Monday, November 22, 2010

In times of trouble, we all seem to rely on our friends and family for support and that is exactly what Eva Longoria is doing while she is in the process of divorcing her husband Tony Parker. One of the first to come to Eva's side was none other than Victoria Beckham.

A source says, “Eva is obviously devastated over what has happened with Tony but she has good people helping her through it. Victoria was one of the first to lend her a shoulder to cry on. She’s been through her own marital dramas of course and has been a real rock for Eva.”

Victoria is said to be determined to bring a smile back to Eva’s face and is organizing a girls-only night out for her. A source told the Daily Star newspaper: “Victoria has rounded all the girl troops in their inner clique so they can have some girly time and relax. Posh has given her some sexy VB dresses to cheer her up and is planning a night out for Eva with all their celeb friends.”

Victoria has also invited the 35-year-old actress to her Los Angeles home to spend Thanksgiving Day with her and her family, “Victoria has asked her over for dinner and wine to cheer her up.”
Victoria and David struck up a close friendship with Eva and Tony when they first moved to Los Angeles in 2007. The former couple helped the British stars settle into Hollywood.
source: Zimbio & Mr. Paparazzi



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