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Saturday, June 25, 2011

cccp wallpaper

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  • Mahatma
    08-13 04:26 PM
    I am saying this without much research BUT I do recollect rave reviews about VDL Rao.

    In past, Googler, Conshell etc. have done a good job of investigative journalism (name check memo and other critical updates). Discovering VDL rao would be blessing for some sort of hunch on Visa number availability. He has apparently commanded our respect.

    Some guesstimate is better than utter confusion.

    We need you Mr. Rao. Help us in our journey from darkness to light.... an eventual green light!

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  • viva
    01-31 10:44 PM
    United Nations, Pls help Immigration Voice.
    we know your capability.

    BTW, sorry for some members rude behaviour towards you.
    Probably they may not know about your role in and they may not even know how you helped lot of guys with I140 ability to pay issues.

    Hi Guys, pls encourage good people like United Nations to help us.
    He will be good asset for us to utilize his time and service.
    He has an amazing knowledge in immigration matters.

    Need not to say, knowledge is power, in present era.

    What's your point? Ok, this person is knowledgeable and has helped to answer a lot of questions, I get that. What else can he do for IV? Does he have any influence with lawmakers? Can he help us increase our fundraising? If not, he is just one regular member and therefore, you need to stop wasting time trying to focus so much attention on him.

    Maybe, he is a valuable addition in terms of answering other members' questions and nudging them to contribute. Beyond that, what more can he do than what the IV core team is doing with the lawmakers? Before you waste everybody's time with multiple posts singing the praises of a person, please carefully analyze how they can benefit the whole organization. Use your brains and don't just be awed by his knowledge!

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  • sam_hoosier
    05-07 03:58 PM
    I am suspecting it will not be favorable at all

    Stop scaring people :) We have absolutely no way of knowing what the new regulations would be.

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  • sundevil
    03-11 05:48 PM
    It does not become any less fraudulent if the employer participates in it. You are applying for a Green Card sponsored by an employer saying that employer needs you, without ever intending to work for them once you get it. Don't you see it. Its fraud.

    This is a very subjective question of intent? If the employer has no problem and willing to support the petition and a job offer when the RFE arrives, how will the UCSIS ever determine intent.
    Lets assume the greencard is approved and can it be revoked if i never work for the employer.
    And will the fac that i worked for them in the past and resigned before filing a I 14o be a negative factor for adjudication.


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  • martinvisalaw
    01-06 05:42 PM
    Thanks for all the details. Greatly appreciate your advise. Looks like lot of information needs to be collected and without a research background I think its really a long shot to justify the time effort and resources.

    I agree that unless the person really is outstanding, with lots of publications, conference presentations, reference letters, journal articles, etc, it is very difficult to get an EB-1 approved as an outstanding researcher or extraordinary ability. I just filed one, for example, and the package weighed almost 5 lbs, and included 54 exhibits. Yes, it was approved!

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  • ramus
    01-23 01:33 PM
    You need DS-157 only if you are between 15-55 age. When you finish DS-156 it should show you only if you need it. If you don't need it, I think you won't see it..
    If you not already please send letter for admin fixes.
    __________________________________________________ ___

    Thank you very much for all the replies.

    Online we filled D-156 form (I guess you meant D-156 right?) but where is 157 (D or I but where do you find 157 form).?

    Thank you.


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  • pcs
    06-01 01:53 PM
    Core guys,

    what do you say ????

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  • go_guy123
    05-24 12:43 PM
    People do not earn Ph.D. for money. A Ph.D. gives you prestige and you literally stand tall in the crowd for the rest of your life. People call you 'Dr.', which has more value than anything. Most importantly faculties NEVER lose their jobs once they are tenured......NEVER. There is NOTHING in this universe that can fire a Professor (excepting criminal offenses, academic dishonesty etc.). They never fear that their employer will ill treat them, not pay them, yale at them etc. etc. It takes years of blood and sweat (and intelligence) to earn a Ph.D. Society treats them with reputation and not no mention they live a peaceful life (professionally) throughout their lives.

    Yes true ....its not easy to get into the ivory tower of tenured prof.
    Most phds dont make into that. Mainly phds from top schools make into the ivory tower that you are describing.
    Perhaps you are working in univ as faculty due to your phd...good for you....but all dont work as prof.


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  • ak_manu
    04-09 03:27 PM

    My current EAD will expire in September 2008. It is applied through Company A. I want to change my employer in July to Company B. But I would think during
    that time frame I would have already applied for my EAD renewal.

    Can I transfer to Company B during this renewal process?


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  • kprgroup
    08-03 08:01 AM
    Good Morning Everyone.If any one have any input please let me know.I am totally stressed.



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  • larryking
    10-23 07:30 PM
    Deall All,

    Thanks for your replies...i hope you gurus can shed some light into my situation:

    labor(EB3) priority date 18 jan07.
    I -140 has been approved june 25 2007.
    I - 485 ucsis filing date july 19th 2007
    EAD recvd Oct 16th 2007 valid till 3rd oct 2008
    fingerprinting scheduled nov 7th 2007
    H1 and H4 for me & my wife expires may 20th 2008

    Here are my questions:

    1. My present employer is under a divestiture process. Can i change employers as long as its a similar job? If so, do I apply for a H1 extension or should i work on EAD? (Note: I havent crossed the magical 180 days on the I-485 yet)

    2. I have not received my advance parole docs yet but im planning on visiting india in april-may 2008. Assuming i get my AP can i visit India and return to the states and be working for a different employer (company B) other than the original employer (company A) who was my employer when i applied for my I-140, I485 etc?

    3. Upon my return if the inspecting officer asks who the petitioner is/was do i tell them that, while i filed for the I-485 i was with company A but i am currently working for Company B? How do i handle this scenario?

    4. If I do find another job, but not a "similar" job, then I'd have to file labor again right? If thats the case, will the current I-140 still hold good? Can I file for a second labor while working on EAD / AP? I guess my question really is: Can i file for another labor under EB2 to expedite my priority date? Then can i use my old I-140 which has been approved? What about the I-485? do i need to apply another one?

    Thanks for your replies.

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  • rc10580
    06-14 11:21 AM
    Wow, so you were able to file I-140 and I-485 at the same time? My PD is 11/01 but due to retrogression we are waiting for the visa numbers to become current to file :mad:


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  • radhagd
    03-26 11:18 AM
    Thanks guys... I believe my experiences are "progressive" (whatever that means) in a sense that during 5 years of work I progressed accordignly and to the level that the job description / ad for my position would require BS plus 5 years of experience.

    What I don't get and was not quite sure about was the fact that 2 of those 5 years were during college. 5 years of experience is 5 years - I don't get why they would not like it. It is normal for people to work full time and go to college full time. When you get hired, if you have 5 years of full time experience, the prospective employer could not care less that 2 years of that were gained during last 2 years of college.

    Dunno ... with USCIS and their rules ...

    I asked my lawyer (duahhaaaa) and he said it's ok ... but I don't trust him.


    You should have 5 years experience after your Bachelor degree. Experience before degree will not be counted towards progressive experience. It happened in my case in Eb2 I140

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  • mbartosik
    11-16 04:13 PM
    To answer Munna Bhai's question:

    Visa bulletin:
    This determines which priority dates USCIS may accept applications for (I485). It is also used to determine which applications by priority date USCIS may issue GC for.

    Processing times:
    Shows when you can expect that USCIS gets round to processing an application once they have received it. This is meant to be based on receipt date for that application. They may randomly process it sooner. They many complete processing later if there is a problem. Most applications with receipt dates stated in the processing times page should have completed most processing.

    To get GC, visa bulletin date must be current, AND USCIS must have processed paperwork, AND there be no problems or outstanding RFE.

    Oh, I nearly forgot, AND pigs must fly!


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  • sandy_anand
    10-25 10:56 PM
    Will USCIS release updated Pending I-485 numbers as published that they will do every quarter....

    To whom is the question directed? :confused:

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  • dvb
    12-10 11:16 AM
    Hi All,

    Just posting my experience of traveling on AP as a reference for others:

    I traveled to Japan on a business visit with all 3 copies of my AP , and on return stood in the normal visitor line. When I came up to the officer, he said I should go to the "new immigrants" line, since only those officers have the necessary parole stamps.

    In the other line, the officer said it was good that I brought all three copies, since they stamp all three, keep one original for themselves and return two back. The next time I travel, they will stamp the two I have, keep one and return one to me. After that, they will stamp the one original I have left, and make copies for themselves.

    The officer did not ask any special questions, except which city I stay in, the rest of it was just chit-chat.

    Simple process, no hassles.



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  • posmd
    04-13 10:54 AM
    Sessions ammendment was for the previous SJC bill, which is dead right? I thought the basis of future bills is the Hagel Martinez compromise. Rest assured if it is, then the numbersusa agent in the senate Sessions will put that obstacle as an ammendment again, and since Dems already agreed it in SJC, it will probably take hold.
    If I recollect it was 3 months for a review of the impact, then 3 months after that for implementation.
    I am getting a little nervous about the CIR though. Not in the sense that it will be done or it won't. I just feel the USCIS will screw up its implementation very badly, and might end up causing our potential 3 yr waits to turn into 5-10 yr waits along with all these law breakers. We are already seeing the effect of 245i cases right now and that is a fraction of this tidal wave of illegals wanting legalisation.
    In that sense a breakdown of CIR with some other resolution for our problem with PACE or TALENT might not be such a bad idea. It is like the old addage, be careful what you wish for.........!

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  • go_guy123
    01-07 10:32 PM
    People who have been paying taxes for 6-10+ years and working in the US economy get only 50,000 Green cards a year, while 50,000 complete strangers in a foreign country get Green card in a year because they happen to be lucky and win a lottery !! :confused:

    It doesnt matter who is paying taxes or not. The immigration lobby is all about vote bank
    and non-skilled immigration has the upper hand over skilled ones. The senate is still under democratic party and they will roadblock any immigration bill for skilled unless there is something for the "illegals" (more likely theey will try to attach Dream act)

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  • truthinspector
    02-20 08:50 PM
    I agree.

    This database could be used to find out the percentage of successful labor applications filed on behalf of a particular organization.

    However, I hope they are not using Microsoft Access for their actual system. If that is the infrastructure they have then we already have answers for the long GC wait ;-)

    This is useful, but I doubt its accuracy because some of the cases I know - including mine - are missing !!

    02-04 05:02 PM
    I don't think Americans are that short sighted or narrow minded to want to steal your social security money. I know, i read a lot of press releases on how their social security is in a mess. They will fix it. I have no doubt about it.
    Who thought India would be in such a limelight and then go on to be economic power before year 2000?
    In a short span of 6-7 years the whole world changed. Coming to social security, by the time you will be in need of Social security, it will be decades and that is lot of time for a change. Who knows, we may be even taking a flight to Mars or worse 'nuked'.

    Just be positive and drink a high gravity beer.

    How do you know that they are not? Look at all the deficits, the American government is going to bankcrupcy if nothing is done. I recently read some article talking about American professors/researchers went to other places, like Austalia, for jobs because their research funding was cut.

    Americans are very "near-sighted", to some extent. For issues like legal immigrants, they do not need to be far-sighted and worst, to think about you cause you are just one of the persons in the labor pool for American companies to use. Sometime ago, I heard on NPR talking about those Mexican migrant workers. Basically, Americans brought them to America during the time of labor shortage and kicked them out like trash during tough times.

    That's always the case.. You are here for Americans to use ... wether you are farmers or professionals. My supervisors once even said that new comers had always been at the bottom of America.

    Being positive is one thing, being realistic is another. :cool:

    01-22 12:52 PM
    I am also in similar situation.

    I have pending I-485 and used AC21 to switch to the new company but I am still in H1B status. However, my wife is using EAD and she need to travel using AP.

    Can anyone suggest whether there will be any issue in travelling outside USA, if I (Primary applicant) is still in H1B status but used AC-21 and wife is using EAD (has to use AP)?

    Thanks in advance.

    what does your lawyer say????



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