Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • sam2006
    07-20 11:00 AM
    anzerraja looks like i cannot save the XLS sheet
    an u please update it for me

    thanks a lot

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  • cram
    06-15 09:53 AM
    My lawyer sent the applications on June 1st and we have the receipts already. They cashed the checks by June 6th.

    Did you send it to TSC or NSC.

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  • man-woman-and-gc
    09-15 12:15 PM

    I have created a Shared Spreadsheet with the list of people who have pledged in favor of this effort.

    Everyone can view it, but unfortunately, i didn'y think it was ideal for everyone to edit. I will be more than happy to grant Edit access to a few more folks who are willing to help. Also, from security point of view, i think we should add our IV handle instead of real name. Since we have email ID's and ph#, we can be in touch as soon as it it time for action.

    Please keep sending me ur details to add to this list. Remember, we only proceed if we have atleast 1000 pledged members.

    I will keep publishing this sheet from time to time on this thread so people know.

    Please keep pouring in with ur suggestions.

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  • siaa96
    10-08 01:47 PM
    I totally miss your point: why is ending retrogression bad? Because all 800K people might get the GC within 6 months? Whats wrong with that? Its not fair to those who have waited longer than others? Dont be a member of the "just because I suffered I want everyone else to suffer" That makes you no different from that talkshow host (who is now a citizen) on the radio channel recently who said he waited 10 years to get his GC, so everyone else also should, otherwise its not "fair"

    Or, are you mixing up ending retrogression with making dates current? No thats not what we want. We want dates made current after the visa supply = demand. Just making all VBs like the July VB is pointless, and does lead to lots of uncertainties. By ending retrogression I mean making sure we have enough visa numbers for all who have been qualified by DOL (LC) and USCIS (I-140), by:
    - ending per-country quota
    - not counting dependents
    - recapturing wasted visa numbers.

    I think we are talking about the same thing. If you see my post carefully, I clearly mentioned that I do not support lifting retrogression if the annual quota limit continues. I will be more than happy to see all quotas lifted and everyone gets GCs tomorrow. But I will not be happy if a 2007 person gets the GC tomorrow and I get mine after 5 years. That's exactly what might happen if they keep the quotas but remove retrogression


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  • Gravitation
    04-22 11:51 AM
    Non-compete are notoriously hard to implement. Most of the courts don't want to prevent people from earning a livelihood. When Microsoft sued its ex-employee who joined Google, it was a rare exception when any company even bothered to sue for a non-compete.

    The reason your employer is not willing to give you a copy of what you signed is that they fear you'll take it to an attorney and she/he will tell you it means nothing. Anyhow, non-compete is the last thing you need to worry about.

    If they illegally withheld your pay for GC expenses, you can make things difficult for them. But in that case you should hire and attorney and she/he should write them a letter and ask for your money back. If you beg them for your money, they'll just laugh at you.

    If it's possible in any way, part with good vibes, though that doesn't seem likely here. Good relationships are always worth the efforts, even with crooked ex-employers.

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  • simple1
    04-30 11:09 PM
    This is my first post.

    My Employer's Inhouse Attorney ( one of big 4 ) says technically EB dependents ( all 1,2,3) must be classified under FAMILY quota. USCIS mis classifies them under EMPLOYMENT quota.

    Is he technically correct ?

    Since, Most of dependents will not be affected when they are classified under Family quota (as they have AP and EAD).

    Can IV possibly consider for push for reclassification of Dependents under Family Quota ? This will reduce backlog.

    Please don't take it out of context, I am not trying to hurt any EB dependents, I too have a spouse working part time using beneficiary EAD. This is more of an open question.


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  • mbawa2574
    05-09 10:55 AM
    How are you saying this? Under his watch large numbers of green cards were lost.
    GOP as well DNC are all chasing the mass votes of illegals and their USC relatives.
    At least Bush Administration was sympathetic to our cause. Everyone knows that this is a congressional fix but alteast Bush never came up with those anti-H1b policies to destabilize people in GC queue. Now these numbers have retrogressed in month of June when historically this has never happened. Obama is trying to woo people at the cost of Indian community.
    Everyone knows Durban & how he has lately tried to screw Indian community and Obama is a good friend of Durban. Now Democrats are in majority , why have they not fought for your cause ? There was an idiot congressman in IV Dc rally who was talking about making all illegals legal from IV stage. So what else u can expect ?

    Come out of Obama Dreams & fantasy world. Obama is not good for us. He is good for illegals and any immigrant who is aspiring a blue collar job. They don't want you & me taking white collar jobs. He is helping right-wing white supremacist agenda by aligning himself with people like Grassley & Durban.

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  • snathan
    02-01 11:12 PM
    If I am lucky enough I can make upto 70-80years of my age maximum, considering my age now, I might live another 30-35yrs. Just imagine what life we want, I completely agree what points you mentioned below. But you are forgetting the insidents we read in news media every day. I almost find atleast one incident where people are killed just for money........what if our fate is not good, and we encounter such situation???

    So there is are many factors that effect our life on both sides of the globe !

    So your point is...?:confused:


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  • eb3retro
    07-19 07:24 PM
    the above poster summarized it very good. here are some of my thoughts..

    1) we can come up with a formal letter (standard one) which is well written and can be faxed to USCIS director or emailed.
    2) we can also fax/email the same letter to ombudsman so that they are aware of this issue.

    in my gut feeling ombudsman is as close as we can get to uscis if we need visibility to this. optionally we can use the same letter to send it to the senators/congressman.

    The letter should be short, precise, upto the point, without any spelling mistakes, well written. if u look at this post itself, you could very well decide that i am not suitable for that job. can someone in eb3-I who has a good writing skill come up with such a letter and so that we can try what ever we can from our end. its every dog's battle here. and if sanyahari is fighting, its his / her right to do so. so what do u say folks?

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  • knnmbd
    05-03 03:53 PM
    Thanks bkarnik,
    Does it mean those who PD is not current can pay more and file for AOS or those who pay more get faster adjudication?
    Only if PD is current!!!


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  • alias
    08-18 01:12 PM
    Everybody has been waiting for his/her green card and congratulations to all those who has got their GC. On the other hand it is really unfair and to some extent unethical on the part of USICS not follow a fair system.
    There are several people in 2004, 2005 who have been paitently waiting for their turn only to see that people behind them getting approved.
    Several of us have writtent to Ombudsman, Director but of no avail.
    Not sure what else can be done? Any Idea? Do we have any liaison with AILA who can take up this matter.

    Didn't someone took up the EB3->EB2 porting issue already; can't this issue be clubed along with it? ek teer se do shikar!!

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  • ramboom1
    05-03 10:11 AM
    We have to go to a consulate in our home country to get VISA stamping.
    1000's of us are affected. SKIL bill Section 402 is addressing this.


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  • desi3933
    07-10 03:04 PM
    Did you see I said "legally speaking?" If our attorneys answered Yes to the question you mentioned, then according to you they all lied, since "no H-1B job is permanent!"

    I-140 is for future GC and hence, must be full time and permanent.

    I-140 is not for current H-1B job.

    You are mixing two things.

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  • helpme1234
    09-18 07:44 AM
    My appl recvd at NSC on July 3 at 11:14 am by f heuifner anyone on the same boat


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  • vdlrao
    09-10 02:41 AM
    It looks like prior to this visa bulletin, the DOS was just guessing the dates for the visa bulletins. Hopefully this behavior changes moving forward.


    I presume its already changed. Thats the one of the reasons, I guess, why they didnt move back the EB2-I/C dates instead moved a little further. Its a clear indication that they moving the dates steadily and consistently against the applicant numbers.

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  • sanprabhu
    02-15 03:25 PM
    ID - 4GJ15926BN616724N
    $50 donation.

    From a longtime sustaining member


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  • GC08
    09-12 07:13 PM
    Isn't that they have completed input and receipt issuance for cases received by certain date (late Aug.?) according to their update? How come so many July filers still have not received receipts? Weird!

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  • dingudi
    02-18 11:07 AM
    I am assuming you guys saw this:

    USCIS will consolidate FPs for 485 and EADs. So if we don't receive biometrics for 485, hopefully we will get one for EAD renewal which will also serve the purpose for 485 processing.

    Note: This only applies to concurrent filers of 485 and EAD.


    Yes I saw that but mine was not concurrent filing. I applied for EAD couple of months after I-485 filing and have also received the EAD.Still waiting for FP though.

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  • Pallavi79
    01-30 07:48 PM
    <Quote>What�s your problem man? You are mad because your wife did not get H1B/Job? What do you say to a American citizen who is saying that you took his job? It�s all part of the game</Quote>
    Completely agree with you.

    <Quote>Funny... Sathweb took his post back, which even he does not agree with anymore and you now agree with it.. </Quote>
    Funny .... Lawyers, Senators, USCIS Employees accept that, current immigration is broken. The current immigration does not make sense. But we want make some meaning out of it.

    11-08 11:47 AM
    Thanks SIRINEME for Sharing your experiance.
    Quick Question though,
    What Happens if you are offered Higher Position then the responsibility listed in Job descirption? For eg. Lots of perople apply for Programmer/Analyst Position and over the years of cumulative experiance he is offered Architect Position.


    In my opinion, This Job code/description related facts ONLY relates to immigration related paper work. In real life , practically one may be handling the load of directing or managing people though for immigration pupose s/he may just be a software engineer or programmer. But in this kind of scenario one has to be extra cautious to have "Software Engineer or programmer" on offer letter till s/he gets done with immigration. Now some companies may prefer to go by book then one may not have a lot of levarage or choice other than performing the things what offer letter says.. And in that case one should not accept the oppertunity of higher skill and/or function inspite of its lucrativeness as to conclude immigration successfully.

    06-20 10:33 AM
    No one has to do a vote on scrapping CIR. The absence of any activity towards appointing a conference committee and scheduling a conference committee to reconcile differences between House immigration reform bill(HR 4437) and Senate immigration reform bill (S 2611) would cause both bills to stay as-is in house and senate respectively without making any progress towards becoming a law.

    No one has to formalize this. Not working on it is good enough to kill reform. I dont think anyone is going to come out and say "CIR is dead". However, if house and senate leadership indicate that "we need more time to read Senate's bill", or we need more time to understand and "Hold hearings" etc, its evident that they want to throw roadblocks and postpone it. Which is the same as pushing the bill to its grave.



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