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  • Libra
    06-14 09:58 AM
    Ask your employer keep everything ready backlogs will be cleared by sep 30, hope you get your LC before that and you can apply for 140 & 485 concurrent. I know it is unfair, we can't help but act smart.

    Years we have been told priority date establishes your place in the queue.

    We have spurned job offers and declined the new PERM process to hold on to the priority dates.

    Many are still awaiting labor certifications from the backlog elimination centers. Out comes USCIS and says everyone with a LC can file I140 & I485.

    People still waiting for LC with priority dates in 2003-2004 are seeing applicants who have priority dates as late as 2007 but with approved LCs through PERM walk through to I485.

    Net result, USCIS is going to be flooded with applicants enough to retrogress the priority dates 3-4 years back as early as september. (Everybody with a LC will be able to file for I485 in July). So applicants with priority dates of 2007 are going to get EAD and GC, while LC backlogged 2003 applicants to have to wait for another 3-4 years before they can even file I485.

    Aint fair. Aint fair at all. How can this be. How can rules be changed in the middle of the game.

    wallpaper HEATING CURVE Heating Curve Of Water. heating curve of water.
  • heating curve of water.

  • abhisam
    04-12 01:21 PM
    the press release said.... they will return applications filed at wrong place with instructions as to what is correct location....

    okay. i will go ahead and send another application to the right address right away. thank you gcformeornot!! i hope we get our EAD in time.

    Heating Curve Of Water. either a heating curve or
  • either a heating curve or

  • sam2006
    02-01 09:00 PM
    S180 and S187 have allmost the same Text

    from S180

    Page: S1081
    Page: S1082
    Page: S1083
    Page: S1084
    Page: S1085
    Page: S1086
    Page: S1087
    ``Part 8--Rules Governing Association Health Plans
    Page: S1088

    From S187

    Page: S1081
    Page: S1082
    Page: S1083
    Page: S1084
    Page: S1085
    Page: S1086
    Page: S1087
    ``Part 8--Rules Governing Association Health Plans
    Page: S1088
    Page: S1089

    does it ring a bell to any one

    2011 heating curve of water. Heating Curve Of Water. In the heat capacity curve,
  • In the heat capacity curve,

  • NolaIndian32
    04-14 11:24 PM
    As a start, I've decided to start walking in my office garage for half an hour before lunch.

    This is a perfect example of motivation, time management and dedication to improving your lifestyle and IV.

    Kudos to Needhelp!

    My office is only on the 2nd floor of the building where I work, but at as much as possible, I take the stairs, going up as much as 4 flights and down as many as 18!!

    Whether you are getting back into shape or trying to sustain a healthy life style, this is a perfect way to staying on top of your goal!! And in the process of self-improvement you are raising money for IV!! How noble is that!!:)


    Heating Curve Of Water. mercury, Heating
  • mercury, Heating

  • hemanth22
    07-19 01:06 PM
    My labor certification (Traditional EB-3) is stuck in BEC since last 5 years. It is completely beyond my understanding why it took so long for BEC to process my case. Now everyone is rejoicing USCIS's decision to accept all green card applications, but I am paralyzed with the fear of facing another huge backlog on I-485 applications. One government agency sits on our applications for years and another government agency throws us further back in the line to cover up its blunders and guess what who pays the price: WE RULE-ABIDING, LINE-WAITING FOLKS.

    Even if I get my labor approval before September, I will be among the last persons to get labor certification in spite of being the one with the earliest priority date. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than suing DOL BEC at this time. We may not sue DOL on their inability to clear the backlogs, but we can definitely sue them in their utter disregard to FIFO procedures (mind that some people with priority dates in 2004, 2005 have already got their labor certifications, but some with priority dates in 2001, 2002 are still stuck). When I read on their web site that they have tried to maintain FIFO, it makes me feel like puking.

    I am also disappointed with IV's attitude towards the backlog victims. I do not remember anything concrete done by IV to address the grievances of backlog victims. Now that they have won the battle with USCIS, will they have time to look at us?
    :mad: :mad:

    did your company receive the 45 day letter that they sent for all BEC cases.
    did they give the letter to you , it might have been possible that either they did'nt receive the letter completely or they might be with-holding information from you
    what does your case status say

    you must have seen that i am waiting since the last 10 years, since their processing is so random that there's nothing that you can do . The worst thing that you can do is feel bitter about others who are getting benefited.

    you have to fell happy for others that they are able to get out of the un-desirable situation that all of us are in.

    Heating Curve Of Water. by ice water as figure [D]
  • by ice water as figure [D]

  • kdprasad
    06-26 07:30 PM
    Thanks and posts like these might push you hard to get the 485 filed soon. But as Everyone said most of us are aware that anything can change.


    Heating Curve Of Water. Heat flow diagram
  • Heat flow diagram

  • pd052009
    04-15 12:41 PM
    Countdown: 16 More days to go (Incl. today)
    Required Yes Votes : 5000

    Read from the below link for more details (Support Thread for "I485 filing w/o Curr. PD" initiative)

    2010 either a heating curve or Heating Curve Of Water. Heating Curve for Water at 1
  • Heating Curve for Water at 1

  • abracadabra102
    08-28 06:49 PM
    Vow, what are you suggesting? Everybody should drop out? People like Einstein, Bill Gates etc are one in a multi-million chance, 99.9% dropouts don't fall into that category. There is a reason people from elite institutes are respected/sought after. Agreed, there may be some totally incompetent inspite of being from a Tier1 school, but whats the percentage of such people? 0.01 %?

    No. Education is a good thing. But do not judge people by education alone. Get the drift?


    Heating Curve Of Water. Here is a blank heating curve
  • Here is a blank heating curve

  • Deepika
    05-15 12:37 PM
    If the certificate doesn't have your name, how will they know it's your birth certificate? :confused:

    I don't think birth certificate without your name is acceptable by USCIS

    Usually they give saying baby girl was born to the following parents on this date at this place. because at the time of birth the baby may not be named.

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  • Heating water is always in

  • gc_on_demand
    05-15 04:29 PM
    What about H.R. 6039 ?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
    Why are we not asking to support that bill too ? [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]


    Heating Curve Of Water. water heating systems
  • water heating systems

  • Desertfox
    11-20 04:49 PM

    I was wondering is this a firm news that- Labor gets expired after 6 months if you dont apply for 140..

    It it right.. am thinking it depends on state to state ?

    Appreciate your replies.


    Yes, approved LC expires after 6 months. This rule has already been implemented by DOL along with labor substitution elimination.

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  • Heating Curve of Water

  • Hassan11
    03-24 11:48 AM
    maybe it is because of the Easter holiday and the long weekend. that can be a reason or maybe it will pick up at the beg of April. I am not sure what s the reason, but we are all worried

    Looks like approvals has slowed down further.
    This is why at the end of the year there are unused visas. All due to inefficiencies of USCIS.
    We are doomed.


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  • curve of water(distilled

  • sravani
    05-15 12:54 PM
    Usually they give saying baby girl was born to the following parents on this date at this place. because at the time of birth the baby may not be named.

    Makes sense now, I assume your certificate is issued in a hospital. To enter the details in to the birth registration file, parents usually have to wait till they decide on the name and need to register the birth.

    tattoo by ice water as figure [D] Heating Curve Of Water. Commentary: Heating Curve
  • Commentary: Heating Curve

  • Edison99
    07-15 02:04 PM
    Well said!
    The emotional head turner and sympathy raiser ,"waiting since a decade", who is waiting for a decade ? eb3 ! so treat eb3 first ! If not ,dont buy that quote.


    pictures Heat flow diagram Heating Curve Of Water. cooling-curve.jpg
  • cooling-curve.jpg

  • invincibleasian
    02-01 10:15 PM
    their website does not say this. havent we had enough? breaking news

    dresses Heating Curve of Water Heating Curve Of Water. water being heated
  • water being heated

  • ca_immigrant
    04-08 03:02 PM
    there was a rencent drive undertaken by IV which involved getting a list from USCIS (or some other authority) about where the visa #s are being used, right ?

    Perhaps something to do with collecting money from the requstor..
    Basically, USCIS sent letters to a few folks asking them to pay 5000$ or so to get the list as it involved some programming ?

    Where is that ? does anyone know ?

    the visa bulletin is just ...what do you say....


    makeup Here is a blank heating curve Heating Curve Of Water. Plot of heat capacity of water
  • Plot of heat capacity of water

  • StarSun
    03-24 05:29 PM
    Contribute for what. I would , If I am told for what we are contributing. What are the real faces.

    Don't contribute, come to DC and you will find & know all the faces behind IV

    I am not one of those who can go advocate at places as I do not have luxury of it. I respect people who are going beyond their daily schedule and advocating, but what are the goals.

    It is certainly not because I/others want to see the buildings that we are asking people to come to DC - and the people going in to the meetings will be advocating for their and your green card issues (whether you want it or not - these efforts will benefit everyone stuck in the EB backlogs including you!). Getting the green card backlogs cleared is the goal - and it is deplorable that after being a member since 2007, you do not know this.

    I have been coordinating with IV for the past 2 years now and I have never had members (majority) - including you - once trying to find a way of helping in this cause. IV has had the campaign of meeting with lawmakers in their local districts at a time that is convenient for each member - IN THEIR OWN LOCAL TOWNS - and I can count my fingers and toes on how many have actually done it.

    The sad part is that you come from a state that was successful in raising $1500 from members (in addition to the contributions to IV and air mile donations) and instrumental in sending 5 members fully funded to DC + 2 green card holders + 2 members buying their own tickets. The chapter is coming together in these circumstances and you are clueless....... of what is happening within your own state - Joining the chapter neither costs money nor effort, just the benefit of knowing what is happening within your state!

    I however want to contribute not *donate* if I know what am I going after.

    Contribute or Donate - if it is money - it is one and the same practically. I am not sure what you are going after, but I can tell you what IV is going after - clearing the EB backlogs.

    For any advise the standard answer we get is - Consult your immigration lawyer.

    We actually provide 4 reputed lawyers (Ari Sauer and Greg Siskind of, Raj Iyer of Offices of Carl Shusterman, and Prashanthi Reddy of Reddyesq) with whom you can get your questions answered for free 3 Thursdays in a month! Do you know about the conference calls that is done every week with attorneys - check it out in the members forum if you were unaware of it!

    I dont want to dampen the interests of others who are ready to contribute. Tell me few reasons and I can contribute a decent amount.

    Nobody in this forum or elsewhere said, "Mr/Ms bitzbytz - please donate the money to IV" And certainly no one is forcing you to do it either. There are requests for contributions from many members - because they believe in the cause - and their audience are fellow believers.

    May be we should make this paid. and then I will find my reason and I will pay to join

    We are happy with people who believe in the cause and want to donate. You are most welcome to use IV for free!

    My answers are in Red.

    girlfriend Commentary: Heating Curve Heating Curve Of Water. line is the heating curve.
  • line is the heating curve.

  • santb1975
    04-09 03:36 PM
    I am going to be working on putting a So.Cal walking/ running event together. Thanks to everyone who reached out to me to set something up in So.Cal. This is Great

    hairstyles water heating systems Heating Curve Of Water. In addition, a heating/cooling
  • In addition, a heating/cooling

  • sandy_anand
    05-03 05:04 PM
    Some porter gave me red on this post.

    Or on second thoughts, they must have clicked it by mistake...

    09-04 10:14 AM
    Now thou shalt have thyne peace, o ye Seekerofpeace!

    Congratulations!! I guess you are now an optimist? :-)

    It seems sun didn't rise from the east or has it....the miracle has happened....after 10 years and 25 days in this country with 2 advanced degrees and with days of ups and downs ...days of confusion and frustrations I finally received a mail:

    Here it goes:


    Current Status: Approval notice sent.

    On September 3, 2009, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service.

    02-28 10:48 PM
    My daugther's date of birth is 03/18/1988. We filed I-485 together in 02,June 2007. We all recieved I-140 approval and I-485 receipt.

    I would like to know whether my daughter will age out in 03/18/2009 or 03/18/2010?.Your daughter will NOT aged out. We filed 485 and 140 1 mo before our son 21-st birthday, got GC 3 years later.



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