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  • gimmeacard
    09-09 09:01 PM
    Ignore her. She dozn't deserve a response...Seems to be a mental case

    i am pretty sure its a HE, dont think indian women have fallen that much

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  • vbkris77
    05-04 10:52 PM
    (d) Treatment of Family Members. - A spouse or child as defined in subparagraph (A), (B), (C), (D), or (E) of section 101(b)(1) shall, if not otherwise entitled to an immigrant status and the immediate issuance of a visa under subsection (a), (b), or (c), be entitled to the same status, and the same order of consideration provided in the respective subsection, if accompanying or following to join, the spouse or parent.

    This basically tells me that they need to be given the same status only if they can't given immigrant visa in other category. But if they can be, why should they be used in this category? As someone said earlier, FB for Family is actually better than EB2. So this basically rules out their rational on giving EB2, EB3 dependents on this VISA.

    I am not talking about EB1 here.

    Naveen, I haven't given you any Reds. I feel sorry for your situation. Guys, lets discuss and analyze in a constructive way and don't go personal. None of us here will get GC twice by chasing someone's moral down..

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  • f16mav
    11-19 08:04 AM
    Just sent in mine.

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  • ghost
    02-24 01:34 PM
    How to get added to the 'donor' forum?? ;)

    as far as I know, donor forum is for recurring contributors only...thanks for your contribution!


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  • sam2006
    08-24 07:11 PM
    July 3rd R.Williams 7.44 AM NSC
    140 Approved TSC
    LUD 07-28
    No CC
    NO RN

    my guess: Look at TSC Processing dates

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  • sivatallapaneni
    07-20 12:15 PM
    I'm going to contribute atleast $100. There is a always a first time, This is for the person who worked for my own good without expecting anything in return.

    Aman you are a true inspiration.


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  • gbof
    05-10 12:50 PM
    I think it is ironic that we (from India) complain about quota on GC when we are the masters of quotas whether it be in education, workplace, politics etc. I myself was not affected by quotas in India, but I know several friends who were, simply because they were born in "upper caste" and therefore had to be denied opportunities as "revenge" for the injustice meted out by their ancestors several centuries ago, instead of being based on economics.

    I personally think GC quota has a rationale behind it. It allows for a reasonable share to go to smaller countries so that the US population maintains its diversity. Besides, near the end of the year, if the numbers are unused, they are rolled over to larger countries like India and China, thereby automatically eliminating the quota.

    EB based GC should NOT have Quota (.) We are already IN the system. How will it effect diversity. Diversity visa are meant for divesrsity. EB is skill based and only skill should be cared for,

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  • chandarc
    11-19 01:51 PM


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  • she81
    07-05 02:03 PM
    Please dig this article:

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  • imm_check
    05-05 08:28 PM
    Has any one in the forum here have a FP notice for a 4 and half year child during the 485 process. I ask this question as my daughter did not get one.

    Feedback is greatly appreciated.



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  • abq_gc
    08-19 12:13 PM
    My 2 paisa ( though it has no value anymore anywhere)

    First and foremost we have to realize that we are fee paying customers to USCIS. We have a right to demand better customer service. The reports and other kind of data they are releasing currently is an insult to the high skilled immigrant community. It is time we call out that the king (USCIS) has no clothes. They have been feeding us garbage disguised as reports and offical data. Anybody with a high school degree would say that the reports and data provided have zero value since they are not complete.

    How do we get the right kind of information from USCIS?
    Here are the steps

    a) Send letters to the Dept chief asking for the data we need and wait for 3-4 weeks for a response. ( Data we should ask for, apps pending with PD's and EB category for every month starting from 1998)
    b) Send another letter to the President and copy USCIS chief on that. Wait for another 3-4 weeks
    c) If we do not get any satisfactory information after the previous 2 steps and 2 months of waiting, we should do a relay protest in DC and in front of all the USCIS centers until they provide us with the exact data.

    By doing this we woould have put enough spotlight on USCIS and also our problmes would have got enough coverage in the media. From here we can try and work with the various agencies to push for our other agendas. Now we will have a clearer picture of what the situation is and ask for the right things. At the same time the agencies will have the better information with them to look in to our issues.

    Comments are welcome.

    I agree.. the amount of fees paid to USCIS keeps on increasing every year and the customer service degrades proportionally every year.. they need to understand that they are there for US(the legal immigrant community).. we have to make USCIS's proceedings more transparent and make them more accountable.. whats happenening with EB2-I can very well happen with EB-3 in the future...once they become current....

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  • fundo14
    05-30 03:07 PM

    I was planning to land tomorrow and read this on , I guess, I might not be landing.

    This sounds very scary.. I may also give up canada PR


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  • sanhari
    08-13 10:23 AM
    Dear EB3 folks, please don't get discouraged by the Sept visa bulletin, let's keep our focus contacting congressmen/women, USCIS and DOS to push on a fair policy, of using the visa spillover against cases with older priority dates. Also for all other folks, who don't support this, we are just trying our best to get a push somehow to stay along with others in the queue, moving forward, instead of quietly watching, so please do not discourage. If you don't support or have a better solution, please start your own forum for further discussion instead of discouraging the folks in this forum.

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  • piman2100
    11-18 09:56 AM
    Sent the email. Will communicate it to my friends.


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  • kumar1
    01-30 04:15 PM
    You being US citizen or president of USA does not mean much to us! I have requested you to show me "so called 30 day rule" on any of the official web site (For example USCIS). I have asked you this several times. Every time You just direct us to some lawyer's web site/university web site and expect us to believe them.

    Show me the information on official web site and I will shut up.

    I suggest, go ahead and let me know which point you think is not correct.

    I have been in this country and dealt with immigration issues for more than 10 years now. Please feel free to look at my old post, and let me know if you find anything incorrect/wrong in any past posts.

    I am a US citizen now and I post details to help my would be-immigrant friends.

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  • drak70
    11-21 11:26 AM
    Dear Mehul

    Best Wishes for your and your family

    My suggestion would be that probably doctors have discovered metastatic cancer and have give you the prognosis.

    For your visa
    It seems you have already cleared most hurdles

    1) Talk to a immigration lawyer
    2) Talk to USCIS and ask for "Humanitarian Expedite". Call or fax them the document ask you doctor to write the letter
    3) get media attention: write to local congressman,senator and the local media TV stations to expedite your case
    4)Dont delay any day. Once you create an expediate request they are bound to act on it.(by either rejecting it or accepting it). The point is make an official request without delay
    In a similar situation i would try to straigten out few things
    First is finance Security :

    1)Try to transfer control and custody of all financial instruments to you wife name

    2)is you wife working if not try to get job on H1b.(not EAD) Cap exempt HIB from university affialted jobs are alsways available or get her to a school on f-1

    What does you wife want.She may not want to stay here if she does not have extended family.Talk to her.Ask here

    Lastly Get an second opinion from Indian APollo etc they may do life prolonging surgical procedures (which doctors here might not be willing for many reasons ...this will get you enough time that your green card is appoved


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  • krishnam70
    07-05 11:26 AM
    Sorry - I had no idea what this thread was about.

    Apologize, did not realize that fact. Can the thread owner please update the thread title and add some description.

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  • asdqwe2k
    06-27 02:58 PM
    How long are you supposed to be with employer after getting GC?

    Minimum of 6 Months..

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  • rcr_bulk
    09-10 12:28 PM
    Unless and untill everybody in EB3 has contributed ataleast a $1000.00 to the immigrationvoice cause, its waste of time to discuss about the EB3-India movement. Any way we have to spend a lot more than $1000.00 in renewing EADs, H1Bs and H4s.

    Otherwise just wait and pray for the CIR bill to pass. Then every body in the EB category will get the benefit being the EB3- India/China are the greatest benefitters.

    How can contributing $1000.00 to immigration voice solves this problem? You are telling like a swami's in India, give me money I will do some pooja on your behalf and all your problems will be solved.

    02-25 09:34 PM
    Your transaction ID for this payment is: 1KJ77263D2760803K.
    Just contributed another $50 feeling better.

    thanks for taking the initiative and donating again manish1905. It is sad to see only a few 100 'active. Most people want to see results before donating, but most don't realize we can't get results without thousands working first for many months.
    So its up to us to work extra hard to achieve things that will benefit 500,000 people.
    Things like Visa Recapture, which benefit 100s of thousands benefit everyone including EB3, as there are only about 40-60,000 EB2s left.

    Here's the facebook link:
    Immigration Voice | Facebook (!/event.php?eid=197404886938254)

    05-10 09:03 PM
    Too bad you did not bother reading up on the net before you took your job. I researched what is involved prior to leaving grad school and I knew it was a long wait. Like I said quota is there because of numbers / diversity. US needs programmers from more than just one country.

    And its not really a quota since numbers are rolled at the end of the year to oversubscribed countries. Your notion of separate queues derives from your ignorance of how immigration works. Why hasn't anyone challenged the quota in the Supreme Court ?

    No I was not aware of the quota. Do we need to go for an immigration course before we decide to take up the job offer in 2000 and start predicting what will be the effect of quota in 2009? I am sure you also did not do that and did not know whats involved in getting a green card. You are just lucky that there is a "quota."

    Nigerians can stand in the same queue that Indians and Chinese will stand in, why is there a separate queue?



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