Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • nomi
    08-23 01:59 PM
    Hi team,

    Just wondering usually how long does it take to get approval notice of I -485 once PD become current ? Any idea or any comments will be really helpful.

    Thank you.

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  • Vipps
    07-20 02:43 AM
    $100 ,Please work out the financial-mechanics as well.....Ready to contribute more in coming months if the objective of this thread is not accomplished in this drive.

    I will be doing R2I sooner, yet i feel guilty after reading that article.

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  • bkarnik
    05-02 09:03 PM
    If the CIR seems likely to pass, I believe Sen. Cornyn will push for this bill to be added to the CIR as an amendment, much similar to what Sen. Durbin did with the DREAM bill. Amongst the bills I have seen, this bill is the best one so far. Agreed it does not address all that we want....but compared to where we are, this bill will achieve a lot for us. Especially, if the AOS clause passes, it pretty much means that you can file I-485 i.e. it means that you and your dependents become eligible for EAD and all the benefits associated with it. :)

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  • nousername
    02-02 01:14 PM
    First off, do not generalize H1 to IT industry only.. Trust me, Indian are present in other fields also and they are doing well there :)

    Now about your comments, so I guess you truly believe in jungle raj.. Basically, do whatever you think benefits you.. Forget about what other people might need. May be you don't understand the mean of "society" and what makes humans different from animals. Sad, very sad..

    About your example, I hope that does not happen to anyone but if it does then yes the employer should pay for the return flight back home but please do not mix two separate issues.

    Anyway, I do not think I need to waist any more time with you because you fail to understand the underlining issue.

    Good luck with you immigration because that seems to be the focus of your life.

    nousername,If your would-be employer had sponsored the visa,it got selected and then he has to not hire you on Oct1st because of his business not doing so well, what would you do?

    Ideally your employer should rescind your offer and buy you a ticket back home.
    But in the IT industry, that is the reason most people still work with desi employer, even thouh they know that they will be taken advantage of.

    Is it illegal? Yes. But there is a risk for the people involved.

    Also, when someone tries to land H1 for the first time, it is really tough to find an employer who can apply 6 months in advance.Most american companies don't even go through the hassle unless they are hiring for non-IT positions. Then you have companies like Infosys who apply in bunches and keep them ready for the business they are expecting in future. Try and argue with them that they shouldn't do that as many people who have jobs lined up right now will not get H1s.

    In my opinion most people who are on H1 n IT with american companies, either got in there via OPT- H1 or H1 transfer.

    You gotta do what you gotta do. If you keep thinking about all deserving people,you would never take a step forward. At everypoint in life you will have certain options and every option woul cause some or other discomfort. Unless you are involved in clearcut criminal activity, everything else is fair, in my opinion.


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  • rssb
    09-23 09:10 PM
    dummgelauft porting is happening and you may be correct about non IT companies and big IT companies being unwilling to port.
    I can recollect 7 people immediately of which 1 is a genuine EB2 , 1 was a genuine Eb3 (2003) and remaining 3 have done labor substitution in Eb3 , 2 in Eb2 with dates ranging from 2002-2004 during the July Fiasco. 2 Eb2 people already got their GC's.

    The other 3 people now have at least 3 years exp from 2007 --> 2010. Making them eligible for Eb2 ( with a variety of education + work exp combinations).

    Lucky people are the ones, who could manage to get labor substitution during June-July 2007, got EAD's within 6 months, had the flexibility these 3 years and are now capable of porting to Eb2.

    In the end it boils down to how resourceful one is and adapts to the situation and able to make things better for themselves. Same goes for L1 -> EB1 route. Porting by a person who has a substitute labor of 2002 ( in July 2007) will also effect a genuine EB3 application from 2006, as they are moving ahead even in the Eb3 queue.

    Porting is here to stay , the only hope for people is to combine efforts and try to follow up on the various proposals ( STEM Exemption, visa recapture, counting dependents in family quota, and provide relief to people by at least letting them file 485's without waiting for dates to become current )

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  • anzerraja
    07-20 11:11 AM
    Thanks Velan for your contribution. What exactly is your question ? Could you rephrase it please.

    It is safe giving money to core through IV. If yes, I will pledge $100. Please let me know the details.


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  • simple1
    05-01 04:32 PM
    Take this scenario.

    Under current "mis categorized quota" setup a EB3 takes 6 years to get GC for entire family. take this following scenario.

    So the diff
    current primary @ebquota - 6 years minimum
    current derivative @ebquota - 6 years minimum
    correct primary @ebquota - less than 2 years approx ( one person in place of 3)
    correct derivative @fbquota - say 7 years.

    The diff will be approx 1 year for the derivative ( 7 years – 6 years ) when they are moved from ebquota to fbquota.

    again it cannot be more than 7 years ( 2 years primary GC + 5 years primary USC). the primary will get citizenship in 5 years and sponser the wife with in 2 to 3 months. so the diff cannot be more that a year. for derivative.

    Remember this point: this is not change of law. this is the correct interpretation of law).
    If it is not today some one will bring it up to CIS very soon.

    If you are USC and then you are talking abou the FB2. Not for the GC holder. So will have to wait for years.

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  • jayen
    08-27 03:47 PM
    Applications sent to Nebraska on Jul 11th; received on Jul 12th

    PD - Sep 2005 under EB3

    No receipts or checks cashed yet.


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  • suriajay12
    02-15 01:10 PM
    Sincerely, I dont think its a problem for anyone to send $100 or 200. Most of the people here are not seeing any action from IV core in the last 6-12 months. And we guess same to hope for even for future. Many guys in other forums are writing against IV saying they will no more pursue any campaigns as the dates of core members are now current and they will not do anything that may jeopardize it. I am also not seeing any action eversince I joined here. So what is the point. Why dont we fight our case oursleves. I know unity is strenght, but when its not there, doing nothing is a a bad idea. This is not to hurt anyone.

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  • abracadabra
    07-07 11:06 PM
    Anything less then 50,000 is not acceptable, If people are very hurted by this fiasco, they need to step, one polish women filed the law suit, we are still here discussion here, including me.


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  • gc28262
    09-09 10:15 PM
    Please see the following post

    The 245(i) cases which were filed mostly before April 31, 2001 will more or less seriously affect the pace of the visa number progression. But look at the estimate of 245(i) which is pending at the DOL. The number is staggering. There are estimated to be approximately 345,000 245(i) applications with the DOL. Without doubt, some of these applications will be denied, withdrawn or abandoned, but the prediction indicates that as many as 250,000-275,000 direct beneficiaries plus additional derivative beneficiaries of their family members (average 2.5) will move into I-140 and I-485 streams in the future.

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  • vivache
    03-11 10:37 PM
    I've seen some posts here and people complaining that the GC process has a stranglehold on their lives.

    I've been struggling for the GC for the simply reason that my wife can work. Now she's finally a qualified dentist and someone is sponsoring her visa. She could have worked in the last 5 years .. as an assistant and made money .. and done some work. But since I did not have an EAD for her .. that wasn't possible.

    But our lives were not held ransom by the GC process. We travelled a lot .. pretty much have seen more of this country than even the natives :). Read, watched movies, socialised .. I think to a large extent we had a lot of fun. Agreed that the process is painful.. and you are held hostage.
    But at the end of the day it is your life ..
    Simple options are:
    1. Wait .. since there is no other alternative
    2. Push through IV activities .. so that you are involved
    3. Check some other country ..
    4. Go back to India. (not saying in a bad way)

    At the end of the day .. peace of mind is more important.
    The only reason 99% of the people are here is becuase 1$=44.5Rs.
    Had it been 1:1.. I would be on the next flight back home .. enjoying family, friends, bhelpuri, cricket , 10000 festivals, neigbors trooping in .. etc etc .

    There are always answers.

    I undestand that the process is frustrating .. and I am also hugely frustrated .. battling lawyers, HR, the process itself. But what the hell .. life goes on. You meet people in your situation .. you see some of them getting through the process. There is always hope .. just look for it.


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  • ramus
    07-07 10:07 PM
    who is up for DC?

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  • desi3933
    07-10 12:31 PM

    What's a "bona fide" job? Where did you see that a job needs to be"bona fide?"

    Also, if you're self-employed, why can't you show that's a "legitimate" business? Who's asking for a business plan--and why should that be difficult to make if you're self-employed? Please, let's not *assume* things. We should base our opinions only on facts and evidence.

    Are you suggesting that AC-21 job does not need to be bonafide?

    First you claimed that AC-21 job does not need to be permanent. Then you claimed that AC-21 job does not be same/similar to labor/I-140. Now you have changed stand on these two after seeing one RFE example.

    Now, you are saying new AC-21 job does not be bonafide. Do you even read what are you saying?



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  • gcForV
    07-09 04:18 PM
    This website has links of most of the talk show hosts. Right click on the individual email links to get address.

    E-Mail or Fax YOUR Message to Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and State Legislatures!

    Subject: Flowers to Convey Hopes and Concerns of Skilled, Legal Immigrants
    Dear ****,
    I would like to get to your attention the peaceful campaign of Hundreds of legal, highly-skilled workers, who feel disappointed by the recent "flip-flop" enacted by the Department of State (DoS) and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), with regards to eliminating the Green-Card processing delays, plan to send flowers to the USCIS Director, Emilio Gonzalez
    Please find below/attached the article related to this.
    --copy of the article and attachment--

    modified some base content.How does this look?

    If we individually send to all the talk show hosts we are bound to get some attention.Core group what do U think:Should this mails be sent individually by each of us or are the administrator's going to mail the talkshow hosts?

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  • alias
    08-18 02:48 PM
    You got that right!, so you are going to help out here or what?

    Nope, never to you, may be if someone comes out with a more communal goal, then may be, I will oppose anything you do...doesn't matter right or wrong. Call it personal or whatever, I respect people who see the big picture and act responsibly..


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  • pd052009
    09-23 01:50 PM
    Dude... Whatz up?

    If someone ports from EB3 to EB2, then they deserve to be in the front of the queue. Nothing wrong in the process..

    "EB-2 India. This category is expected to remain unchanged or to move very slowly forward (by a week or so) in the short-term. This is mainly caused by the fact that many EB-3 India applicants (there are approximately 60,000 EB-3 India pending cases) are �porting� their priority dates into the EB-2 India category and are thus taking visa numbers.

    EB2 India is slowwly becoming EB3 as thousands are porting from EB3 to EB2. Some of them are really worthy of EB2 and some of them are fradulent.

    EB2 India applicants should wake up from their celebratio of a few months leap and get ready for slow movement or retro.

    Guys wake up and fight to make the porting rules veryu strong if not stop porting. The rule should be if I140 for porting is denied then the applicatnt should loose his/her initial EB3 priority date also as he /she has indicated that he/she is no longer working in the position as described in EB3 labor. This will make sure that fradulent applicants cannot port from EB3 to EB2.

    P.S: I know I will get thousands of REDs. I do not care... EB2 I guys wake up.. Time is running out.. EB2 I will very quickly become same as EB3I.

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  • sapota
    10-08 12:51 PM
    I also want USCIS to count my legal presence in the US prior to obtaining permanent residency (GC) for naturalization purposes. (Canada does this - 50% credit for time spent legally before obtaining permanent residency).

    I want. I want. I want. :)

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  • diptam
    06-22 01:41 PM
    Pay stubs talk about CURRENT employment , not FUTURE...

    >> "No, employment letter is absolutely required...", well, it is not.

    You are wrong. How are the pay stubs link to your future GC job. Employment Letter is listed right there on I-485 form as initial evidence.

    Do NOT confuse Current Employment Letter with Employment Letter for GC job

    Not a legal advice.
    Permanent Resident since May 2002

    08-25 02:43 PM
    PD Aug 2004, EB-2 India
    I-140/I-485 applied - August 2007 at TSC (non-concurrent)
    I-140 approval - March 2008
    Spouse 485/AP/EAD applied - August 2008 (received receipt notices)
    Self EAD applied - August 2008 (received receipt notices)

    Till date I have not received my FP notice. I applied for my EAD (even though I am not planning on using it) hoping to jump start my pending 485 and get the things rolling for FP and processing of 485. Surprisingly, I got my EAD approval email on Aug 17th and I received my EAD card in the mail yesterday. It is valid for 2 years. It says finger prints not available. No change in the pending 485 status.

    I am totally perplexed about receiving the EAD without FP and so is my attorney. Can someone give me an idea of what is going on? Any input is appreciated! Thanks much!
    Hi SKK, it is not really required to have finger printed to get teh EAD approval. (i am talking aboutthe first time EAD). Your FP may come later on. At least in my case it was like that. I got my EAD approval first and later on only the FP came. Hope this helps ...

    07-06 11:42 PM
    Why not in DC... IF we really plan then we can do this in DC.. ? may be next weekend?

    DC is the right place to do !!! As some one suggested 100-200 people on a weekday or 1000 on a weekend is good enogh to get media attention



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