Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • h1-b forever
    08-31 09:35 AM
    My wife and i got emails from USCIS and we checked our status online and it is now CPO. The approval is based on my wife's applicatiion ( EB2 India, Dec 2005). I had two applications one as her dependent and another my own that is EB3 I, Jan 2004.

    Congratulations mnkaushik?

    How many such cases are with uscis? And what happens to the one you filed for yourself?

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  • eb3_2004
    03-25 07:36 PM
    I am EB3 India--OCt 2004...My hopes are dwindling...let's see...

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  • franklin
    06-05 07:48 PM
    All you lucky guys who can file for 485, please contribute to IV.

    In spite of all the forum spamming, I have contributed, thank you

    And yes, I've sent multiple faxes to every senator.

    And yes, I've visited, phoned and emailed multiple senators and congressmen.

    And yes, I've sent approximately 700 emails to media outlets nationwide

    PLEASE stop spamming the forums

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  • sanjeev
    06-18 12:53 PM
    Just heard from my employer checks cleared on 15th June

    Mailed to NSC on: 1st June
    Mailed From State: VA
    Received at NSC on: June 4th
    140 approved from : NSC
    Receipt Date : Still Waiting

    Priority Date Sept 2002


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  • kg318
    04-25 01:18 PM
    I do not know how to give red dots since I do not give any. To give green you have to click on the icon above the post for which you are giving a green dot. I just gave you one.

    Thanks a lot man.

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  • vkallank
    07-20 08:31 AM
    I pledge $250 towards this fund.

    i have been a active member for quite some time but i wasnt aware of the financial sacrifices IV Core team was making until I read the businessweek article. i have been contributing monthly recurring payments and one time contributions as and when necessary.

    Thanks to whoever started this topic to refund some of the expenses core team has met. Thanks to IV core team for their unselfish acts and sacrifices.

    i shall see if i can contribute more in the near future to this fund.


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  • kumar1
    01-30 04:15 PM
    You being US citizen or president of USA does not mean much to us! I have requested you to show me "so called 30 day rule" on any of the official web site (For example USCIS). I have asked you this several times. Every time You just direct us to some lawyer's web site/university web site and expect us to believe them.

    Show me the information on official web site and I will shut up.

    I suggest, go ahead and let me know which point you think is not correct.

    I have been in this country and dealt with immigration issues for more than 10 years now. Please feel free to look at my old post, and let me know if you find anything incorrect/wrong in any past posts.

    I am a US citizen now and I post details to help my would be-immigrant friends.

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  • JazzByTheBay
    12-17 05:06 PM
    ...many folks amongst us come to this realization after seeing no signs of the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, most having spent the better part of their most productive years to complete the immigration process. :)

    No, it's not criticism - I'm in the same boat, and the posts where many of us claim to plan to return home/country of origin/somewhere else "IF blah doesn't happen... by blah (insert your time period of choice/tolerance here)" are of high interest to me. It'd be great to be able to compile a list of such posts with original post date, end of tolerance threshold, action taken (if any) after that... and see what we get. :) (Yes, that may be a futile exercise for individuals... but may be of interest to IV as an organization... )

    My guess is those who want to move just wake up one fine day, decide they've had enough of it, and follow it up with action (like book tickets, find a job back home, etc... ).


    Restarted the process again in 2006 due to job change.

    Two things that help me.

    1) Personally meeting lawmakers and making it obvious to them how screwed up their policies are.

    2) Being ready to go back. After all, the country where i was born and spent the first 25 yrs of my life cannot be that impossible for me to live in.


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  • tonyHK12
    02-10 11:20 AM
    thanks sureshtreddy, dkshitij for your contributions.

    Amount raised = $1800.00
    Contributions needed = $48,200.00

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  • hindu_king
    05-08 04:15 PM
    Reeves & Associates (California) has experience filing class action lawsuit against USCIS. His initial consultation fees is $100. For $100, he can at least tell us

    1. if we have a case
    2. if yes, whats the process
    3. whats the cost for lawsuit

    1-800-795-8009 is the number


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  • kshitijnt
    04-24 12:51 AM
    Tell me what wrong he did for him to apologize and I will apologize to you. When nothing is permanent he worked with them for 1 and half years, he got them 4 employees. Why in the world should he apologize?.

    When you say that you will not need your clients you are wrong. when I was searching for projects I got a chance to apply to a job opening in one of my previous client, guess what, the start to my second stint was smooth just because I had a good rapport with my client and they liked my work. I even got one of my team mates in my client place to give me a referral for my higher studies.

    "Your ex boss is not a bad guy, he knows you are leaving for better opportunity".He is not only a bad guy, he is evil IF (note the big IF) he is keeping the money which is not his. Their conscience should prick when they feed and give excellent education to their kids with the ill gotten money.

    Unfortunately one might need his ex-employer in future (might not always be the case) and that is the irony of it all.

    What wrong he did? Nothing illegal but certainly not the best practise. Atleast he has been insensitive to his former employer.

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  • obviously
    07-09 05:06 PM
    Please re-use... there are over 8 flyers READY TO USE in .pdf format !!!!

    Good luck!


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  • buddyinsd
    09-01 12:07 PM
    Ignore her. She dozn't deserve a response...Seems to be a mental case

    Pooja.......The way you are going, very soon, you will start saying Northeast guys vs MidWest vs Mountain Time people vs...Pacific Time people.......If you continue with this attitude, all you do is DIVIDE, rather than UNITE.....Maybe you need to understand that such comments are considered racists

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  • sam2006
    07-19 09:47 PM
    good goin guys

    lets shoot for 10-20 pledges tomorow

    Comon show that we care for the Core team


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  • mpkmaster
    06-22 11:27 AM
    Stop pushing for a comprehensive relief and turning into a kind of Skil solution
    (Only for a few, privileged minority, an elite), I.V. will be able to organize meetings in a phone booth!
    I back up Harutium on this!
    Let's encourage people like Specter, and do not play the game of that band betraying President Bush in the House!:eek:

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  • shreekarthik
    10-08 06:40 PM
    First I-485 is triggered by an act of the applicant (he has to apply). So USCIS is never going to know whether an earlier applicant is still out there trying to file his application or not. In fact I would blame the entire retrogression on USCIS' attempt at FIFO which is scientifically impossible. It only results in wastage of visa numbers. In 2004 USCIS wasted 47000 visa numbers, in 2006 it wasted 10000 visa numbers. What USCIS could think of doing is just approve whoever is approvable. So the visa bulletin has only 2 possible values "C" and "U". If an earlier I485 applicant is stuck in name check then he should take appropriate action (writing to senators, FL, GWB or file WoM) and get his case adjudicated.

    There are a lot of misconceptions about AoS. Let me write it here.

    1. A visa number is not needed to get AoS adjudicated. A visa number is only required to file the application. But USCIS' stand is that visa number is required both while filing and adjudicating. This according to the statutes and regulations is not true and valid. If USCIS screwed up and delayed adjudicating your application that is their problem. According to statutes and regulations a visa number is only required at the time the application is filed.

    2. Neither Statutes nor regulations call for any fbi name check. Remember FBI name check is different from criminal back ground check or finger print check. The name check is an arbitrary decision by FBI and USCIS and will not stand in any court of law.

    3. An FBI name check was never called for by USCIS on AoS applicants. It was only required for naturalization applicants. FBI screwed up by sending every one's name through this dreaded name check and now claims that it has too many names to check.

    4. If your AoS application is pending for more than a year file a law suit against USCIS because USCIS violated regulations 103.2(b)(18). According to this regulation if an investigation is pending for 6 months district director should review it. At the end of 1 year he should again review it. After that it has to be escalated to higher authorities. Trust me this never happens. Violation of regulations is a serious offense.

    So FIFO will never happen because USCIS cannot control who will apply when. Second FIFO is really bad because USCIS then has to keep shuffling its visa numbers around. Instead if it just approves anyone who is approvable atleast visa numbers would get used.


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  • delax
    12-17 10:18 AM
    Was a little disillusioned with the whole name check process and I called USCIS yesterday. My wife cleared her name check, but mine is pending. It was initiated for both of us on Sept 26. I am not worried at all although it would not be true if I said that I was never worried.

    This is an irrational, unscientific and to a great extent arbitrary process - and by that I mean the entire green card process. Added to that is the never ending desire to beat the process - read labor substitution and PD porting. I have neither tried it nor do I intend to do it. Before people start piling on and I get accused of a holier than thou attitude, I am only expressing an opinion (not a value judgement) in an open forum. The last time I checked, a forum was meant to do just that.

    Objectively thinking my emotional stability and that of my family is a lot dearer than a piece of plastic, especially when none of the steps in the process are within my control.

    Yes I can contribute, lobby, send letters etc and make an attempt to get the process under my control - but I think its an indvidual decision whether someone wants to contribute, lobby, write letters etc - I did attend the DC rally though. Obviously the opportunity to express my opinion here has been provided by IV and I am grateful for that.

    All that I care about right now is to make sure my wife graduates from school, is able to work, we can travel as a family and enjoy this country. The rest is like trying to find two grains of wheat in two bushels of chaff.

    Just my 2 cents - Good luck with your green card process.

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  • paraphrase
    10-08 11:05 PM
    I do not understand why people spend their energy in coming up with some lame ideas. Just because you suffer does not mean that your fellows have to suffer, what is the point of being a sane individual with that kind of thought process.

    There are people who come here on all kinds of visas F1, H1, L1 and like this country and stay back and need a green card for convenience. Students who came here want priority over people who came on H1B. It makes sense from their point of view.

    Similarly people on H1B who got stuck in several stages and had to change the company have their own point of view.

    How bout having a lame rule saying that GC for people with I.Q of 140 and above?


    How bout having a lame rule like if you have a family you will be penalized by putting you at the end of the line for GC?

    The list can go endless..
    Worry less about who is cutting the line and getting ahead and please concentrate and put your energy and come up with good ideas and showing what we are really capable of..

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  • Dipika
    06-13 10:04 AM
    did you google it?
    i couldn't find any recent successful story from google.

    canada landing and returned on AP on FEB 08

    My landing experience



    About a month back, i had gone to land at Vancouver though my actual destination was elsewhere. I flew into Vancouver and was directed to the immigration formalities area. I had taken the amount required as Cashier's checks.

    It went pretty smoothly. The person in charge took the address in Canada where the PR card was to be sent. When landing, watch out the question how long you plan to be there? That was it !!!

    While returning, I came back using AP documents. That was also smooth.

    Thanks for other people's experiences. It was helpful.

    07-05 09:19 AM
    Mine reached at July 02 10:25am at Lincon,NE. Received by J.Barrret. Ship date June 29.

    11-30 09:03 PM
    My prayers are with you, man. Do not lose hope and fight for your life! You condition fits a reason for expedite processing. Fax expedited request to the service center where your I-485s are pending. Attach supporting documents. Call the USCIS customer service, they will tell you all the details, including fax number for this.



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