Monday, July 11, 2011

Chinese Dragon Tattoo

The Chinese Dragon Tattoo - What does it mean?
By Marie Wilson

Dragon tattoos are the most popular mythical creature called for in tattoo shops. People find themselves intrigued with their power, grace and spirituality. History and traditions of the Dragon is steeped in almost every culture throughout the world. This makes them interesting to note that almost anyone regardless of whether they were or were not even consider a tattoo. Dragon temptation is especially true for the Chinese dragon tattoo. People simply can not tear their eyes away from it.

While the Dragon is shown in the tales of blood are often harsh and hungry for the fire breathing monsters, and the Chinese dragon symbolizes just the opposite. Affectionately called descendants of the Chinese people the dragon because the dragon is a smart, kind and full of good intentions. She was said to bring rain much needed. This is the snake-like dragon and often do not have wings. They also have five claws. The Chinese Dragon in a very specific design. To have 117 tables, 81 are positive (Yang) while 36 are negative (Ying).

There are more than 100 dragon named old. Choose one of the Chinese dragon tattoo will require a lot of research and a lot of patience. It's worth the effort to have the authentic tattoo that speaks personally to those who you are. Here are just a few examples for consideration to you. Jiaolong hornless dragon that is said to be the leader of all aquatic animals. Tianlong heavenly dragon said to guard the sky. Shenlong is the god of thunder, which control the weather and Longwang is the divine ruler of the sea four. There are many more - this is not only a taste!

There are also five dragons colored classified as kings. White Dragon pure utopia. The Black Dragon lurks the mystic in deep water, and the dragon fruit to give the Vermillion lakes, the Azure Dragon is the most compassionate of all the Yellow Dragon kindness listen to any appeals.

These kings are only some sub-categories falling into the Chinese dragon. Chinese dragon tattoo can be literally one of hundreds of historically portrayed.

Whatever the Chinese dragon tattoo you choose, please make sure it is done correctly, and good taste. It is taboo in Chinese culture to distort the dragon. It is seen as very disrespectful. In an attempt to be faithful to this entire process, and ensure that your tattoo artist has a good knowledge on this particular subject. Chinese dragon is a symbol of power and strength. It is revered and distortion is no doubt that it will reach the soft spot.

Dragon are some of the most beautiful creatures and mythical monarchy that was created than ever before. It is mysterious and compelling. These properties make them exceptional for tattoos. A Chinese dragon tattoo will become a piece of the conversation. If you do your research, you should be able to wow anyone with your knowledge on this subject. Will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of thought and preparation which was put into your tattoo. It will become more than just a masterpiece. Will become a statement about you and what you are.



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