Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • imh1b
    05-19 09:42 AM
    Can we attend this or it is only for Staff people in Congress?

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  • pvpb
    10-18 11:29 AM
    My case was filed at NSC on august 3rd...transferred to VSC and the 485 was transferred to TSC evn though my 140 is fro NSC...donno the logic behind it though


    I m starting a new thread for people whose 485 packets sent to VSC for receipting and returned back to TSC for 485 adjudication

    PD 10/04
    RD 08/03
    ND 10/12

    I-140 filed @ TSC, I-485 sent to TSC. Checks cashed from VSC and I-485 returned back to TSC

    I-765, I-131, FP are pending.

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  • atlfp
    06-14 09:43 PM
    Based on these reasons:

    1. EB legals doesn't really count when it comes to the consideration. For one, the numbers that are suffering are too small; for two, what you go through is nothing in the eye of Kennedy's --- you have a job, you have enough food, you are not dying in the are having a pretty decent life, except that you wanted more;

    2. Senators like Sessions can still argue that "so many legal people are waiting in the line", because you are indeed still waiting even though you can now file 485. So allow you to file doesn't really change their argument;

    3. What makes you think that if you shut up they are going to have a easy day? It's not like that you have any teeth to bite any way.

    So the PD moves forward is definitely a good thing regardless how CIR plays out.

    Mark my words.... President Bush will single handedly make sure to pass the bill as it is.....

    No one can stop it.

    Do you all think it is just a co incidense that all the dates became current just when this bill (which was supposed to be in grave :rolleyes: ) is revived by those who extremely opposed it?

    Do you know how many people will stop giving a damn, because they just filed their 485 s?
    People like me who are result of bad practice employers are still here, and lucky ones will depart.....

    We have been dealt a crucial blow here.

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  • deba
    06-12 04:39 PM
    Whoever you choose, please do not go to Keshab Raj Seadie. His office is at 146 West 29th Street, NY. Phone: (212) 571-6002. Aptly named website: should be renamed

    He is another worthless desi lawyer. Stay away from him! Only interested in taking your money. Poor service and once you have parted with your money good luck getting any timely response by phone or email. I have had very bad experience dealing with his office and don't be fooled by recommendations on his website saying he is very responsive etc.


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  • tinamatthew
    07-20 10:04 PM
    Dear Friends,

    Could somebody help us with an urgent question?

    In our 485 application, the lawyer put my divorce certificate from my previous marriage in my file but not in my wife's file. According to the 485 instruction, my divorce certificate should be included in my wife's file as initial evidence because she is the derivative applicant.

    Will USCIS deny my wife's 485?

    Touch and go situation. They may overlook it

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  • bfadlia
    12-09 12:12 AM
    Guess what! Feb 1995 bulletin is also out!!

    wow, u actually digged out the real feb95 bulletin.. amazing how many 'C's it had.. those were the days


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  • sushilup
    12-09 01:59 PM
    Hello Guys,

    I didn't find any thread on this topic, if there is one please give me the link.

    I have appointment in Ottawa for H1B stamping. I want to take my car instead of rental. Is there a problem?
    Please share if anyone has done this.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • Green.Tech
    07-18 03:38 PM
    Premium processing for 140 has been suspended until July 31, 2007.


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  • ajju
    09-03 05:37 PM
    Is there premium processing for I-765 which is t get EAD through marriage.
    Of course all the papers are being filed together. But I wanted to know specifically about this one.

    I thought I saw it somewhere.


    You may expedite the EAD processing if you've a valid reason like financial loss or others.. Check with your lawyer for your specific case...

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  • vallabhu
    08-17 03:23 PM
    Has any one ever heard of 140 denial due to less percentage of marks secured in graduation.


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  • zdash
    10-26 02:29 PM
    In September 2001, I came here on visitor visa with my mother and resided here till today (I was 15). I went through 4 yrs of high school, got my GED followed by an associate degree from community college and now I'm an undergrad student pursuing my bachelor degree; will graduate in a year. Meanwhile, my mother became a U.S. citizen through marriage when I was a sophomore in college, simultaneously my I-130 was approved and now waiting for the visa availability; the priority date: Dec 08, 2006, F1.
    Problem is that I turned 21 on October 13, 2006 right passed the time criterion for the Child Status Protection Act which technically makes me "aged-out" by about 2 months (filing date being DEC06), so I think that I am not be qualified as an immediate relative.
    Currently, the visa availability date is at 15FEB06 which is getting close to DEC06.

    Few months ago, I received a letter from NVC requesting DS-3032 and I-864 forms which I've filled out and sent to them but I regarded the fact that I live in the United States on an overstayed visa!!! I should have sent them a notice to adjust my status instead of paying the $70 and $400 fees that I already paid, apparently. I am not leaving the country to interview overseas with the NVC because that would put me in a 10 year ban obviously, I also do not understand how I can adjust my status with the USCIS once the priority date becomes current when I do not have a status as of now! So, I might've done all these for nothing. I've talked to some lawyers on the phone but they have completely shut my hopes down (maybe because I haven't paid them?). I do not have the money to pay for an expensive lawyer because all my funds can barely afford my college.

    On top of everything, DREAM act just got rejected from the congress as I'm getting ready to graduate from college. I have no idea what to do.

    With my college degree and knowledge that I have acquired over the years, I believe that I am an inevitable asset to this country but I am deeply saddened by the fact that American Dream is not becoming a reality for me. I know I can do more for the world but I'm immobilized by the system which I don't see any loopholes to at this point. I understand the views of the Republicans but I really wish that they can give one more look at the DREAM act. We do not intentionally break the law. I would actually be a law-abiding and a model citizen if I ever become one.

    Anyhow, I lost all my hopes and dream in this country at this point in time, that I think the only/best way is to move back to where I am from immediately upon graduation.

    If there is any hope, your help/advice/inputs will be greatly appreciated!

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  • Templarian
    03-09 12:09 AM
    You still have paint() event you can use to draw with. I once made a small image editor with it so it can't be too complicated to make a more advanced drawing type tool.


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  • makemygc
    06-19 12:37 PM
    Title of your thread scared the hell outta me. I thought this month's VISA bulletin was a "mistake" and they put the dates back to 2003... :( what a nightmare....

    I thought exactly the people.:D

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  • GC_1000Watt
    08-08 02:47 AM
    Nothing to worry, you have made no mistake, thats the way it appears

    all the best

    Thanks buddy! So I believe it's just the state of the consulate..right?
    By the way was your case kind of same?


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  • snathan
    05-16 12:32 PM
    I am on h4 visa now.It expires in Sep14,2011 .I have a company that wants to sponsor my H1 visa.the start date for the h1 visa would be 1st Oct,2011.
    Does this mean that i will be out of status for Sep14-Sep30, will i have to file for my h4 renewal for that period.also,would it affect my new h1 petition.

    Pls reply will be out of status during that period.

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  • eb2dec2005
    05-27 11:44 AM
    If your MIL is not in the US, you cannot technically extend the visa.

    My M-I-L is already in the US. She has her I94 valid unti June 7th.
    I did file for an extension online yesterday. However, i am yet to mail the documents.
    What i would like to know is, can she stay until we hear from USCIS about the extension getting approved/not approved?

    If at all its not approved, what happens?


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  • thomachan72
    11-03 02:28 PM
    My perm was filed in May 2007 in EB2. Got RFE in July 2007. Replied within 2 weeks. No response since then.

    Can I do anything from my side. Is there any way to contact/request DOL to inquire about the case.

    They are aparently processing audit cases dated September / october 2007 so yours seems strange. I have no idea about how to contact the labor department. Hopefully some one who knows will point you in the right direction.

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  • flash.stoffer
    08-07 11:33 AM
    Thanks.. icleric ;)

    Rigth now, I'm creating a new stamp :thumb:

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  • sk76012w
    12-17 12:07 PM

    Did you give mail forwarding instructions to USPS when you moved from your old address?
    I had done this online and got my AP duly forwarded to my new address. This happened about a month back.

    09-22 09:42 AM

    Here is the my status:

    - 140 approved(EB3 category)
    - I am in 7th year of my H1
    - 3year H1 extension is in-process

    All of the above with Company-A.

    If the 3year H1 is approved, will I be eligible to change job to Company-B and transfer my H1 to Company-B?
    Can I take my priority date from my application from Company-A to B?
    In what way Company-A can affect my status once I switch to Company-B?

    Thanks for your input.

    07-17 08:03 PM
    You dont need translation service to translate it. Any of your friend who is proficient in marathi and english can translate it.

    At the bottom of the translation, add these lines, and have your friend sign it along with his name and address.

    I, _______________________________, do hereby certify that I am proficient in both English and Marathi, and accordingly I am competent to perform translations, and that I have translated the foregoing/attached document accurately and to the best of my knowledge and ability.

    Hope that helps. I did this for my birth certificate as per my lawyers advice.

    Hi folks,

    Could someone please point me to a Marriage Certificate Translation service9s)?

    It's in Marathi and has photos, legal fee stamps and seals on it and I would like to retain the look as much as possible.

    I kinda searched this website, but the search engine doesn't take you to a specific post in a thread. Instead it just brings up all threads that contain a post with the search keyword. After navigating through a few pages with no luck, I gave up and hence the (potentially redundant) question!

    With another opportunity for Adjustment of Status around the corner, I want to get this asap.




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