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  • unseenguy
    08-17 02:38 PM
    Read this before you pass comments. Even Al Gore (VP) and Ted Kennedy have been detained on US Airports. Who the hell is SRK? and just because he is an actor and looks all goody goody, you have all the sympathy. Would you have it for Mulayam/Lalu, if they had gone through the same ordeal?? No, then you would have laughed and said they ought to be. Would you be protesting the same way if Musharraf was being frisked? you wouldn't.

    So in the end you are one biased person. You cannot take a justful decision, your decision is based on who is it for. :rolleyes:

    Would Khan have fared better as Kennedy? - US - World - NEWS - The Times of India (

    This does not make any sense. If X was detained Y should also put up is not a rationale argument. Also Home land security chief apologized to Kennedy and Gore. He did so profusely.

    So ..... who is going to apologize to Shahrukh , Kalam and George Fernandez?

    If a similar tit for tat system is set up in India, how many americans would put up with that system?

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  • voldemar
    06-26 09:23 PM
    If anyone has a URL or source of information that shows the USCIS stopped accepting petitions in the middle of the month even when the dates were current, PLEASE POST THE URL OR SOURCE.
    Logicfile, here is my understanding:
    Oh Law firm said :
    06/16/2007: Unskilled Worker EB Category Visa Exhausted Even in June 2007

    * This is a truly bizzare news. AILA has reported that State Department had advised the the USCIS that the EB-3 Other Worker category had been exhausted., and based on this advice, thedUSCIS HQ has informed the Texas Service Center and the Nebraska Service Center to reject EB-3 Other Worker I-485 applications even though the June Visa Bulletin shows visa availability. It is indeed a double blow news to the Unskilled Worker community. AILA is looking into legality of this action. Hmm............................................... .................................................. ...............?!................................. .................................................. ................................................!?

    The link as usual
    The source for that is AILA EB-3 Other Worker Visa Availability Update ( don't have access to original AILA document.

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  • yetanotherguyinline
    09-04 07:44 PM
    Admins - can some one please close this thread. This is thread is neither about immigration nor will anything good come out of this.

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  • GC08
    02-14 07:28 PM
    a 3-yr I just entered my 4th year of this endless pain..

    I think it should be based on how long they have paid tax (say 5 years). For example, for those who have been legally working for more thena 5 years and paid tax during the period, with labor and I140 approved, they should allow them to file I485 right away. :D

    I always feel allowing illegals become legals is a huge advance for them. For legal H1Bs, the only advance of similar magnitute is giving them GC without any delay (at least within a timeframe comparable to those illegals becoming legals).

    What do you think? :)


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  • Humhongekamyab
    08-16 09:03 AM
    Wish we had US' work culture: Cop - India - NEWS - The Times of India (

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  • Pineapple
    12-14 02:54 PM
    So what you are saying, in other words, is 7% limit is for every country in the world (Except USA:)) correct?


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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    07-24 03:37 PM
    Hi - It is great reading your story and gives more confidence for other in this forum. I have 2 more yrs remaining in H1. If things do not speed up, I also have plans to move out of USA and find a job someplace else.

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  • Legal
    07-03 10:41 PM
    documentation >to <verifying no US citizen worker was available for a given job) -
    should have been documentation verifying


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  • hibworker
    09-15 02:57 PM
    Since EB2-I is slowly catching up with EB2-C, future spill overs will be split between the two categories and not all will go to EB2-I.

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  • Macaca
    06-26 09:43 PM
    unless there are enough approvals happening simultaneously, dates would not retrogress in the middle of the month.

    There were lot of approved cases with USCIS. They have started getting their GCs.

    The # of current applicants who will get GCs will depened on # of approved cases USCIS had.


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  • chanduv23
    02-15 11:48 AM
    Thanks for an excellent research and arguments. Some of the arguments are well presented.

    Well, if you are not ready to lead and we do not have anyone else to lead then whats the point of forming the yahoo group? Please don't get me wrong, I am just trying to find out the objective of this yahoo group.

    I think lazycis taking a step forward towards the creation of a group, but does not seem confident he/she will lead the group, but I am sure will definitely lead the group

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  • vivid_bharti
    09-03 03:15 PM
    It really does not matter if you are a doctor or a compounder... Running a state or a country is a different thing altogether, you need different skills and this man had that. He was a self made man risen from the soil. But on the bad side he was the king of the corrupts. Most of the Indian politicians are Illiterate. This guy is a medical doctor by profession.
    Loved by poor people. Hated by the fundamentalists and Naxals. Most of the AP politicians are corrupt including former PM P.V. N RAO.


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  • sidbee
    02-15 02:44 PM
    I dont understand the whole point of discussion here ... What does the IV Senior Members think about this , The idea of a lawsuit to capture the loss immigrant visas, is not against USCIS, its against the system. Infact the USCIS should be on our side, as per the USCIS Ombudsman, Mr .

    Atleast we should try , discussing and cribbing on the forum wont help.

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  • sanju
    12-17 09:39 AM
    Thanks for the update. No need to reveal any more details. At least I know the e-mails that I sent made their way to some one who matters.

    Thanks jungalee, for writing on this issue, that makes two of us. I think everything done by over 1000/2000 people together and every subject covered in letters from over 1000/2000 people makes it to the top. Most half educated (which is worst than illiterate) usually give priority to their petty differences and find reasons not to participate, which is why they remain "wise fools".

    It will definately help to draw attention to our issues if more people in the community will participate.



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  • GCBy3000
    06-28 12:56 PM
    Already it happened for other workers category last month. In mid july THEY WILL STOP accepting 485s if they receive more than they could process.

    I did not see any precedance for stopping I485 in the middle of months for past 10 years. If it happens that will be first time

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  • neoklaus
    02-13 03:05 PM
    Are you suggesting that IV's efforts would increase the wait times for ROW?
    What incentive does ROW have to work with IV then?

    Generally speakin' we are all "Rest of the World".

    Let's not just be theoretic. Our positive thinking and movement together will help resolve the issues.

    Even that I'm here since 2000 & my husband 1999(H1B-ROW) we will wait and fight together with India, China...

    Go, India! Go, China!


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  • eb3India
    11-11 09:10 PM
    I completely agree that Substitute labor is being used is the wrong sense. My husband is now in his 7th year of H1B and I am still on H4.

    At the same time our friend who came in 2005 to USA through an Indian company joined Rapidigm in 2005, received a 1999 priority date Labor and received his Green card (& for his wife too) in 8 months time.

    This iextremely unfair means of acquiring GC and should be blocked legally.Meanwhile Rapidigm has been acquired by Fujitsu .

    simple question, given an opportunity, where someone offer you sub labour with PD prior to 2001 does any one here reject the offer, this is a classic story of "ship of crabs from ...."

    we have much bigger fish to fry than worry about few smart crabs getting out of ship.

    sub labour is not illegal nor it is a loop hole, itz a simple deal between employer and employee for their own benifit.

    letz focus our effort on making new congresss and senate understand our situation and provide some relife thru bills such as SKILL.

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  • EkAurAaya
    07-10 11:41 AM
    Dude you just gave me goose bumps! You should forward your heart felt note to media outlets!

    I sincerely wish you the best! God Bless! Good luck with everything...

    At least you wont have to worry about "visa-status" "legal/illegal" "H1b" "H4" Labor Cert" i140" i485" EAD" AP"... F$#% that! :D

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  • sunty
    02-13 07:23 PM
    I like the idea but I believe at this time it is crucial to continue participation in the letter campaign. If we do not get success through it, I will be glad to participate in the lawsuit. Also, like me, at that time there might be hundreds of people willing to be a part.

    Same here...I did vote yes for the lawsuit but let's wait a little for Admin fixes or the scaled down CIR version (if it happens).

    08-17 10:12 AM
    EB2 India - PD June 2006
    Currently on H1B and have I797 - I-94 until Oct 2010.
    Visa Stamp Expired June 2006.
    EAD approved for me and wife. My wife is using EAD.

    Family went to India last year June and returned to US on July 2007 before we applied I485 on Aug 2007.

    Both my wife and son came on H4. Since my son�s passport is expiring Jan 2009, I94 is given only until Jan 2009 at the POE, though he has H4 Visa stamped until OCT 2010.

    Upon arrival we applied I-485 on Aug 2007. Also I131 AP applied for my wife and son on Mar 2008 and approved on Apr 2008.

    Now, I am applying his passport renewal. My questions are,

    1. Since his I94 is expiring Jan 2009, do we need to go out of the country and come back OR validate his I94 here itself.
    2. If he has to go out of the country, can we use H4 visa stamp and get I94 until 2010 or use AP.
    3. If we can validate the I94 here, what is the procedure?

    Thank you for addressing our questions/concerns.

    07-27 12:46 PM
    United States Secretary of Homeland Security - Janet Napolitano can help you.

    I am extremely interested in this business. Can somebody please refer me, I am in LA?



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