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Emma Watson Letterman 2010

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  • beautifulMind
    11-25 05:36 PM
    The only difference is if you work for the univ on a cap exempt H1b and than transfer to industry on a cap H1b then you would have to go through the lottery or masters quoto whatever applies...however there is a loophole in this and I have read somewhere that when you apply for a transfer for a cap exempt to cap subject USCIS have goofed up and let it go through

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  • testerzback
    03-25 11:17 PM
    I know your time is very precious and not to waste.

    My issue is - I came to US as a programmar/analyst in Aug' 2005 with my B.Commerce (3years) and Master of Computer Applications (completed my 3years masters by 2003) in India. My H1 company in March'2008 applied for PERM/I 140 through EB3 (as a professional) recently they came back to me that my I140 got denied because of educational evaluation comparison difference and need to reapply again through a new lawyer as EB3 - unskilled - system support engineer.

    Is this really require to go through the new lawyer to restart the GC process? - and this costs me to lose my priority date - almost 2 years

    If yes, how are the chances to get the perm/I140 if I reapply through the same H1 company ?

    remember that I have to go for H1 extension by Aug'10 ( as I complete 5 years on my H1).

    Kindly suggest.


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  • smarth
    08-22 01:37 PM
    Does Indian Embassy charge any fee for endorsing new Passport number in the PIO card?

    How much time they take to complete this process?


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  • biznuge
    03-01 08:21 AM
    looks totally kinetic type. nice!


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  • crystal
    07-08 03:22 PM
    I beleive you need to choose Indian Citizen residing in United States .Check on thrusdays and fridays more closely

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  • vikrant29nov
    03-05 06:32 AM
    Thx :)


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  • radduri
    03-17 12:36 PM

    I would appriciate if some clarify me on the below queries.

    Here my situation is, I had a H1 approved in July 2008 and got stamped in Feb 2009. due to recission I wasn't on travel to US on my H1 status but in Nov 2009 my indian current employer asked me to travel US on business trip for 6 months but at the port of entry they gave only 3months stamp on I94 so my company applied extension for 3 months and got approved. Now my client asked me to join in his company and he is willing to take care of H1.

    So here my queries are.

    1. In my case how you want me to processed. do i need to transfer my current H1 on my client name or my client need to apply for a new h1.

    2. If he applies a new H1 then am i able to work imidiately here.

    3. if he applies for a H1 (either Transfer or New) how much time it will take to get approved. what is the best process to get approval imidiately(with in short time. becasue i have only 6 week of time to get expired my B1 I94)

    4. Is there any issues if i accept my client offer.

    Please help me to get clarify on all these issues.


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  • 2010 Emma Watson Biography.

  • aroranuj
    04-09 04:16 PM
    Can anyone whose I-140 has been denied the 1st time shed some light on their experience too?



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  • MTsoul
    04-22 06:59 PM
    That looks great! It looks like spongebob..

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  • Ahjeet
    12-03 06:03 PM
    Hi, your experience with visa rules will help me make a better decision. Here's my situation,

    H1b visa on passport expired on Apr/2009. Have approval until Apr/2010. Applied for 3 year extn in Nov/2009 under PP.

    An RFE is raised against the H1b extn (which was applied in Nov/2009). I have vacation planned starting 14Dec/2009; with just 3-4 months left on approved H1b papers, is it advisable to travel to India and do the stamping in HYD? Or am I risking my return to US?

    Please advice, and thank you. - Ahjeet.


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  • arunoman
    09-06 05:05 PM
    Am in a strange situation

    I filed I-140 and I-485 together in Aug 2007. I got I-140 receipt waiting for I-485 receipt.

    I-140 - Status - Pending

    Can I work in UK or Canada for some time?

    Kindly advice.

    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Guru's Kindly Respond. If I do this will there be any impact on my 485 Petition process?

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  • smuggymba
    09-12 09:44 AM
    Hi all!
    Wat would be the status of F1 student (OPT) mother of a US born baby after her visa expires, who is a single parent???

    It would be illegal.


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  • Tshelar
    11-06 10:40 AM
    Yes you can transfer based on the receipt number. There is not restriction on how many H1B petition can be filed on your behalf by different employers simultaneously. As long as you have no GAP in your paystubs during this transition you should be OK. I have gone through this experience in the past without any issue.

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  • sameer2730
    10-13 01:41 PM
    Cut Off Dates- Consulate General of the United States Mumbai, India (
    shows different dates for EB3 India.
    May be typo ????

    They copy china dates. They did the same thing last time. I think their program needs a fix. They will change it manually eventually. But in the meantime if you want to rejoice in hope feel free. I did that last month. I knew I was kidding myself but then thought, why not indulge myself.
    Three years back I dreamt my labor got cleared. Labor mind you not GC.Even in my dreams I don't see that. I was delighted. I was aware I was dreaming(One of those lucid dreams) but I let it continue. It felt good for a while. This is the same thing. Have fun


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  • soumya_bhatta
    03-23 07:33 AM

    Although my EAD has been approved long back, I haven't actually received the actual EAD card in hand because of an address related glitch. It is said they will re-send, but the delay is unbelievable. I have the A# from other correspondences.

    Under the circumstances, can I apply for a AC21.



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  • andy garcia
    03-28 08:12 PM
    Fiscal year 2007 -- Does this mean all the visas issued from nov-07 till date or nov-06 to oct-07 ?

    Fiscal Year 2007 means Oct 1, 2006 to Sep 30, 2007


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  • mrdhoni
    08-29 01:56 AM
    I am working in US on L1A visa expiring in November 2010 (completing 7 years). The Visa with whom I am working are not processing my GC. Before changing my Visa to L1A, I had H1B which is expired now. So I am applying for PERM through another employer. This employer/attorney is going to file for Labor in one or two months. What are the chances of my Labor and I-140 getting approved before December 2010? If my Labor got approved by December 2010, Can I switch to the employer who has applied for PERM and continue staying in US? Are there any options? Please advice. Thanks for your time.

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  • life99f
    03-25 09:19 AM
    Thanks...I haven't worked with cap H1b before.

    So it seems IMPOSSIBLE to change job from university to company since most companies won't help you apply H1B on April and wait 6 months (till Oct) to put you into work.

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  • morrisking
    03-09 05:15 PM

    I am working in the US on H1-B visa, and would like to start a company which would develop iphone applications which would have accompanying websites where people would register and pay a monthly service fee.

    I have read the various forums and it appears that I can be a passive investor in the company and not assume any role or work for the company even in a volunteer fashion.

    I would like to however fulfill my entrepreneurial dream and would like to take on the role on the CEO of the company. So, can I start the company in India (my country of birth) e take on the role of the CEO and then start a company over here as a passive investor and then do the leg work for expanding the business in US.

    Please advise.

    08-28 01:28 PM
    Hello Friends,

    My wife is on F1, doing her masters and is done with her course work, just left with one project (2 credits). Her college has the option of getting CPT (curriculum practical training) signed till the time her masters is not complete and then she is allowed to work off campus for 40 hours (full time).

    I have also filled for my 485 application, so I was wondering what is her status now after filling for 485 . Also is it fine if she gets her CPT signed now after filing I485. I just want to be sure that getting her CPT signed has no negative impact on our I 485.

    Any suggestions or anyone in similar situation


    07-12 04:10 PM
    Could anyone explain to me what this means (from aug visa bullettin):

    Employment Third Preference Other Workers Category: Section 203(e) of the NACARA, as amended by Section 1(e) of Pub. L. 105-139, provides that once the Employment Third Preference Other Worker (EW) cut-off date has reached the priority date of the latest EW petition approved prior to November 19, 1997, the 10,000 EW numbers available for a fiscal year are to be reduced by up to 5,000 annually beginning in the following fiscal year. This reduction is to be made for as long as necessary to offset adjustments under the NACARA program. Since the EW cut-off date reached November 19, 1997 during Fiscal Year 2001, the reduction in the EW annual limit to 5,000 began in Fiscal Year 2002.



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