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  • neoneo
    04-14 02:10 AM
    One more day gone. A few more to go. Really what more can you do ? You can't do beyond a point. The best suggestion would be to get more PEOPLE knowledgeable about this issue.
    The other day I came across one of my acquaintences who is doing pretty good in his area, who came to the US in the mid 70's.We were discussing about things happening in our community, I casually mentoned to him about the Legal immigration issue and he was surprised to hear the EXISTENCE of these issues. That surprises me that so many Indians, who have migrated to the US over past 30 years are either unaware of these issues or just want nothing to do with it. But I'm sure there is a sizeable number who would want to chip in the cause.

    Get in touch with people you know and tell them to send faxes to respective senators, call or just support the cause.

    MODERATORS: Can u make the WebFax area non-user area, many dont want to register, but are willing to send Faxes etc.NumbersUSA dosent need u to register.

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  • vjw2
    01-16 04:21 PM
    hello all,
    Has anyone in Charlotte, NC got a extension on the Driver's license on the basis on the H1-B renewal application receipt.

    My spouse's driver's license expires this month end. I have applied for h1-b/h4 renewal, yet to receive the application receipt.But wanted to know if anyone here in Charlotte,NC got a extension/grace (30days or 90days) on the basis of the receipt.


    I have a similar situation. My NC license is expiring and I am not sure if i will get the H1 renewal in time. Were you able to get it extened with the application receipt?

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Voetsjoeba
    10-19 01:06 PM
    Translation job, anyone ? I can translate most of it, but a few words are unknown to me and I wouldn't want to mistranslate it. Pom ?

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  • gemini23
    08-07 04:13 PM
    She was detained for five hours but not strip searched. Understandably she was upset by it."

    Wow. She was upset because she was not strip searched? :D


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  • jsrigiri
    11-20 11:39 AM
    I am currently working for a company at Chicago,IL on OPT (Optional Practical Training) period which is of one year. I have graduated as Electical Engineer from NJIT,NJ this year and is authorized to work during the OPT. Unfortunately the OPT is ending on 11th February, 2007.

    I applied for H1B through the same company at Chicago but missed it as the CAP was closed by 28th August, 2006. Hence, I am currently working on the OPT work authorization.

    I am aware that I will be out of status after February 11th at the end of my OPT tenure. I am planning to re-apply for H1 with the same company again well in time next year. As I will be out of status until I get my H1B application accepted and approved possibly by October'07, what are the best options available for me to legally stay here in USA with a valid status during the period until October 2007. Time is short and I needed to work out some thing quick.

    I shall be grateful to any one who could send in your valuable advise.

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  • Beta_mle
    11-30 08:20 AM
    Is there a link to the original source data, ie the government website referenced?


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  • moonrah
    07-25 03:09 PM
    Hi All,

    My 6th year finishes October 2010. My LC is pending for more than one year. If I transfer my H1B from Company A to Company B, Can I get 7th year extension with Company B based on pending Labor with Company A?


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  • Tigran78
    03-11 03:12 PM
    Thanks for replying i am really appreciated I know about GC but it will take about 8 month.
    I will start process soon.
    But I want this happen earlier.
    I need some advice what i can do to convince US embassy to approve her visa for now.


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  • InTheMoment
    11-01 01:30 AM
    A biometric appointment notice on the way for you !....most likely.

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  • Digitalosophy
    09-06 03:17 PM
    I have a non profit project coming up, if your interested in some logo or design work get back to me, I added you on my AIM, don't see you on now.

    Drop me a line and/or send me some work you've done.



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  • h1techSlave
    04-04 09:19 PM
    I guess, you can only be with out a job for 180 days while in EAD.

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  • pappu
    03-12 12:05 PM
    Thanks for your post and being informative. We understand your frustration (as expressed in words-- bucket of warm spit :) ) and appreciate the concern.

    IV understands the issues and have been working with the lobbying firm on the stratagy that has more chances of success.

    Please be patient and support us in the meet the lawmakers drive and funding drives at this time.


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  • kondur_007
    02-19 05:48 PM
    I am not familiar with the for I 130. But I can answer about 485:

    Your non-immigrant visa number is the "number in red" (usually only number in red) on visa stamp that is usually in bottom right corner.

    Did you find it??

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  • rovingeye
    07-26 02:28 PM
    Hello Friends

    My EB2 petition was filed in TSC in June 2009 and on July 20 2009 I received an email saying that " my approval notice was sent".Today the status changed to " Document mailed ON juLY 24 2009 " and also my previous eb1a denial in Feb 2009 got a soft LUD.

    I am totally confused by this . Can some one offer their opinion on this strange development ?

    Appreciate your help in advance


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  • Blog Feeds
    04-27 08:50 AM
    The Sojourners are condemning the new law and promising civil disobedience. Here is their leader Reverend Jim Wallace's statement: The law signed today by Arizona Gov. Brewer is a social and racial sin, and should be denounced as such by people of faith and conscience across the nation. It is not just about Arizona, but about all of us, and about what kind of country we want to be. It is not only mean-spirited - it will be ineffective and will only serve to further divide communities in Arizona, making everyone more fearful and less safe. This radical new measure,...

    More... (

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  • shreekhand
    02-22 08:41 PM
    After Employment Green Card wait 5 years.

    After Family Green Card wait 3 years only


    Why Family Green Card less wait time?

    not true.

    And it is 3 years for spouses starts after 2 years of conditional residence

    Again, incorrect.

    It is is 5 years for all Family based except marriage to US Citizen (where it is 3 years).

    It is NOT 3 years after conditional residence - It is a total of 3 years.

    Go check USCIS publication M-476 to enlighten yourselves.


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  • cheshirecat
    03-22 01:02 PM

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  • hsrandhawa2007
    05-15 01:55 PM
    Hi ,

    I was on F1 visa till oct 2008 and then a consulting firm file for my H1B . It was approved and my status has been changed . I tired a lot but i didn't get any project and i am on bench till oct 2008 and i am still on there H1B. Although in the mean time i was enrolled in school and never quit the school as i am working on my project in school and i always had valid I20 and valid I94 and F1 stamped on my passport till dec 2011. I am still enrolled in school.

    Now my emplyer is saying to file COS and go back to F1, but i don't have paystubs and he is not giving me as he said being a bug company we dont do this.
    I talked with a attorney he is filing my COS.

    1) is there anyone in the same situation evr ?
    1) Is there any other way i can follow?
    2) what percent are there chances that my COS will get denied or accepted?
    3 ) My employer is still marketing my resume?

    Any Suggestions welcome!!

    THANKS in advance

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  • terah14
    10-27 12:59 AM
    The process of delay in the background check is known as the extended background check becasue I have not hear and read regarding this extended back ground check before. So anyone has hear this word or has anyone has idea about this???

    10-04 03:26 PM;_ylt=ArlHIZrz622DuOU 5kr13It1Quk0A;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCU l

    04-29 05:45 PM
    I have a couple of questions regarding H1B.

    My current H1B(10th year) is expiring in a month and I am planning to use EAD. My 140 is approved and 485 is pending for over 2 years with company A. At the same time my second 140 is pending with company B.

    The question is, in case if I used my EAD to work and for some reason if my 485 is denied, can I get back to my H1B? I was under the impression that I will have to leave the country and wait for 1 year to reset the clock but I was told by someone that its not necessary to wait for an year and I can file a H1B based on my pending I-140 with company B and will have to do it while outside of the country. ( This process does not require a new quota).

    Is this true? any ideas?



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