gc ,

    Did you see any change in the update Date on I 140 ?Just want to check when they will update the Date on I 140 when moving from NSC- TSC

    No LUD on approved I 140

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  • furiouspride
    08-24 07:44 PM
    True, like I still have a EDD letter talks about my first case for GC was filled on Aug. 2001 as wanted to immigrant but what is the use, as I have to file new one as even if I have transferred my employment to my parent companies client, USCIS has no rule to transfer labor process or priority dates until has approved i140, they requires to file new one which surly takes time. And I am sure mostly people completed even 10 years of working waiting for GC have the same issue.
    what language is this bro? :confused: damn!

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  • immi_seeker
    09-13 09:21 PM

    Given the EB3 situtation.....most EB3 will convert to EB2 and flood EB2. This is going to happen soon. More money for USCIS.....EB2 will become U

    Not in the current economy though. With 10% joblesseness all PERM (whether EB2 or EB3) are highly scrutnized. Forget about PERM even the simple Hi1B stamping is having huge issues.

    02-17 07:59 PM
    Keep it going guys and gals!

    09-22 09:38 PM
    Today i received mine and my wife Receipt # for I-485 application which was received by NSC on 23 July. However the receipts that i received is from
    California Service center as they start with WACXXXXX.

    My lawyer also applied for the work permit for myself and my spouce but i havent received any receipt of that applications. I did not confirmed with my lawyer yet whether he has received any receipts or not.

    I cheked the status of my I-485 application and it says that they have transfered our case to TSC.

    The receipt date on the notice is sep. 15 2007 and the notice date is
    sep. 18, 2007.

    I belong to EB3/ROW category.



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