Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • amitjoey
    01-17 03:58 PM
    I've already signed up for monthly contribution...and sent LogicLife's mail as a wake up call for all the fence sitters and freeloaders.

    I can relate with anurakt's's amazing how penny wise pound foolish people can get!

    Come on guys, I have introduced at least 8 friends to IV and (almost) forced then to contribute :) Let's all get 2-3 members and persuade them to contribute.

    As LogicLife said, if we do not pitch in at this time, we might not as well...

    I signed up for monthly contribution rather late, sorry about that. Was just busy the last few days. I agree with GotGC. I did the same thing last couple of months, persuaded my friends like crazy and sat at their homes and got them registered and also got them to contribute. Looks like now I have to go to their homes again and get them to sign up for Monthly contribution. People just dont get it.

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  • waitnwatch
    02-01 07:19 PM
    please give me a link or a web site. You see I have lost touch.

    On thomas the link always goes to a temporary search listing which cannot be replicated. So here is how you get to it.

    go to

    click on H.R. 2 which is on 2nd row.

    then click on "Amendments" and find SA187

    Now this page show that it was agreed to. Also the link to the page is shown.

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  • surachi
    09-03 02:56 PM
    Opened SR today(09/03/09) at 9.30 AM EST and with in 4 hours received CPO emails for me and 2 dependents at 1.00 PM EST.

    EB2 I
    PD : 11/17/2004
    Received date on notice : 07/25/07
    Received date online : 09/14/07
    Notice date : 09/17/07
    SLUD : 10/20/2008
    LUD : 09/03/2009

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  • dohko
    04-07 12:17 AM
    This would actually be a good idea. Then there would be more Visas available. Especially people with US Degrees. Most people with US degrees dont need to work for this fraudulent consulting firms. They are able to find real jobs with real US employers.


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  • iak220974
    01-19 01:07 AM
    My H1B transfer is pending at California Srvice Centre since Sep 26, 2006 and my current employer has completed the green card process prior to file PERM application. Is it possible to file PERM application while H1B Transfer is pending?
    Any advise?

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  • Imigrait
    09-02 06:08 PM

    There are still 28 more days to go :). Also the new Visa bulletin for October COULD stay the same or go back just a few months. So just keep your hopes up.:)


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  • vkotval
    05-16 04:30 PM
    You need to submit the translation for your Hindi birth certificate. There are plenty of translation services available, Trustfortecorp is one of them.

    THanks for this info.Do you know how much time it takes to complete the translation ?

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  • crazy_gc
    02-01 07:38 PM
    all this is very confusing....can the core team give us an will be really appreciated at this point


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  • pappu
    02-23 07:45 PM
    Immigration Voice Advocacy Days in Washington DC: 4th & 5th April, 2011

    As the Congress is gets ready to consider solution to border security and high skilled immigration, we at Immigration Voice have concluded that the month of April is best suited to advocate for issues affecting all of us. It is your responsibility to speak up and actively participate in meeting with the lawmakers this April. You owe it to yourself, your family and your career to take care of your immigration process and we can help you be successful in that effort.

    Immigration Voice will hold Advocacy Days, Press Conference and Congressional Reception in Washington DC on Monday, April 4 and Tuesday April 5th.

    In the two days, we plan on having over 400 meetings with the Office of Senators, Congressmen and with the Administration.

    What you can do for yourself and your career:
    As we are beginning to take appointments on your behalf, we need your confirmation before we set up Advocacy day meetings for you. Please fill in the online form (takes less than 1 minute) to let us know about your plans. You can contribute to this effort in 3 different ways:

    1. Come to DC and participate ( | More Details. (

    2. Cannot come to DC but want to contribute financially ( | More Details. (ttp://

    3. Alternative ways : Donate airline miles, Sponsor someone, Carpool, Host Members[ (

    This is a demanding project from management and co-ordination perspective. It will very much help us if you could please let us know about your plans to attend the Advocacy Days in DC, sooner rather than later.

    What Immigration Voice can do for you?

    1. Scheduling and logistics: Immigration Voice will arrange for meetings, advocacy material, and other logistics necessary for all the events during the Advocacy Days. You do not have to schedule meetings with congressmen or senators, leave that to us. Just fill out the forms listed above.
    2. Material: We will provide print-outs and materials to take to meetings and also material for you to study talking points.
    3. Training: We will provide training on Sunday April 3rd. It is imperative for you to attend this training.

    Why we should do this now? Why should you participate?

    1. It’s never too early to lobby: Legislative process is slow, frustrating and it takes many years. Success comes to those who are persistent and patient. The effort that we put in now is something that will bear fruit when an immigration bill is being drafted. You cannot parachute in to DC at the last minute when the bill is being discussed in congress. By that time it’s too late.

    2. Crowds and numbers matter: Big crowds have yielded success in the past especially during flower campaigns and San Jose rally which were consequential events to July bulletin reversal.

    3. Demand for fairness: This is not a request for favor from Congress. It’s a request for fairness. Always remember, we are in United States at the invitation of our employers and our employers have filed our green card petitions in order to retain us. It is only fair and only just to ask for a system that achieves that objective without delays and without putting the immigrants in probationary limbo for 6-12 years. And it is your obligation to yourself and your family to stand up for your rights and ask congress to legislate and fix the system so that it works the way it was originally intended to work.

    4. Personal satisfaction and pride : Just ask a participant of September-2007 DC rally or June-2010 DC advocacy event, how proud and how satisfied everyone was after the effort – not just due to impact – but just because they have stood up and spoken up for their issue.

    Please stay tuned for more updates about other updates and plan to carpool with local IV members, or book travel or hotel reservation in groups for group discount.

    Please take a look at the videos of some proud IV members who participated in events organized by IV like DC Rally, flower campaign and the San Jose rally.
    YouTube - immigration voice (

    See you in DC!
    Team Immigration Voice

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  • EkAurAaya
    10-08 10:29 AM
    100% agree with confidence. My prediction based on statistical analysis (That is the only thing I have regulary done since 1999 and still doing .. no end to this tunnel...:eek:) is as under. Yopu would see +- 2 months here and there in every bulletin.

    Looks good!!! (perhaps a little too optimistic in my opinion)...

    just wondering how accurate have your predictions been in the past - since 1999?

    % of accuracy would be a good gauge :)


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  • jackisback
    06-02 11:59 AM
    Did everyone who efiled EAD had to go for fingerprint?

    Efiled 05/06
    Sent documents 05/18

    Spouse got a letter for fingerprint appointment.

    I'm still waiting ...not sure if I would need to get fingerprints done??

    Hi mps

    I am in the same situation. I efiled on 05/14 and sent docs on 05/19. Got FP notice for wife only - that came almost 10 days back. No FP notice for me...My PD is same as urs.. not sure why did they not send FP notice for primary applicant?

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  • pappu
    05-09 10:49 AM
    I am seeing several people contacting Congressman and opening service requests. These guys seem to have become current just this month and they do not have any patience. It is crazy in my opinion. As pointed out earlier there is lot of herd mentality on the forums and if one person posts, everyone else does the same. Some people I have seen on the forum call customer service every day to get case status. I urge people to read and try to understand the process than blindly following what others are doing. Secondly as posted earlier, tracking is also useless and a waste of time. It will not help you get your green card any faster. Have some patience and follow the process. Starting a service request as soon as your date gets current, cannot help you.


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  • tampa2006
    05-16 01:16 PM
    Dear Friends,

    I called all the offices mentioned in the post.

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  • amitjoey
    07-11 07:15 PM
    Is it ok to send faxes? and is there a format that lot of people are using or its personal story for every one?


    I talked to a staff member at senator Barbara's office, and the staff member said, Faxes and emails are responded and replied by staff reps. Only written (typed) letters go to Senator's attention. She also advised me that if this is something you need the senators attention on, do not send fax or email, send a letter with postage paid.
    I explained to her the visa -flip flop, and she said most likely the senator will read and send an inquiry, The senator is very good at responding to letters from constituents.
    That is exactly why we need to send them letters, please look at the format and add some personal details, gives it a little personal touch.


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  • logiclife
    02-02 12:13 PM
    Could you elaborate on the harm that would cause us please...
    I would like to understand this system.....

    You have to understand country caps for that.

    Today, the law states that:

    Give 7% of 140,000 visas(annual quota) to each country. After that, if there is leftover visas, it can go to countries that need more than 7% of 140,000. Today, India and China are only 2 countries that need more than 7% of 140,000. Eventually, each year, India and China get a lot more than 7% of 140,000.

    If you change the law to remove the clause that says "you can allocate leftover visas to over-subscribed countries", then India and China would be severly affected and the leftover cannot be used by them. It would either be unused (wasted) or flow downwards to EB5 or family based.

    last year, the hard cap gave a big headache to us for 2 months. Then thru Immigration Voice's efforts, Sen Brownback proposed an amendment to remove the country cap and allow 485 filing when visa numbers are not available.
    Brownback's amendment was folded into the last minute manager's amendment(Sen Specter was manager of Senate CIR by the virtue of him being the chairman of Sen Judiciary committee). And we got rid of the hard country cap that would have been created by CIR.

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  • Saralayar
    04-11 06:02 PM
    I think CITIZENShip years Credit or Reduction in the years is Make most sense for the highly skilled immigrant from India and China as those are the people who suffers most because of backlog and name check.

    I also think we should stick to the "five year federal taxes paid" beacuse that is what they expect from normal family based GC holder. Also adding Masters and Higher degrees in the STEM fields attract possible more support.

    We should not talk any where close to 10 /15 years waiting time as that is not what current system of citizesnship talks about.

    Also marriage based GC already has 3 years after GC rule so it may beeasy to get it.

    Making it more complicated like Percent credit for before GC filing, after GC filing, after getting GC May become hard and complicated to convenince politicains who might be amending those rules.

    So Keeping it simple - 5 yr federal taxes, MS or higher in STEM, 3 years after GC - you get citizenship (all of these has precedents)
    Just today, the May 2008 visa bulletin is out and lot of discussions are going on in various threads in this Forum. As per the movement of the dates, it is in a snail phase and considering that, we should include the citizenship issue also so that the total years for all these processess can be reduced significantly.


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  • mps
    06-02 01:36 PM
    Hi mps

    I am in the same situation. I efiled on 05/14 and sent docs on 05/19. Got FP notice for wife only - that came almost 10 days back. No FP notice for me...My PD is same as urs.. not sure why did they not send FP notice for primary applicant?

    Anyone else experienced this? Primary applicant not getting fingerprint notice after EAD e-file?

    Did anyone get efiled EAD approval without fingerprints?

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  • actaccord
    03-14 05:55 PM

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  • KanME
    09-20 11:32 AM
    It was a pleasure meeting and talking to you NeedHelp (dont want to use your real name here) are the sweetest ,warm kind hearted soul..The highlight for me was putting a face to all the names I had been in touch with on a daily basis..and ofcourse meeting my hero ..Aman ..

    I missed all the fun , I was running between work and kids..but still will cherish the memories from this grand event..

    Thanks to dh who let me do this and took care of the kids so well...they enjoyed the experience.

    If I have to think of a funny experience , well not so funny I had my first red bull on the rally day thinking it will give me wings ...:D not fun..
    After my meeting with the Representative's aide I asked him the directions to exit the building ,he asked me where do you want t go , I said I just want to get out and he and the staff laughed said thats what we feel on most days too..:)

    Keep the Aroras seperate , that is, Puneet Arora and Sumita Arora....these guys would not miss a single chance to beat each other up.

    Here is a scene I was in:

    Paskal(Puneet) is driving - Sumita is sitting on the passenger seat - we have no idea where we are going. It is 2:00a.m and we are REALLY hungry and tired...

    Sumita "I will give you directions from my Tom - Tom " I think she meant GPS.

    Puneet (after taking several wrong turns) "It is not a Tom - Tom"?

    Sumita- " whateverer it is , it gives me directions and I talk to it" (She was spending 4 hrs. driving each day with this TomTom ).

    Puneet - "ok, let's follow our friends".

    Sumita dials.

    Vandana(in the other car) - "Yeah you can follow us".

    Puneet - "well where are you guys"

    Vandana - "We are trying to figure out, I don't know how we got here - Let me consult my GPS"

    This is what happens when you are sleep deprived, food deprived - all the gadgets in the world cannot help you.

    Jane( a chinese) - "why do you guys have to eat anyway, it is time to sleep???"

    03-24 02:05 PM
    Thank you for registering with Immigration Voice for the advocacy efforts in Washington DC. Your participation in such efforts will help tremendously in bringing about the positive changes we seek.

    Many of you may have questions regarding the advocacy event. To answer your questions, we are holding a conference call this weekend. An email was sent out to confirmed members today with the subject line: IMPORTANT: IV Advocacy Conf Call Info. Please check your email for the conference call details and other important information.

    The conference call in number and details cannot be made public.
    Thank you.

    Maps for reference:
    1. Buildings 1, 2, 3 and 8, 9, 10 are the ones we will be visiting. (
    2. Situation Room and Legislative office buildings. (,+Washington,+DC&daddr=Longworth+House+Office+Building,+Independenc e+Avenue+Southwest,+Washington+D.C.,+DC&geocode=FaODUQIdY-Ro-yG7bOSMrwDdqQ%3BFQFgUQIdRvFo-ymb9gYkKri3iTHBQQ_MBb8dGw&hl=en&mra=ls&sll=38.890381,-77.008903&sspn=0.010121,0.025105&ie=UTF8&ll=38.892102,-77.008753&spn=0.010121,0.025105&z=16)

    07-13 03:33 PM
    Guys let it be selfishness... but ultimately if we win, it is a win for every one... I am living in this country for more than 11 years but still with an EAD status.... We are spending most of our life time as an ALIEN. Think yourself which is better...

    Saralayar, I agree to your point. As a note, you have to understand I have been in this country for about 13 years and working in the same job since 1999. I am still waiting for my green card as you can see from my priority date.

    I don't mind members enthusiastically starting a campaign. I am all for it. I am sure IV core is also in support of it. But we also need to identify people who really believe in the cause and will continue with the cause irrespective of what happens to their situation. In this case, GCPerm has shown that the cause what he/she fights for depends on which basket he/she wants to pick his fruits from. When he/she gets his/her share of fruits they will leave.

    I hope we do not waste our time and resources with people who are bound to leave when their situation is clear. That is my point.

    I do not see GCPerm as a leader who will continue to resolve misery of people suffering due to backlog even after he/she gets his/her citizenship. Wasting time and money with that kind of a leader will lead nowhere.



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