Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • arthi123
    11-19 10:14 PM
    Thank u very much!!!!

    wallpaper house efore and after Los Before And After Furniture. I am working on another
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  • hoolahoous
    08-24 02:06 AM
    sfo counsulate charges a fee for endorsement. I recently travelled to India and carried old passport + new passport and PIO card without endoresement. no issues.
    endoresment is needed only if you don't carry your old passport, but I guess you already know that carrying old passport is more beneficial than not carrying it.

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  • glus
    03-27 07:47 AM

    I have a pretty simple question.

    A person decides to change employers, moving from company A to company B. It's been 180 days after 485 filing.

    Question: what does company B have to do to legally take this person on as full time employee? Is the process any different than taking any other american resident employee? The way I understand is it is not any different.

    Please advise,

    Nothing. The employee must have EAD. That's all. Also, the employee should, but does not have to, ask for a letter with duties to be sent to USCIS to keep USCIS informed of the change.

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  • gc_bulgaria
    10-23 07:42 PM
    I haven't had a LUD since September - non after FP too!

    Received AP today - status online still says pending.:p


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  • caprianurag
    11-06 01:02 PM
    I got one LUD on my AP after the receipt date and before I did FP.

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  • sarahadam
    08-07 03:08 PM
    HI everyone,
    While efiling for the renewal of my EAD i selected the wrong Service center..My EAD was first issued by USCIS NSC and i selected LINCOLN NE ...I thought that both are same, but i soon realised that i made a mistake and iam sending a cover letter with the supporting documents..

    By going thru the prevoius posts I saw "mirchiseth" has committed the same type of mistake...and he updated that he got finger printing notices for him..

    so guys please tell me if anyone had committed the error..what action did u take and how did it go

    mirchiseth if you are reading this please tell me what to do

    dhundhun please help me...i have also posted the question for u in ...thanks


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  • lazycis
    12-20 09:22 AM
    She's done it aready. Why worry about the future? I do not see a problem with switching from B2 to H1. Hope she was not working while on B2 :)

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  • rparuchuri
    08-10 08:42 AM
    I think you can safely sponser visitors visa while you are on H1B. What do you mean by working at clients place? is that place listed on your H1B application. Many times Attorney list any other state as required. I remember my attorney doing this. But still, I don't think it should matter, at the same time, I am not an attorney.

    Good luck


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  • amaze
    10-27 03:31 AM
    i had no idea. sorry

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  • rhlsur
    05-07 03:01 PM
    Hi, Thanks for replying. Just verifying - is the tax number the same as employer identification number (EIN)?


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  • eastindia
    02-22 08:51 AM
    Any updates anyone?

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  • roseball
    10-28 05:01 PM
    We (me and my wife) have received RFEs to submit G-325A forms on 9/24/09 and our lawyer submitted the requested documents last week on 10/20/09, on the next day USCIS online status changed to "We have received RFEs documents and this case processing has resumed........" on very next day 10/22/09 online status changed to "RFEs sent......."

    Now we (me and my wife) and our lawyer received same RFEs again thoguh our lawyer submitted requested documents.

    Please share your thoughts on how should i go from here...should i submit documents again?? or should i take an info pass and try to find out whats gaing on with our cases?

    Thanks in advance

    I would go ahead and submit the documents again to be on the safe side. Not sure if taking Infopass would be of any help to you in this case. You dont want to take chances and risk getting a I-485 denial on the grounds of not responding to RFE. If I were you, I would send them the docs again.


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  • krishnam70
    02-16 05:15 PM
    H1 Transfer and Extention
    Posted Today at 04:06 PM by
    I am working in US from Feb 2007 to till date. I was on H1-B visa This H1-B petition is valid till 30 sep,2009. I am currently on project which ends on 31 March 2009 . Before that I want to change my employer .
    Some ppl suggested me Transfer H1 with extention immediately. Some said that stay with current employer have extention and then transfer . Is there any problem now a days for H1 Transfers ?
    Please give me your valuable suggestions.


    For your new employer to be able to file for H1, you need all your documentation current. You can apply for a new H1 through your new employer using Premium processing and its not subject to 2009 quota. You can start working on your new project with the employer as soon as you get the receipt. You might get an RFE for H1 transfer as to the availability of the position and if that position is in a TARP funded company or industry then its going to be a pretty difficult task to get approval for ur H1.

    Ideally stay with your current employer and see if you can work it out so that you get a new project through your employer only.

    good luck

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  • immi2006
    07-02 08:55 AM
    If you know sources from well known place pls quote.

    No need to create rumor and panic. Sorry - no offence intended.

    We are all stressed out as it is.. let us wait for official note on this.

    I heard USCIS already retrogressed and rejecting Jul filer? is it true. need urgent help :mad: :mad:


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  • honest123
    03-03 07:17 AM
    Some online news said about the proposed EB-6 visa (start-up visa bill) is to get $250,000 funding from US investor into your business and create 5 jobs or 1 Million dollars in profits within 2 years, then the entreprenur will be granted the US green card.

    No profits will be guaranteed in any kind of business. Personally I do think this EB-6 visa is very very difficult to work because it is NOT easy to find someone to invest those big sum of money into your business during this great economic recession. So I am thinking about why don�t give out green cards to international students who have advanced degree in Science & Medicine regardless of whether those students have a US job offer or not. It is because immigration of those international students lead to the inflow of knowledge and money to US and it will indirectly increase the US reputation and uplift the US economy. I do believe the inflow of knowledge and money are keys for immigration which are welcomed by all other countries in this world. Since those international students are trained by US and they are familiar with the US surroundings, therefore, I do think the inflow of money for immigration should be brought back to US. Also, if US absorb those inflow of knowlegable groups for immigration, US will become more and more famous in the world leadership of Science and Innovations. All rich and knowlegeable groups will be concentrated in US for world leadership. Moreover, those international students will buy houses, cars, computers and set up their own business for daily living and these will indirectly uplift the retail buying power and consequently uplift the US economy. In addition, more relatives or friends from those international students will be indirectly invited as visitors to US and these will increase the profits of the retail business, hotel reservations, restaurant business and airline tickets reservation. Also, those students established the companies to US will hire 1-5 persons and these will create job opportunities in US. All those inflow of money will bring tremendous monetary income to US economy.

    For those poor people who want to immigrate to US, we can give him a chance either to start up a business on their own to hire 1-5 persons or to invest a small to medium sum of money to those advanced degree graduates� business. Finally more jobs created, more people visit US for tourism and more money inflow for better US economy!!

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  • ssdtm
    12-12 08:43 PM
    Did you ever used EAD? Just getting an EAD does not mean you were on EAD.
    Also AP does not invilidate your H1. If you are working with the H1 sponsoring employer and never used EAD, then you need not worry.


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  • gc_kaavaali
    08-24 10:32 PM
    Advance Parole is not a valid document to obtain Driving License...

    thanks for your quick reply.

    What about using AP for status check? Will they accept that?

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  • krishnam70
    03-26 08:07 PM
    Hello all,
    If my GC is approved, is my employer bound by obligation he gave to USCIS when he filed I140 petition?
    I mean, in I140 employer explicitly stated my future wage, it is 20% higher then wage I am getting from him while I am on H1B.
    Say, my GC is approved and employer refuses to raise my wage to match the amount given in I140. Is there any way to make him stick to this obligation? Like, complaining to DOL, or where else? And if I complain, can it affect validity of my GC?
    The problem is after GC I have to stay with this employer for another 6 months to avoid possible complications in future applying for citizenship. If I just quit and take another job - that will make a possible problem in the future; but if he lays me off, then I am fine. But he does not want to lay me off, and does not want to keep his promise. Any ideas?

    If he lets you go you have no issues with future naturalization in case you have all your records, termination letter etc. I am unsure about the wages mentioned in your LCA. I think it is mandatory and can be challenged since employer is giving an undertaking that they have the ability to pay the amount mentioned in your LCA/I140.

    You need to get good advise if they terminate you immediately after you get your GC will it show some malafide intentions/agreement between you and your employer which was there in place just to secure you a GC.

    - cheers

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  • gcwait2007
    10-21 10:18 AM
    I am from Austin. I got my FP appointment scheduled on 11/13.

    Labor PD: 02/20/2007, I-140 pending with Nebraska since 06/29/2007.

    I submitted my I-485/765/131 on 8/1 to TSC and received by TSC on 8/2.

    All Notice from TSC dtd 9/26

    EAD card ordered on 10/3 and received on 10/10.

    FP notice date 10/16 with appointment scheduled on 11/13 in San Antonio, TX.

    No AP yet.

    07-31 11:59 PM
    Dear Madam,

    My wife is also in the same situation, I am not sure if you have found the response from anyone, but i would really appreciate if you can share your findings about the same question..


    04-17 02:45 AM
    hahahhaaha :lol: -- Nice Job Ya3!!



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