Monday, July 4, 2011

Skull Tattoo Gun

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  • solaris27
    09-04 06:55 AM
    yes you can join company once you get your green card .

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  • ak27
    01-19 07:36 PM
    I shall be able to join..

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  • ace007
    06-10 02:27 PM
    I don't understand whats problem with fragomen - they will do everything in paper - never e-file a thing. I see lot of people e-filed their I-140 and already got notice date (second day of efile)!

    Mine is in EB2 case and I had sent all documents (VOEs, Letters from HR of prev employers, W2 and usual) while labor was being filed itself.

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  • jnraajan
    04-11 02:22 PM


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  • terpac
    02-01 03:59 PM
    Hi All,

    I just received an RFE for my I140 which says:

    The ETA Form 9089 you provided indicates a requirement for a Master's or Bachelor's degre in a certain field of study.

    Submit evidence that the alien obtained the required Masters or Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Computer Science, January 24, 2007. Evidence of education must be in the form of an official record showing the dates of attendance, area of concentration of study, and date of degree award, if any.

    The job offered is for a software enigineer.

    You have submitted a copy of a Masters Degree of Technology in Polymer Science and Technology and of the Bachelor's degree is in the discipline of Chemical Engineering with Speciality in Polymer Technology. If you have not been granted a Masters or Bachelors in the required field, provide proof that your degree(s) has the same elements as a Masters or Bachelors in the required field(s).

    How to proof that my degree(s) have same elements as a Masters or Bachelors in the required field(s) - the required fields being 'Engineering or Computer Science'? I think the confusion is because the title of my degree is 'Master of Technology' and not 'Master of Engineering'... same with Bachelors.. it is 'Bachelor of Technology' and not 'Bachelor of Engineering'. Anybody from India knows they are almost same. But how to prove it to INS?

    Please reply ASAP so that I have time to execute the suggested steps. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance...

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  • IV2007
    07-19 02:53 PM
    Anybody out there recieved reciepts for filing I-485 on July 2nd '07 from NSC ?



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  • looivy
    05-15 01:07 PM
    I am looking for a cheap lawyer in Chicago area who will be willing to do basic paperwork for Canada immigration. Please suggest.

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  • jamesingham
    05-29 10:16 AM
    As far as I know, nothing that is being considered in the Senate is going to relieve the Green Card backlog.

    They have plans to eliminate the backlog in 5 to 8 years not immediately. So if one chooses not to re-apply under the new point based system, waiting time doesnt change much for him. (It may be become worse because they are cutting down immigrant visas in EB category from 130k to 90k)

    But if one decides to re-apply under the new point based system, things may become faster.

    I am hoping that under the new system, they will give some priority to people who already waited for a significant amount of time under the old system.

    This is just my analysis based on the articles I read on the internet and the bill text itself.


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  • slc_ut
    09-02 04:48 PM
    I've received this letter from DOL by mail. I think this is in response to the fax that i sent through IV a while ago. I am posting the contents of the letter here.

    U.S. Department of Labor
    Employment and Training Administration
    200 Constitution Avenue, N.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20210

    Aug 28 2006

    <My name here>
    <My address here>

    Dear Mr. <My name here> :

    Your letter to Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao was referred to this office for reply. The Office of Foreign Labor Certification in the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) is responsible for administering the Department's Foreign Labor Certification Program. You expressed your concern with the processing of cases by the Backlog Elimination Processing Centers.

    We share your concern regarding the lack of transparency in the Permanent Backlog System and are working on approaches to provide additional information. The criteria for processing a case are dependent upon the timely and complete response of the applicant to all issues and to the First In, First Out (FIFO) status of case. However, assuming two applications with the same priority date, there are several factors that account for different processing times. These include the type of application (Reduction-In-Recruitment Vs. Traditional Recruitment), the stage of processing at which the application was received by the Processing Center, the dates of other applications pending at each center (which determines each application's place within the FIFO queue), the quality of the application (applications that raise questions take longer), and the response time of the employer to center requests for confirmation to continue processing the application. Nevertheless, based on our current progress, we estimate the permanent program's backlog of cases will be eliminated by September 30, 2007.


    <Signature here>

    William L. Carlson, Ph.D.
    Office of Foreign Labor Certification

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  • ak_2006
    04-30 04:52 PM
    Better ask your current employer for extension in August (as your H1 is expiring in Sept last week). But we never know about full time jobs and offer can go either way in last minute. So, keep in loop the current employer. If you won't get full time offer by July end, start process with current employer.


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  • neeidd
    11-12 04:39 PM
    Where do I look for that in my profile?


    Could you please tell me what I am supposed to do ?


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  • nfinity
    02-13 02:30 PM
    no replies? cant believe i am the only one in this situation :)


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  • cbpds
    04-16 01:42 PM
    It has been posted in IV already

    Good Read

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  • immigrationaccount
    08-14 02:12 PM
    As per the new visa bulletin, my PD (Mar/26/2006) goes current from 1/September.

    My husband is the primary applicant on the case with me and son as dependents.

    485s submitted in Sep/2007. We received RFE for my son application and replied, we received update from USCIS that it reached them in July/2009.

    USCIS web case status shows 'initial review' for me and my husband, 'RFE response review' for my son.

    As we filed together, does this mean that all three applications were processed and RFE was required only for my son?

    Thanks for all your inputs, being a great help.


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  • bluekayal
    12-14 05:20 PM
    Our AP saga got its final miracle today. (at least I think it�s the final one�) Though my spouse�s and daughter's AP were finally got approved yesterday, the miracle is that TSC has decided to expedite and overnight them, based on a fax from my father-in-law�s doctor.
    The very nice lady IO at SF INS office this morning asked for our telephone numbers, and then followed up and called us on our cell phone to confirm that TSC is expediting the APS�..�and overnight-ing them!

    Prior to this last miracle the journey was choppy.
    We are to leave for India on Dec 26th... ..the APs were e-filed on July 12 to give TSC enough time.

    Because nothing seemed to be happening I faxed TSC director (no use), another fax at TSC (not much use), made friends with a TSC rep...(great) got in touch with my Congressman George MIller's office..(fantastic), leading to the approval yesterday and then today comes the icing on the cake� the overnight-ing�.

    After a season of dryness, it doesn't just rain, it pours!

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  • jcrajput
    06-25 07:40 PM
    Our visa stamp (H1B/H4) are expired in our passports. We are planning to travel via 'Frankfurt (FRA), Germany' to Mumbai in Lufthansa airlines and we will get our passport stamped in Mumbai. Does anyone have experience travelling via 'Frankfurt (FRA), Germany' without visa stamp in passport?
    I know that travlling via London has some difficulties but not sure about 'Frankfurt'.
    Please let me know.
    FYI..We have our EAD and I-485 is pending with approved I-140.

    Thanks for your help.


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    02-14 09:49 AM
    Tecnically you dont have any visa number available now.since you are transfering your priority date to eb2.until they make decission on your I-140 they will not process your 485.This is my opinion only.Talk to good lawyer take the second opnion onthis before you are out of time.never know what april 08 bulletin has in store for eb3.

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  • ssksubash
    07-23 02:27 PM

    I recently traveled to Canada by land for 1 week . When I went to Canada the canadian authorities did not take my I 94. When I returned from canada, the US officials did not give me a new I 94, will this be a problem ?

    Thank you for your time.

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  • wandmaker
    11-13 12:56 PM
    I don't think walking in with 485 receipt will work. Call USCIS 800 number and check the status of FP notice, if required open a service request. I'm a july 2 filer, did not receive notice till 10/10 - I called on 10/12 the CSR told me that my FP notice is schedule to be printed and waiting for an appointment with local ASC. In a week time, I received a FP notice, and gonna for FP end of this month. Hope this helps

    Hi Saroj,
    Thanks for the info. I have not got FP notice and it has been over 4 months from I-485 receipt date. Do you think ASC will entertain FP request if I just walk in with I-485 receipt?

    05-22 09:21 AM
    Congratulations !!!.Enjoy your freedom...

    i thought i would share that my 140+485 which was concurrently filed on 2nd jul got approved today. seems like the ead renewal trigerred it as i see a LUD on that as well.

    looks like 2003 pd are starting to get picked up at TSC.

    how long does it take to get the actual card? i have to travel outside the country next month, what do i need to get back?


    01-14 12:52 PM
    There have been cases reported in past on this forum where the PERM approval was lost in mail.

    You should ask your employer to download the PERM approval from DOL ETA website, which should be completed and signed by both you and your employer (similar to the PERM paper approval that you did not receive).

    Your lawyer should submit this form with I-140 and also request USCIS to obtain a duplicate copy of PERM approval from DOL. This may help.

    Are you porting to EB2?



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