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  • BEC_fog
    12-11 09:31 AM

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    07-20 10:58 AM
    Its not a surprise to anyone who is member of this forum that how efficient PEBC works!! As a matter of fact I have an excellent example here with my Labor Certification, which I wanted to share with you all.

    My company just received a latter titled as "Confirmation of Withdrawal" which states that your Labor Processing Application filed in November xx, 2004 is withdrawn, as requested by your letter dated August xx, 2004.

    Isn't that amazing that they are so swamped and desperate in eliminating the backlog that they do not know the chronological order of the dates also?

    Backlog Elimination Centers' are the biggest waste of Taxpayers Money, I think.

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  • Life2Live
    12-19 04:55 PM
    I do have house here and I am 6th year of H1B, I did appeal on my I-140. If that gets denied I have no option than going back. In that case I have to sell my house or file bankruptcy foreclosure +++.

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  • hebbar77
    08-21 09:31 PM
    First time a post made absolutely no sense to me!:eek:


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  • ragool25
    08-30 05:36 PM
    Thanks mhathi for your response.

    How long ( no of days) does the USCIS California center takes to decide the case for Fresh H1( F1- H1) RFE after requested documents were submitted before deadline under premium processing category.


  • deba
    12-09 06:12 PM
    I am a Canadian PR, went to visit last week. I don't live near the border so took a rental car. Nothing particular was asked Canadian side.


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  • sodh
    07-27 06:58 PM
    This is I am assuming you have given USCIS your NJ address, every Lawyer has to have License in the State he practices, if your CA Lawyer has a License to practice in NJ you can always call him to represent you. If this helps.
    The work around would be hire a local Lawyer and let your CA lawyer brief your case to him I know it will be expensive, but it will help you in long run.

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  • Kevin Sadler
    June 6th, 2005, 05:34 AM
    I put in my thumbs up for the 3d effect. Very cool. The first thought that comes to my mind is one of those lovey dovey greeting cards with the gold scripted lettering. This is definitely a candidate for that.


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  • gc_check
    11-26 05:24 PM

    Got a question on surrendering I-94 when leaving USA. Do we just need to surrender the one issued in POE when coming to USA, or we need to surrender the I-94 that came with I-797 approval notice as well. I'm getting different opinion from different folks, Some say surrender only the White one issued in POE, few say surrender the one attached to I-797 approval notice as well. One friend of my mine, was asked to show the part attached to I-797 when he went for visa stamping and luckily he surrendered only the white one issued in POE and he did not surrender the one attached to I-797, so he had it with him.

    Folks, please share your experience on this.

    Sorry for the new thread, if this had been discussed on other threads as well.


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  • mariner5555
    04-29 04:00 PM
    I came across this one very interesting read on how the Visa cutoff dates are established...
    I had a similar question -- how does processing dates work ? for eg - texas processing dates shows -- the date to be june/2007.
    say for EB3 the visa date is nov 2001 and if a person X with a pd of mar/2003 applies for his 485 on july 2007 ...will his case be processed ??
    (In other words - will they even touch his file or will they wait for the visa dates to become current before touching the file ??)


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  • pramodirt
    12-06 11:07 AM
    My employer sent the documents for my H1b extension today to USCIS and they applied it through premium process, can anyone please let me know how many days it will take to get the Receipt notice both in Email and hardcopy?

    My H1b expires on Dec 15th 2010 and if I wont get my receipt notice by than can I stay in US legally or should I have to leave US?

    Please let me know your suggestion.

    H1b extension Receipt Notice issue time in PP

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    08-07 04:35 PM
    On there are ppl who filed 485 (RD) in 2007 and got approved. I have no idea how they got approved.


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  • lskreddy
    01-13 12:25 AM
    I know of a friend who had his grand parents visit him recently and they had no trouble. When asked, I was told they mentioned they wanted to take a trip to see their grandson while they could. All the best.

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  • aguy
    08-03 04:15 PM

    My NIW/I-140 application has been pending for a year. During this time, I have more qualifications added to my resume. Is there a mechanism to send my updated resume or should I just let it be?



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  • madhu345
    03-28 02:30 PM
    Core Team please advice.

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  • voldemar
    01-17 08:10 AM
    EAD 1: valid from Jan10 2005- Jan 9, 2006

    on July 11, 2005 you applied for EAD 2

    On July 29 , 2005 you got it approved. What will be EAD 2 's start date? 30 July , 2005 or Jan10, 2006?
    Approval date - Jul 29 2005 will be start date for EAD.


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  • gaz
    12-14 04:34 PM
    I actually did get a H-1B extension once based on the fact that the spouse (also H-1B) had an approved I-140 priority date that was backlogged. It was an unusual approval, and surprised the other attorneys (including partners) where I was working. It's not guaranteed, but worth a try if there is no other option to work.

    wow! thank you - this is really helpful.

    My spouse is still on h1b and we will definitely try for this. Do you think the extension would be affected by the priority date (higher chances of approval if severely retrogressed) - or if theres something like a memo/ruling/logic for the approval, or is it just random chance?

    Also in case the motion is declined, does it lead to a future (negative) impact on either a fresh h1b filing, or green card application or such?

    Thank you!

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  • seaken75
    10-09 01:32 PM

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  • fiestagirl
    05-28 06:00 AM
    I have searched the internet on this and had no luck.. i'm 20 weeks pregnant and Canadian married to a USC. I went for my medical today and had all of my backup for vaccinations / immunity but the immigration doctor wants me to get a tetanus shot. All information on the web says this is "safe" during pregnancy, however I am completely opposed to having a vaccination while pregnant or breast-feeding due to potential issues vaccinations can cause (eg: autism in children). While this is not readily "accepted" by the medical community, it is how I feel. Some very high profile people have talked about vaccinations and the dangers they can cause but the medical community seems to reject their logic (not enough studies.. who knows).

    I don't feel that I should be subjected to this when I'm so opposed to it - I know I can apply for a "moral objection" but I can't find any information as to whether USCIS actually acknowledges these objections.

    Has anyone out there been in a similar situation or know of how I can get an exemption from this during my pregnancy / breast-feeding stage?

    Thanks everyone!

    04-08 02:07 AM
    ahhhhhh sweet approval

    02-19 09:24 AM
    I would suggest you ask your employer B to file thru premium processing. Just to be on the safe side

    cancellation takes atleast a month if not more. (4-5 months is not a confirmed number so its better to assume the worse case of 1 month)


    Thank you for the advice nat23. I will talk to my lawyer about this.




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