Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • vkrishn
    08-20 04:14 PM
    I contacted my Attorney (Its company attorney) and he told me that he will make an enquiry with USCIS. Apparently he has a list of all the pedning cases who are current this month and he is planning to send the list to USCIS.

    Lets see what i get next week. Week 3 done. Week 4 starts!

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  • nc14
    09-11 11:50 AM
    Well said and I think the community cannot just always get, they have to learn to GIVE back (for their own cause) in this case.

    It is atrocious to see people demanding action when their own contribution is ZERO (infact negative by wasting the precious bandwidth and creating divisions)

    I am seeing lot of heat and frustration out here and it is understandable to whole extent. First of all, I am a DC/MD/VA state chapter member and working towards achieving goals of getting GC in one year. Sounds funny right!!!! But it is true. We are working at grass roots with the National Leadership of IV to get things going at individual constituency level. I just posted this on another thread on IV. You might be knowing that DC Metro area should be having thousands of professionals making good money and stuck in this mess!!! Thousands!!! Do you know how many active members we have for this chapter!!! around 160!!!! Do you know how many turn up for weekly chapter meeting!!! 15!!!! But we are fortunate two have these 15 people who are putting their time and effort to talk to lawmakers.... These people also donate money. By the way these people are mix of EB 2 and EB 3. Do not try to create this division of EB2 and EB3. Some of the people running this IV have their green card but they are still putting in their time for you guys to lobby....It just takes 25$ each month to become donor but people don't want to do that. Don't think that IV will show you proof of concept for you to start donating. If you cannot volunteer, just keep quiet and wait for next VB. I also know that people cannot make to state chapter meeting because of commitments, distance etc. Understandable but have they asked state chapter via email what all they can do in their constituency to sort this out......Join State Chapter and see what all IV is doing...You guys have no idea what all is going on behind....If you think you can least start donating and more important....start volunteering with your state chapter....If thousands of us start screaming to our lawmakers will not need money to lobby anymore.....

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  • sbabunle
    06-26 02:54 PM
    Its pathetic people are calling each other racists. Guys
    we have an uphill task in front of us. The only chance
    of winning is that stay together and work together.

    There are 200000 members for How much
    are we? Meagre 5000. And we are calling names ourselves it
    wont go too far.

    Please remember every single day the citizens of USA
    are turning against immigration more and more. It would be
    really difficult to get the things we need from the law makers.

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  • ski_dude12
    08-26 03:13 PM
    Not sure if I got your question...

    You can file I-485 only when your dates are current. If you filed I-485 by itself (not concurrently with I-140) then your PD will not be on the I-485.

    is this pattern (missing PD on I-485) for people who've PD current and not got greened?


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  • mirage
    07-07 11:30 AM
    Please make a new thread with date time venue etc. With so much other things being discussed on this thread this thread is messed up. Please create a new thread may be with a poll .

    Am in the bay area..
    Just reading this thread, so not sure if I can attend today.
    Will surely attend the rally with my wife on July14th.

    Just a thought..Why not request all our GC/citizen friends to also attend?

    I will persuade all my friends to attend.
    If not anything, they can see it as a nice stroll in the downtown.


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  • justice4all
    11-18 12:56 PM

    Senator Tom Coburn
    Senator Inhofe
    Representative Cole


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  • prakgc
    12-18 03:03 PM
    I am in same situation who has sept 10th ND from TSC , no FP for me or my wife. I did open a SR and i got a response letter saying that either your FP has expired or clearance has not been received.. will send one by mail soon.

    It has already been 45 days since the letter was dated. NO FP nothing.

    Has going to IO helped anybody is getting a FP notice? That seems my last resort.

    No update from my side. I had called last week and week before that. Apparently I got the same IO the last two times and first time she told me no FP scheduled , security check cleared. Second time she said no FP scheduled and I asked about security check and she said its still pending. Imagine same IO giving inconsistent information regarding my security check. I am not even sure to believe anything they say anymore. I am not even sure if they really look it up or not.

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  • sam2006
    07-20 12:24 PM
    Congratulations Aman !!!

    100 $ more from my side once the Checks get cleared !!!


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  • FinalGC
    09-01 10:58 AM
    How am I being a racist? I'm just pointing out the fact that North and South Indians belong to different races and USCIS should stop clubbing them together.

    Pooja.......The way you are going, very soon, you will start saying Northeast guys vs MidWest vs Mountain Time people vs...Pacific Time people.......If you continue with this attitude, all you do is DIVIDE, rather than UNITE.....Maybe you need to understand that such comments are considered racists

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  • gsc999
    07-08 10:51 PM
    Thanks to the three members for volunteering.


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  • gc_sri
    08-29 12:54 AM
    Received on jul 23rd NSC...
    No receipts yet...

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  • EndlessWait
    07-20 11:41 AM
    So pls contribute.

    I pledge $100.


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  • bomber
    07-20 12:22 PM
    There are still many out there who are happily enjoying the fruits of Aman's and other core members' hard work without even knowing what they did for us. For them it's just something that happened on its own. I joined in June and became a contributing member when I came to know the efforts being put in by core. I know for some people shelling out $100 is a big deal, particularly AFTER the victory in this first fight, but guys, think if you were made to wait for 3-4 more years before you were allowed to apply. Your spouses can work now and make more money for your household.
    I pledge another $200 for IV once my wife starts working - This is apart from regular contributions that I will make.

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  • p_aluri
    10-08 01:42 PM
    I am in the same boat.. came here in 1999.

    Now my priority date is 2006. It took 3 years to get my labor with my previous company. Company filed chapter 11 within a week after my labor approved.

    Moved to consutling company and started the whole process again..

    What about people who were stuck for years in backlog and then got laid off and could not port their priority dates. I know a few who come came to US in 99 and now have a priority date of 2007 with a new employer....It should clearly be based on number of years of stay in US or expereince


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  • obviously
    03-08 08:53 AM
    and reduce your depression!

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  • senthil1
    03-09 02:44 PM
    Actually everyone should get copy of the receipts from DOL or INS whenever company received and also they should communicate to the lawyer every 3 months to get the status. Atleast the errors due to company or Lawyers should be avoided. One may not have much control after it goes to INS or DOL but persons make sure that everything filed properly. Some lawyers promtly send copies of all the communications both inbound and outbound. That will give gc applicants chance to review the various process and they can try to correct if any discrepancy or errors

    Guys everybody has a story, in my area Labors were getting cleared in less than 1 month in mid of 2003. When my attorney filed my labor and we didn�t hear on it for 3 months, my Attorney called up the local labor dept. they told him that the person who used to do foreign labor certs met with an accident and is on extended leave, It took 13 months for the local office, by that time BECs were born, retrogression�..


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  • DianaSteve
    03-08 06:30 PM
    I and my wife have been SCREAMING, FIGHTING for over four years now. We are now so frustrated that we have EVEN DISCUSSED THINGS LIKE TAKING UP OUR LIVES !!! I really mean it. For both of us, our career is the single most important thing.
    We had decided to wait for our next step in life like having a kid or putting in a big investment till we both at least have a job. Inspite of both of us having Masters degress from US universities, we are both suffering - me languishing in a filthy job and my wife on H4 - for the past 5 years !!! She is now more than 35 making it difficult to have kids etc...
    I don't have the choice of going back to my home country due to many other personal reasons. I just don't know what to do... I am losing my sanity.

    I wonder what is holding you from having kids or making an investment. See GC is not the ultimate goal. I am spending so much money on estending my visa. Imagine on the same job on the same chair, no promotion, no major raise, no opportunity becuase of this crisis. But I do see a light. This year it's going to happen. Wait and see. So don't loose hope. Meanwhile enjoy the things you have. Don't worry about tomorrow.

    "They also serve who only stand and wait....."

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  • pappu
    11-21 12:20 PM

    I have a unique position. couple of weeks back I was told that have fatal cancer and won't live pass 4-6 months. After recovering from initial shock I am wondering if my wife will be able to continue her american dream or she will have to head home after me.

    I have filed 485 with approved 140 back in june, 2007 with PD of March, 2003

    Please help.


    Very sorry to hear this. Please get in touch with a lawyer and discuss if you could expedite your GC application due to health conditiion. Get good treatment. IV physicians group has several top best in class doctors and they can try to find how they can help you. You need to get the best care. Do not give up. Send us your contact details. Each IV member is precious to us and we will help.

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  • gcwait2007
    04-20 12:36 PM
    I work for company A which sent me to client C through company B(Prefered vendor). After working with the same client for 1.5 yrs, transfered my h1b to company B(PF) due to issues with the pay with company A. Company A has deducted huge sum of money($4000) from my last months pay towards PERM filing(Still under process). Upon demanding them to reimburse my money saying that its against law, they r threatening me saying that based on non-compete agreement they will take legal action against me.
    I am not actually aware of the clauses in the agreement. company B(PF) told me that it does not have any clauses in its agreement with company A prohibiting them from taking me.Though i requested company A to provide me a copy of non-compete, they said i signed with them, they haven�t. The company is located in NJ and not sure how non-competes work under NJ state law.
    I am really frustated upon this blackmail and going thru lot of pressure. The amount is too big too leave and cannot afford to hire a lawyer in case they file suit based on non-compete. even if i had signed a non compete agreement how does it stand as it is conflicting the agreement which company a signed with PF sayign tht upon my termination of the emplyment with them, Pf can take me without any gap period... what can i do to get my money. they also refused to provide me with experience letter which i need for my future GC filing.
    Plz give me ur valuable inputs

    I work for a company which recovers expenses incurred for relocation, training, certification exam fee paid, GC expenses, etc if I choose to leave them with in one year of incurring expenses. It seems to be a common practice. Many times, these recovery is waived at the discretion of the managers.

    06-26 10:34 AM
    There are some jobs that require US citizens only without any security clearance requirements. Many defense related projects are like that. Not everyone will need security clearance, but everyone in the project must be US citizen.


    desi - You seem to have indepth knowledge in this. All your posts put together gives the complete picture.

    In reality, a common man does not do much analysis and just goes by the flow. HR listens to what manager or management says and thats it. No one complains or asks and as such people - if they find an opportuinity which is welcoming will not chase an opportunity which is not welcoming unless a group of people like members of IV - want to collectively address these issues.

    When I looked for jobs I have seen employers or reqruiters asking what is my status and if I say I have EAD some of them will say "OK, no problem" but will not get back because they have instruction from hiring managers to hire only GC or USC. The hiring manager may not be well informed enough or may not want to deal with things with USCIS (perception, because all USCIS wants is a verification letter which is common and other agencies like Banks, DMVs etc.. may also request the same)

    I have noticed that a lot of people are not comfortable about dealing with USCIS - it could be a stigma.

    05-23 11:26 PM
    (disclaimer: Like everyone else here, I am very dissapointed. Hence the negative mood)

    I am wondering how we ended up here. We have been doing this campaign for so long, we have now hired a lobbying firm, and we've met, called, emailed and faxed so many senators etc. How come this bill completely ignored, and in fact in some senses, hurt us?

    I have seen posts about lawmakers being stupid, out-of-touch etc but I think these posts are mostly facetious. I feel troubled by the fact that in spite of numerous efforts the lawmakers decided to ignore us - and if this was India I would have attributed this to the fact that in us they don't (yet) have a vote bank.

    Please take this post in a positive way and as a stimulus for some soul searching - why did we end up in this situation?



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