Monday, July 4, 2011

The Wonder Girls recently rocked the ‘2011 Special Olympics’ in Greece with a fun performance of “Nobody“, “Tell Me“, and “Arirang“. The girls were picked up to be South Korea’s representatives at the event.

To begin the recap, member Ye Eun shared some photos from the Special Olympics ceremony on July 4th. She tweeted, “”I came back from awarding“, and uploaded a picture of herself draping a medal over a winners’ neck.

She uploaded a variety of other pictures, including one with fellow Wonder Girls member Sunye.

Later, the Wonder Girls performed at the closing ceremony in Athens. The event holds great significance, for it promotes the acceptance of disabled peoples in society and gives them the opportunity to actively participate in sports. The audience cheered enthusiastically as the girls worked it for “Nobody” and “Tell Me”, before diving into a spectacular stage performance of Korea’s traditional anthem, “Arirang”.

The Wonder Girls will return to the States to record for their upcoming album.

Check out the performances below!

source: allkpop



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